Will my spells work if my third eye isn’t awakened?

The title and also when I meditate I never enter a trance state. Will this stop it from working too?

It depends completely on the method of the spell.

The “third eye” is mostly for perceiving spirits. If your spell doesn’t involve them, then it is unnecessary.

Same thing with trance.

Candle spells, Hoodo bottles and the like depend on emotion and intention, not trance.


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Also I saw someone post a spell about a heartagram, it wasn’t invoking a spirit but it says at the end “by the power of ____” idk if this would work

Third eye stuff is overrated. If you can read and see images you’re fine that’s your third eye working. Meditation helps.

Not all spells require that much imagination.


spells don’t require the 3rd eye, spells require your own energy or if you’re calling on outside sources, for those sources to carry out your spell work. The 3rd eye is a small portion in you being able to perceive that energy.


It makes it a lot easier. if you are blind, you won’t know what is going on.

It doesn’t really make it a lot easier, practice makes it a lot easier.


But if you don’t see energy, how will you be able to direct it?

Or rather how will you know where it is going

You don’t need to see energy to direct it. I’ve never focused on my third eye, I did what I needed to do, learned to scan, learned to feel energy, learned to manipulate my own energy and surrounding energy and it all fell into place. Meditating on the chakras doesn’t substitute actually practicing.


And once you got through all those basics, is that when you started merging your energy system?

Merging my energy system? huh?

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Where you made copies and merged them into your system

I started the basics when I was 8 years old, I did the merging stuff when I was 18-19.

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Oh ok. Was there a reason you waited? Or did you just not have the idea at that time

It wasn’t a necessity for me to do it.

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I don’t think my third eye is particularly open- it was once then was shut by a wacko pastor :roll_eyes: but I sense energy, direct energy fine and am having great success with my spells atm… I honestly think it’s the intent and faith behind spells that make them successful… I have no idea if the Angels I’m working with hear me at the time… I trust they do… and then get proof they did after the fact. Works fine! Still want it open but seems to work fine as it is

Wim Hof or breath of fire techniques will get you to trance easy - I do that first then play a theta bineaural for the rest of my meditation and I can get into a pretty deep trance now - it’s blissful

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Just direct energy into your chakras to strengthen them.

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