Wife's low libido

Hi all,

Here’s the issue : My wife has always had a low libido - we’ve been together for close to 20 years now. I have a much higher libido than she does and this creates issues. Clearly, her libido could be much higher than that. I’ve helped her wrt the hormonal aspect of this, as this is definitely one relevant aspect of this issue.

What ritual should I perform or what entity should I invoke to get her sex drive into high gear, so that she gets turned on by stuff she hasn’t so far ? I apologize if this has been asked before. Btw, I’m new to this kind of stuff. But I do think there’s potential for help here.

Many thanks in advance.


asmoday. it worked for this user who had the same problem with his wife


My first thoughts were sitri but asmoday could work too both would be good for the job


Thank you Verdo ! That was quick. Would you be so kind as to recommend a protocol for this or a link where I can learn how to go about this ? Or perhaps by sending this link you meant that I should try sigil magic ? Thank you.

yeah, sigil magick works. you can use this method:


Thanks for your response Verdo - I really appreciate it !

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Well first of all…much congrats on ID’ing the issue…(excuse me) I have had a few too many drinks…but this should just make my answer more real and lively, ehhh , mmm yesss! I respect you a lot…20 years…awesome!!! And still fucking…mmm. OKay, well …did you guys, I mean I must assume you have been trying it all…but can I just be naïve and say you have not…

what about…

-fantasy vacations
-role plays
-switch it up
-more foreplay (women always usually need this, esp if the energy is out of whack)
-tantric massage—tantra/arts
-body painting
-clit piercing
-nipple piercing

Did you do the usual physical/health exam first to see if there are any underlying medical conditions that would cause her low libido in the first place/vice-versa??? Or anything that is a constant trigger? I know you say it is “always” but maybe there is more of a “trigger”…like…the way she “feels”…does she like lingerie…? Certain scents…can be instant aphrodisiacs (sorry I cannot spell right now…too many beers lmao—excuse any errors) …even foods!!! umm yes can be turn-ons…yeaaaa babbyyy
even if a man cleans the damn fucking house for once…lmao

okay…what else

strip clubs??? I mean magick could only be the beginning!!! A nice ritualistic bath…setting up the bedroom…but this could be a whole NEW ADVENTURE FOR YOU TWO!!! OMG!!! The fun!!!

Ever do collars…whips, chains? blind folds? …I am not talking about making each other bleed or anything…but hey…hehe…candle way…date nights (go back to those good old “sexy date nights”) women thrive on the nostalgia…what do you remember type shit…they want to be swept off their feet and panties dropped lol…oh yeeeahhh…wined and dined…for sure.

I am sure this would get her juices running and more.

Different lighting…mood music (tantra…metal…aromatherapy…oils…lubricants…foods)

hot/cold play----yes…ice baby…

There honestly is so much you can do and try…I am not sure I can offer too much more without knowing anymore specifics (as you may have already tried this yourself!!!)

Most importantly: HAVE YOU ASKED HER? Maybe she has a FANTASY THAT SHE IS DYING TO LET LOOOSEEEE…let that freaky bitch come outttttt…SET HER FREEE…just ask…sometimes the simplest answer is just received by asking. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


damn…you two will have so much fun exploring…regardless

take a couple trips to tons of stores…try it ALLL

who cares

no shame in the love game

USE TOYS (dildos/anal beads/clamps/mini vibrators/panties—remote controlled)

MAIN THING***** USUALLY: MEN need to DOMINATE…BE DOMINATE!!!..NOT A DICKKKKK, NOT AN ABUSIVE DOUCHE BAG…BUT BE DOMINANT…GRAB HER HAIR…HER NECK, BITE HER NECK…TELL HER YOU WANT THIS, CALL ME DADDY …YOU BE READY BY (whatever time you are coming home, GIVE HER A TIME) damn…she will be READYYY and weetttt lol…add in some dirty sexy talk/texting/notes…sure may seem not natural at first…but it is ALL NATURAL…we are MEANT FOR THIS…RAW AND CARNAL…

20 years!!! hell no…NOTHING OFF LIMITS…ENJOY!!!


Also, let me get a little clarity into what your sex drive is (if I may…)…and what is “low” to you…

Like…how many times are YOU wanting to fuck?

(minus her current low libido) How many time doe she want to fuck?

Like are you on BOTH on the same page here?

You see what I’m saying?


realistic goals…


Hello Courtney,

Thanks for your response, I’d enjoyed reading it. Oh and bottoms up friend ! Now, I’m sorry to let you know that we’ve not tried it all, but that’s not cause I didn’t think about it. Some things she was willing to try, but many things she simply doesn’t and looks at me like some type of weirdo merely for bringing up.

IMHO, she won’t let loose - I’ve been telling her about it for ages. She’s a very nice girl and all, but when it comes to sex things, she’s not very open-minded. I’m personally very open minded and quite imaginative. I’ve thought of most things to try - those she did try she didn’t enjoy (though most women would). It’s very complicated to say the least (sighs) lol.

Again thanks for your response, I like you, you seem to be someone fun to be around to say the least lol :slight_smile:

As to the physical/physiological side of things, those have been looked into a few years ago.

And well, umm 20 years is a long time.

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Um, as far as I’m concerned, I want to fuck on most days of the week. As to her, it’s hard to say really. She never takes the lead. I always have to get things started and it’s been this way for many years. It’s possible we’re not sexually compatible.

Oh btw, I’m INTJ…just saying.


awww…THIS IS NORMAL…she does this on PURPOSE…for how would a “proper LADY” look if she were like ‘OHHHH YEAAHHH’ so this is good…very good…a NORMAL REACTION…ok…just push it…hehehe

you are NOT A WEIRDO…AND YES, THIS IS THE “TYPICAL REACTION”…NOT TO GO AND SAY howeverrrr…SOME WOMEN do NOT like it…OKAY, BUT MOST…will play the innocent oh “omg not meeee” “oh nooooo” okay, you get it? hehehe

see…BINGO…you hit it hard “let loose” she is CRAVING IT…you got it ALL IN YOUR HANDS LIKE PUTTY.…OMG…

set it up like dominos and LET THAT SHIT FALL….PLINK PLINK PLINK…mmm enjoyyyyy

it is so easily read…she is automatically showing aversion by saying “NO” or not being interested yet she needs to “let loose” OMG



look into BDSM DOMINANCE!!!




you are not weird…she is playing the game right now…play it RIGHT BACK…keep playing…and then say "baby check mate… " and throw her chess board out the fucking window and fuck the shit out of her

her libido will be lit ablaze foreeevverrrrrrrrrrrrrr


infj here…ehhh make it happen…use that intuition hehehe

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I’m actually into BDSM…but I also happen to have a good sense of humor as paradoxical as this may sound. You’re outspoken and funny. I like that. I’m not hitting on you, but i enjoy people naturally being the way you are - though booze might help with that as well haha !

Btw, I’m usually every bit as talkative as you do, but today I’m just more quiet overall. Perhaps because of a rather hard day’s work.

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Thanks for your input overall - much appreciated. Most of what you wrote make sense to me.

ohhh…if you see my ass on here long enough…I AM LIKE THIS TOO MUCH (w/ or w/out drinking…ahhhhh///erratic red head ass…no apologies, oh well…except to the bosses who run this, I listen mwwwahhh)…I guess it is called no filter or some shit…or a case of idgaf? ahhh hehe…also been told I have too much sexual energy (ahh blah blah) or “sexual healer” blah blah-----I do not identify with such yet…but sure…BDSM IS MY SHIT, wooohoooo, holllaaaaa…thank you. How else can you be but be YOU <yeessss!!!> never lose that, please!!!..and you know where that gets you…a “label” …by “them” lol…you become the “asshole” or “outsider”, y’know what you do? you give 'em the middle finger…that’s what you do…lmao…y’know at 33 I am like fuck you and fuck you and fuck you too. hehehe…oh well. I am INFJ—so I am introverted…but around people who I connect…I can have people be like…damn Court, STFU…duct tape my mouth upppp…ummm ehh better not…lmao------humor is imperative…I am so amazed I am hanging on this well…maybe I am lying to myself----but doing well after drinking so much----shit, I deserve it…

glad you are finding my ass amusing----you deserve to chill…relaXXX…FIND SOME CLAIRTY…and go get some answers…don’t we all need 'em??? yes yes yes

learn///evolve////become +++


I need to get going for the time being, but I must say I’d enjoy having a drink in your company discussing that kind of stuff…but I digress :smile:

Besides working with entities, I’d suggest simple hoodoo workings like hanging up a passion garland in the bedroom (dried orange slices with red peppers on a hemp string), drinking a love philtre together (red wine + a couple cardamom pods + orange slices + a couple drops of each other’s blood), or even a simple aphrodisiac like damiana tea works well to spark up passion, particularly in females.


As shes your wife and you would want her to be committed to you sexually, Sallos is the best spirit I can think of. I read somewhere he has worked wonders for cpls.


I have been there brother, after the birth of our daughter in 1999 I believe her hormonal system was damaged.
This culminated in less and less sex over time, I loved her dearly but it with a few other things ended our marriage.
Not to say that it was THE thing that killed it, job schedules, no sex, and just the growing feeling you have a room mate and not a wife.
We both dropped the ball, but are very good friends to this day after being divorced 3 years ago.

It can be a relationship killer as you can be very affectionate ( hugs kisses) etc, but if your partner just refuses to address the issue medically… I went for 6 years trying to get her to get her hormones tested , see a doc etc, but even though we addressed it twice a year she just never did anything about it.
I feel your pain…

She needs the following things done ( regular world)
Hormone testing…

Thyroid T3 and T4
and a regular CBC etc…
Sugar levels , pre diabetic?

lots come into play, best of luck to you, I really hope it gets sorted out …



:joy: You gave a curated list of things to do, you must be very experienced :wink: