Why'd You Choose Demons over angels?

Nope. I agree with the answer in thread…

They’re even better at keeping the rule of leaving you to your free will. That rule is kind of a big deal for any higher being. Only the Earthbound get to dick with that, i.e. humans and other incarnates, lesser astral entities, ghosts etc.

Sincerity means alignment with yourself, and that’s important. Conflicted thinking makes for conflicted results.

I don’t personally see any actual difference between “angels” and “demons” as far as species goes, but politically, probably, and I strongly suspect many humans were part of this species in past lives. I know bugger all about what really went on with the war but we seem to be able to work with folks from both sides just fine - humans are Switzerland until we choose sides, and I don’t. Not in this life anyway.

That said I can talk to whoever I want as long as they want to talk to me. :woman_shrugging:


Belial is making me read this thread on why he is pissed at me rofl. Basically what happened was i did a couple of rituals with him in a emergency. I made a post about the emergency situation. After the ritual some days he fulfilled it along with others. I thanked him but he wanted more of me i got this from him, but i i straight up told him im not ready work with him on other things and i appreciate the help bye.

After that i start working heavely and intently with angels From GOM, POM books. apparently me deciding to chill and work with angels is why he is pissed cause he feels ignored when i told him before asking for help" hey i need help with this, if u can here the offering and thats it. No i dont want to work on other things with u im not ready. I go on and work with angels but i would still think about him from time to time and him messing with me. When he couldn’t get a response from me after trying to so hard is why is is pissed and came through @Post_lux_tenebrae yesterday saying im
Not serious and either i should continue or leave him alone, kinda ironic he still stayed when i asked the same thing of him after his help. This guy man tf im suppose to do, i dont favor one over other but he refuses to understand . Its just i work with those whose help i need.

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Something more interesting to consider is, if you DON’T accept the Christian paradigm, what is your account for the existence of and distinction between angels and demons? I’d like to know, generally. Myself, I follow the Greek view that daemons are attendants of the gods and manifest them. So they show the nature of their leadership. You could say they are the personalized particular aspects of their gods that focus on embodying those aspects in the physical, which is why so often they are tied in with possession - because the nature of the daemonic is to make an ideal embodied.

What are others thoughts? Who holds to a literal Christian Satanism or demonology? What are other options?

I do not accept the Christian paradigm, wasn’t raised that way and it will never appeal to me.
I don’t like the term “god”, because to me it’s not a man in a white robe, not even male or female, hell… not even an entity as we would understand. Or something we can ever even imagine. The only question I ask myself regularly is, is “god” the cosmos or is this entire cosmos only a figment in “god’s” mind? Anything else stems from this and has it’s function.

I’ll be honest, I call them demons mainly because I’m still a 15 year old edgy metalhead at heart.
The distinction between spirits you’d classify as angels and demons for me, is the energy currents and type of spiritual archetypes they stand for.
Demons are the entities that exist more on the nightside of the currents and represent the more chaotic and catalyst types of things, the dark, the underworld and infernal or in a pure non-theistic view, the archetypes in our subconscious and angels more the dayside and order, light and tranquility side of things. The heavenly and celestial or in a pure non-theistic view probably archetypes of our consciousness. I’m no non-theist though ^^

Although, from personal experience none of the entities we name by either distinction are as black and white.


I don’t actually agree with or use these terms for entities and don’t accept that these are what the JCI religions characterize them as. I think they are actual, real beings and most are from the same species, while some are Fae/Djinn.

These beings existed LONG before JCI and will exist after these religions are forgotten, I think JCI actually has nothing much to do with them, except for badly documenting stories from when they interacted with humans.

Edit to add: I think the difference between then then, is political, not inherent to their beings.
I think there was a war, and only one side is supported in the JCI works. The El called ywhw demanded to be the only El worshiped - being a narc and psychopath he would - and the others are far more reasonable. In fact I call yhwh a rogue demon sometimes, as of all the Els he fits the label better than most. I also think yhwh lost the war a loong time ago and there’s a lot of egregoric versions about a “loving” version of him from those JCI that didn’t switch to “god is the All /source” conceptually.

Thus, there’s no difference imo: all “angels” can be baneful, and all “demons” (those that are these Els [elohim]) can be beneficial. Others think there is, I know: it’s my contention that this is projection.

Finally “Lesser entities” aka parasites are not Els, and these often fit the label “demon” much better, but none of them are ever “angels”. But JCI priests doing exorcisms of lesser entities, while telling everyone truthfully that these thongs can only lie, go ahead and believe them when they say they are Ba’al (Sumerian for lord) this that or the other.


Right, I agree, I just want to know what people’s narrative for their existence is and how to account for the psychology of their behavior, given that understanding.


Final add:
I’m quite certain that everything the Christian paradigm tells you about these beings is a mix of misunderstandings and fantasy mythologized.

I also strongly suspect, that if a modern person met the same entities and phenomenon as seem in say the Book of Enoch, I think they’d call them UAPS and ETs.

And it’s very telling that the church threw out the “word of god” as “ooh not the word of god don’t look at that” when they removed 42 books including the book of Enoch from the bible, which wasn’t even authored until 300 years after Christ was resurrected. This books also document that the resurrection was a rebirth ritual not an actual death, it’s a combination of multiple savior stories from before the cult of Mithras, or the Osiris story, which are both other versions of the Christ take… and generally speaking the modern “Christin paradigm” looks nothing like what actually happened, even counting that half of it is analogy and metaphor.

But you want to take it at face value what an angel or a demon is, based on a version of the bible translated through 27 different languages, with deliberate political maneuvering in it as well, over 1.5 thousand years. Even the Hebrew version explains itself badly and requires teachers to explain what it really means in an aural tradition that’s also garbled.

What hope do modern JCI students have of expecting anything sensible or usable as far as higher beings goes out of that? It doesn’t - the whole thing is basically a LARP, and provides what all LARPS do, a home, a community and something to cling to that you think is bigger than you, the joy of the weak that love to be called sheep and need to be controlled to be happy.

So yeah, I choose the other side - the “demons” as being the side of right and light. The side of personal integrity and responsibility. The path that is hard to walk as you have to BE for yourself and cannot lean on a nanny organization for comfort, the side of the self-led, and the self-realised.

And the funny part is, the war is over and there are no longer any sides, and those “angels” do not care if you’re not team yhwh. Not any more. There’s no reason to maintain the political crap except if you’re a church and rely on dogma to control your flock of sheeple.

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I feel that most of us have a natural pull to one side or the other, but in all reality energy is energy how we use it is what classifies us as one side or the other. If I am being honest I like to say i walk both sides but I have a natural pull to the shadow.

I would like to know what your take is on this

Depending on if Abaddon and Samael would be considered demons or angels by this person, I’ve never worked with angels. Or at least not more than using random Enochian/ angel energy to consecrate some of my ritual tools. So I can’t say anything about angels being “judgy”

If Abaddon and/ or Samael would be considered pure angels then I STRONGLY disagree from personal experience. However, to me these two do not seem to really be that black or white, angel or demon.

I don’t know this Black-Atrium person, but from these two short posts it seems that I have wildly different views and opinions on astral beings (angels, demons, deities) and on the general LHP and RHP paths. He also seems slightly judgy himself, so my natural intuition/ instinct would be to not take anything this person says very serious.

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