Witch in sleep

Hello today I had a dream about witch… she told weird words… and i waked up with
Feet pain, teeth pain, and something in my throat created and im sleepy as shiet
Is it really possible that in one night something cursed me that strong ?


Do u have any foe? Because it sounds like another witch was practicing dream walking on u,my dear.


Yes i have, but im from Poland not much peoples know magic most they are christians, also I live in 2000 peoples village and only one person wanted to destroy me : my mother in law( my wifes mother) but she is christian.

When I sleeped i heared “Taromintum wolum” - in my head idk what it means but i writed it in notebook


Oh my dear, u r so naive, there are many wicked ones who wear the masks of innocent faces. And witches, especially powerful ones, know how to cover themselves safely and secretly. And the words, I will research later


I want to Tell all peoples on this forum that this is not getting fun I taking

For pain its avaible in Poland and no doctor will take me today and tomorrow to repair my teeth, i can die with this sick medicine :frowning: it is insane


The words u heard in ur dream was Hindi, this is really difficult to read. This is some kinds of spells which was used to cause the spectral atracks in dream and mentally


IT sounds like Taromati. Its in Ahriman magic very useful. Especially in chakra Balance. Maybe the others know more Mantras


I want to thanks that person who made A ritual and i found A dentist (miracle) becourse no dentists takes people those days and for free…

But foot pain and something in my stomach still is, and sleepy too

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That means volume, the other word is unknown.

Beyond that I doubt you’re being attacked.


Usually it’s good to eliminate all probable causes before looking for the improbably, and given the country I’d have thought a curse improbable.

Next, my recommendation in cases like this is to do a divination to see if you are cursed and who.
I pulled Tarot for you and two cards popped out - I feel these confirm your pointer towards your mother in law:
II The High Priestess - might be the Mother - conflict, conspiracy. It means you should go with what you feel
Queen of Pentacles - more likely your wife - she’s part of this, so talk to her about fixing the relationship.

Having the cups with the High Priestess means “stay cool” - there’s manipulation here, you don’t have enough facts and you need to stay stay calm and act with a clear head, pull back on deep commitments and don’t give in to urgency, take your time. Also that your hunches are right.

As to how she did it, Christian prayer can be very very baneful and is a perfectly good cursing medium. It’s her intent that matters.

Who knows what her problem is? - if you can find that out you might be able to address it. E.g. if she is probably acting thinking she needs to protect her daughter. Finding ways to convince her your daughter made the right choice would probably help, assuming that’s possible. If she’s upset about inheritance, find a way to say her daughter gets everything maybe.

Curses can be undone.
I suggest you do the following at least, in any way that works for you - if you have faith prayer can help a lot

  1. Have a long shower, focusing on the unwanted energy flowing away down the drain,
  2. perform an uncrossing or banishing and clear yourself of the energy
  3. Burn incense and clear your space
  4. Place mirror shields on yourself so any more harmful energy is reflected back to the sender.

Hard to fix relation with my wifes mother she wanted to take our daughter she taked money…and fighted with me.
The situation is now like around 2 years


You are so right and since the middle ages or even Roman times and into the 21rst century many do not practice what they preach especially if you live in a Catholic country and claim to be Catholic…


Pozdrowienia! Taromintum Wolum is Latin and means “Only Conflict”. It definately does sound like someone has hexed you and you have identified the practioner.

At the start of a hex usually the deity will alert there victim that a curse has been placed on them with a series of visions or signs it will usually also identify the sender at a latter point. The good thing is that you caught on early and you can defeat the casting.


Amongst those familiar with the Islamic magical world, there’s hasad which causes curses by the evil eye. Some people cause hasad curses without even knowing it. Hasad or bad intentions both can cause such curses. In other words: one doesn’t have to be a witch or even practice magick to cause another to be cursed. I wouldn’t say this if I hadn’t seen and experienced this personally.

Now, cures are many. Ar-ruqyah ash-shar’iyyah can help, if you want a RHP solution. Or, you may want to research which demons/gods would be best to work with to protect you, protect your family, stop your mother-in-law’s curses, and either mend the relationship with your mother-in-law or bind her so she can do no harm or somehow remove her.


You know what now I remember she took All of my familly photos and dont given it back… [email protected] she got all my photos, tell me what can i do now to protect myself and my familly.


That is definately a sure sign. It always helps to have a picture or object of the intended target. From all the signs and listed info it surely seems that we know who the practioner is and that she has malevolent intentions.

Finding a solution is another problem. It sounds like you are already in conflict with your mother in law for many reasons. Although it will be stressful try and confront her with your knowledge of the problem and that you suspect her of Witchcraft. Tell her to stop and recind her castings. The problem is that she will deny any and all activity as i have encountered this situation before.

The problem with you as an absolute beginner is that I could recommend several rituals for protection and shielding even a witches bottle or ball. But because she has powers and she has obviously been practicing for some time and has an edge in the occult it might not prove effective.

However you might try some shielding rituals which will cut off most attacks. Here is a good link to create some shields and wards that gain more strength over time as you continue to work with them that might help beat off her attacks.


Okay I will try it, also you know Polish Language or used translator? :smiley:


Dziękuję Ci! Good luck you caught it early. Many times if you confront the person and they know you can get at them they will stop. I have a Polish background and speak some of the language i also use a translater.

Best of luck.


Something to know is if it is your dreams being invaded that can easily be turned around on the invader if you have a strong will and some skill in lucid dreaming. You have the advantage being on your own territory. Now if it is a remote type of attack you likely won’t accomplish much other than just nullifying it but if they are projecting into your dreams fully you can turn the tables on them and if your will is stronger take control of the dream and use it as a weapon.
Had some people try as a group to invade my dreams in the past and I ended up beating them in the bathtub before throwing them out. So in addition to normal protections of shielding I also recommend work with lucid dreaming and concentrating exercises.


Now, there are 3 things u should do to end this mess
_ protect ur sleep
_identify that witch
_fuck them up