Will my spells work if my third eye isn’t awakened?

How do you know your third eye is open? I mean what do you feel
And what are the abilities you get when your third eye is open

What spells are you casting lately? If I may ask.

Hey Rungr, I don’t know how to scan but I read that you need to imagine their energy and then connect your third eye with theirs. Is this correct? Because it’s confusing as you say you don’t have yours open. Does that mean u can still connect your 3rd eye and theirs for scanning without having it open?

Imagine, not exactly but it does sometimes help to visualize a link from you to them with the intent of reading their energy with the 5 senses or whichever senses you want to use.

However, I’ll always state this the third eye is never closed that teaching is honestly in my opinion why people waste their time on “opening” something that’s not closed instead of focusing on their actual practice. The energy body reacts on practice.