Why won't Satan help

People on this forum claim to be in contact with Satan and demons. Why aren’t such beings helping people and animals in great suffering and distress, like people or animals being tortured or abused? Couldn’t the beings just tell the person where such activity is happening?

They answer the requests they are asked. So you could ask, why don’t mages ask entities to help them find people and animals to help?
Some do, some are busy with thier own lives. What about you - have you tried asking entities to tell you who needs help near you - what would you do if they told you? It’s not that easy is it?


Some people on here claim to be in contact with Archangels, too. Are they also responsible for for not stepping in without being asked?

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Y the hell should they help?

Simple and as others have stated you just have to ask. I have heard of stories of demons helping people avoid tragedies like saving them from car accidents or against burglaries. So, they do help in more ways than you can imagine. And I personally feel that they are just waiting and eager to help.


Because their thinking is not as close minded as yours and their existence is not to stroke your puny egos


And just to answer this dumb question…
1.Distress and suffering is necessary for growth of a species… Both at an individual level and the entire human population as a whole… If your life has been a bed of roses during your whole existence then kudos
2.You have to realise these entities have their own, lives to live…And are not servants of the human race(if you think this is magick is, going to be the same with where you pray to Jehovah your one, true god then he supposedly is going to make everything better you’re, in, for a, rude awakening… Lol even that, never worked out…)

3.please read and expand your knowledge base


And I’m guessing you’re also waiting for satan to be giving you daily news updates on how he is, helping during this time right? “Hello… Satan here… I am helping people and animals… I saved 30lives today …i’ll keep you posted on my efforts”

Just because you can’t see or comprehend something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, or isn’t taking place …unless your perception of “Satan and his demons” is of a superhero like superman who is, going to burn viruses with his laser vision…
If so then your thinking is catastrophic


Sorry for my question being “stupid”. I see your points. Thank you for your replies. I am not closed minded, though this could have been a closed-minded question; maybe I was just thinking of Satan as being omnipotent or something. I have a really open mind. I guess I can think close-mindedly about certain things. I am not denying the existence of Satan or demons.

I had no intention of belittling Satan and demons or expecting Satan and his demons to cater to my every need.

An animal spirit made contact with me a while ago that wants to help with this,. Given the whole “wet markets”/biolabs thing (meaning COVID-19 came directly from inhumane and unnecessary animal suffering inflicted by selfish humans), that seems more relevant now than ever. :thinking:

If anyone’s interested, get in touch and I’ll try to channel his info properly, I’m not sure where he came from but his imagery is very distinct, and I made a strong connection with him right away.


Sorry to butt in but this sounds familiar to a channeling I did today with an entity who said something identical

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Actually according to the latest news COVID19 was human made in a lab as a bioweapon. Nothing to do with wet markets.

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why would they make a virus like that? I heard a Chinese man ate an infected bat? I feel like everyone is hearing different versions of how this virus came to be.

War. I said bioweapon. The bat is a lie. Was an assumption to begin with.

can i ask where you found that information out? This is interesting

It is in the news on the internet. Has been circulating for a while. Now there is proof.

That only backs up the animal abuse aspect - if you don’t know, you don’t want to know what they do to get viruses to replicate. Test tubes don’t cut it.
Some vaccine production also involves horrendous animal torture, it’s just not called that because it’s gov approved. So does some other chemicals, particularly botox and female sex hormones.
The bat DNA has been proven. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t engineered.

He can’t say more here because politics. You’ll need to get a PM :slight_smile:

If we want to keep this thread in General, keep it on topic please people.

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Where does hot end and cold begin? The same could be said for good and evil… It’s a matter of perspective.

like bigfoot

U the operator are steering the ship. Any outcome on a greater scale of the human race in general that u desire can be created with their help, advice , etc…

We cant honestly know whether they have the 3 o’s . Im not convinced any of the entities ppl claim have the 3 o’s do…However, when u as the operator are presenting ur wishes to them, depending on how its done; at that moment the demon and the operator are omnipotent.

Lucifer does reshape the world as u want it. Although, unless ur worked on from the inside first, u probably will wind up thinking “shit…i really wanted this???” . Direct, but direct with as much fucking knowledge, foresight and strategy beforehand, because wanting something that effects things on a large scale can bring results that…were not anticipated…I know NONE of this firsthand. I am sharing what I am told. All I do know from experience is that Lucifer can do what u seek…BUT FIND OUT FIRST if that be really really really what u want.