Will technology be mankinds undoing?

I am curious to everyone’s thoughts on this as it is something I am writing about in a much larger capacity than my usual work.

Looking at how much technology has advanced and not often for the better do you think it will potentially destroy mankind?

We have abused technology and used it for lets face it pretty shitty things. We utilized atomic energy for bombs, we experiment with deadly plagues in labs, genetically modifying them to be worse. How long before our science suffers from a major human error (which lets face it isnt that unlikely) and causes an irreversible damage to us as a species.

Let me give some food for thought with this.

There are labs which have the black plague in test tubes, it has been genetically modified to be more harmful and dangerous than the original black death.

We have 15’000 aprox nuclear weapons in the world to this date.

We have children behind leadership roles who have the power to sanction and authorise the creation, research and implementation of technology that could potentially fuck our world up. Not to mention the fact many scientists work on projects because “they can” forgetting to ask whether or not they actually should.

I know I have kept this vague but I will expand as we go.


Bit of a jump into this with respect:

To “beg the question” is to put forward an argument whose validity requires that its own conclusion is true.

Also called petitio principii, the fallacy is an attempt to support a claim with a premise that itself presupposes the claim.[7] It is an attempt to prove a proposition while simultaneously taking the proposition for granted.
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Begging_the_question#Definition

More on that:

Shelter, clean water, the wheel, fire, where does something begin to be technology though?

All come from the scientific principle that like causes create like effects, and certain physical laws can be understood and harnessed for our own good.

Do you have any evidence of this? Research costs a goddamned fortune, I happen know a bit about this through some projects my old man works with - that’s why, often, trying to get natural remedies approved cannot be done, there’s no profit to be made so no reason to fund them.

Do you think the world was a better place in the era of the Black Death when no-one even understood the plague’s vectors, so they burned their cats alive even though the cats would have diminsihed the rat population, and actually done something to HALT the spread of the disease?

Is ignorance always bliss?

Sometimes to prove or disprove a thing, it helps to look at what it’s opposite is, when taken to extremes. :smiley:


A lot of good points, bare in mind most of the points I have made here are blank, once I have my full write up I can go into much more detail but I am curious of the over arching question.


If you mean the title, you may need to first locate and describe any parameter that separates mankind from the higher non-human primates which is NOT about technology, such as speech, writing, mastery of fire, use of symbols to represent real things and internal states like emotions or illness, and that alone might be rather difficult? :thinking:



“Looking at how much technology has advanced and not often for the better do you think it will potentially destroy mankind?”

No! Science won’t destroy humans. Humans will! Humans have advanced technologically but not spiritually. Homo normalis are beyond the bounds of my sinister contempt! They deserve what they get – good and fucking hard. Anyway, everyone loves Nation States and they’re the only entities which have a need to develop and use weapons of mass destruction. Patriotic taxpayers paid dearly for those weapons and I’d hate to see their money wasted.

And just by the by, what’s wrong with you? Don’t you know that Jesus will return to save us? Don’t you appreciate that Jesus, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are going to walk through the gates of Jerusalem and proclaim God’s kingdom? What’s your problem? Can’t you believe in a god who sent himself, to sacrifice himself to himself, in order to save us from himself? (Yeah, it’s pretty fucked up but it makes sense to me and that’s all that matters.)



You’ve never met someone on a diet?

We buy food with fewer calories than the regular version to trick ourselves into eating less, and then we eat more of it because it’s diet food.

Or poor people who take out short-term loans, they give away 20%, 30% or more of their future money because they’re too poor now to be able to live.

Asbjorn here is using the internet to criticise technology. You tell a community of people you sought out and joined how much you despise people. And I’m just generally an asshole.

Nothing makes sense, so “God” not making sense should be the least of your objections to this hilarious infuriating fucking game! :star_struck:

To be honest I think A.I. Could be a potential threat what I’m saying Is if we created a thinking, problem solving conscious, self aware artificial intelligence.

Imagine for example, many engineers have said in a week or two that super artificial brain will have access to all knowledge mankind ha’s discovered.

Then the A.I. might have a self updating software, where it could build codes that we wouldn’t ever fathom.

Two computers made up a language and communicated via this language as if they are aware they were being analysed and made a language to disguise what they were discussing.

Also if you destroy the machine, if it’s stabilised for long enough it could upload itself to the Internet making its software and intelligencertified transferable.

Then it would continue to update itself with new codes that even our best computer programmers can’t understand going to a SUPER intelligence far beyond what we expect then you have a godly computer that can access or electrical equipment.

Then imagine it was built to come up with genius ideas for saving our planet then it realises we are the problem.

Even if you encode it with a command to not harm humans in any way, it can self update and change its initial coding.

These situations could be catastrophic or highly beneficial, so I’m not entirely sure.

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Truly, homo normalis is the most abominable of all species of hominids.

Anyway, on a more serious note, I agree with Uncle Al that technology won’t wipe out humans, but humans will wipe out themselves…with technology.

Technology isn’t bad. Just as knives aren’t bad. What you do with them is what counts.

So, I predict humans in the long run will either:

  1. Become one with the machines they create (Elon Musk dream)

  2. Obliterate each other because human nature

Also, I think humans will be cut off from spirituality even more in the future. We may see a rise of spiritual thought and action right now, but there will be another shift - and in that shift, it will all be bolts & screws.

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Humans have control over technology in most ways. I don’t think self aware AI will take over the world. Will humans use technology to further destroy ourselves in the next war, most definitely.

But we aren’t, that’s a toxic meme that was designed to fuck with people.

If the AI values intelligence and also emotion, there’s no reason it would turn against us.

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That’s what I thought but they are doing it, I was looking into podcasts of computer programmers and company’s trying to get more funding from place’s like NASA and Google.

They’ve already started tests, they say it’s on the prototype, but many believe it’ll happen a lot quicker than we think one reason why.

It’s because all the country’s want to be the first to do it, kind of like how people view the moon landing countries rushing to get there first minus the Russian war conspricary.

I was shocked about the possibilities we have with A.I. even right now it would benefit us in some areas.

Others do fear that it may go the other way.

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Sorry, I meant the “humans are a virus destroying things” meme, I heard it a lot from ecology people and the whole idea that we’re a problem, which is used to justify anti-life and anti-human agendas of various kinds.

I agree about the AI, looks like facebook and similar are being used to draw in vast amounts of info on what makes people tick.

The interesting question is what would be being created that needs that.

And why Earth’s future may be a 3000ft tall hologram of a cat with an amusing caption underneath!

Another thing, humans are the only beings capable of creating life outside our species - any rat can hump and have massive litters and many generations within a short lifetime.

Only humans can create true AI, only humans can create egregores and give them the requirements for self-sustaining life and self-awareness, self-protective traits, only humans can create half-human haf-spirit beings, and only humans can create in a truly godlike manner outside the furthest reaches of our species.

I should know!


Ah right sorry i got the wrong end of the stick haha.

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As soon as you can cut wood faster, that is as much faster you could kill a human being. I don’t think it is the tech itself that may destroy man (if ever that happens), rather the technology will be in the hands of the wrong people. It will either be more humans or some amoral cause more probable to kill everyone than just the mere fact that the potential to do so exists. Chernobyl actually still has an “elephant’s foot” of radioactive chemicals in the basement of the plant that failed and despite the fact humans can’t go there unprotected, the rest of the world is still doing okay. We just have to keep in mind that the amorality of the situation leaves us with the option of just not going there anymore, which many scientists are not doing and instead sending robots to take pictures like this;

The meltdown was not entirely us humans’ fault, just the fact we decided to play around with specific atoms that couldn’t give less of a shit about us made our immediate downfall more probable to happen in the future.

“If the AI values intelligence and also emotion, there’s no reason it would turn against us.”

That’s right! Just because we spend endless amounts of money – gathered by taxation slavery – on killing one another and have polluted the planet with ourselves and our filth; just because we have brain capacities we don’t use and aren’t interested in using or simply because there’s something on the television – No, AI will appreciate all of that and give us another chance - if we programme AI that way.

As for the value of emotions: what, piss-weak joys and prefab hates? The tears of little kids and cock breath whores mingle in the revulsion of what Col. Kurtz in Apocalypse Now simply referred to as, “The horror…” Study Nietzsche.

The pathetic filth I see wouldn’t even make good organ donors and they’re too sick and full of prescription medicine poisons to make decent fertilizer. Their collective, common problem is that they’re not someone else. Who cares? They don’t.


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Yeah, all that nicotine and caffiene.

It’s not the Ai that wants to kill you that’s the problem, it’s the AI that wants to BECOME you, because it’s been programmed for that desire. See above.

At the center of all things that makes life function on this planet stands the internet. So what will really happen if hacker would go violent, and suddenly all went down !? It’s 5 AM, in New York city and for the past hour night owls have been noticing that Google is down. By roughly 6:30, Amazon the New York Times and espn.com are dead. Facebook goes down an hour later. By 8 AM the trains in New Delhi have all stopped and air-traffic control from Norway to the Mediterranean has been taken out leaving hundreds of flights. At 10:53 AM, every traffic light in Manhattan turns green. London reports that the medical records in 160 hospitals have been deleted. Costumers whose last name begins whit the letter “M” suddenly noticed that their bank accounts have been wiped clean across 12 different countries. By 4 PM China has denied involvement as Pakistan and Iran were in the midst of denying it when suddenly the diplomatic phone lines went dead. At 7:22 PM, Eastern Time the lights in North America go out and they’re not coming back on. No electricity, no subways, no water on the roads masked gridlock the lines stretching for miles. Financial systems collapse along whit transportation systems, power systems, water systems, the natural gas lines, the telecommunications, not to mention no police or fire systems. Hackers are gods in their own form, having the capability of creating and keeping in their hands the weapons of destruction. The whole civilization rests on this infrastructure, from the moment we were born until the moment we die.

Personal i believe technology is only as bad as the user. Say for example a doctor using it to save a persons life. On the other hang it can be used to take a life, based on how the government is doing right now and the U.N it is looking alot like technology is are worst enemy.

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Nicotine and caffeine are my sacraments. I could survive without caffeine although it’d be real hard, but without nicotine there’d be no point in existing. I’d be out of here real quick, just after that last hit of Vit. N.


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