Why is it a high spiritual cost to ask for satan's/lucifer's help?

My boyfriend wouldn’t fully explain why there is a spiritual cost for asking for help from satann, Lucifer or any pantheon of gods/goddesses, deities etc…
My purpose for wanting to learn about demonology, witchcraft is for self improvement, spiritual self improvement/psychic development, spiritual protection among other things. I understand the left hand path is a solitary path but why is it sometimes difficult to get guidance if you don’t fully understand everything or particular things from a spiritual, energetic level, especially in the astral realm.
How does aligning yourself spiritually with the left hand path to satan, lucifer, demons in general helpful energetically, spiritually, psychically? What is required From me in general if I did dedicate myself spiritually with the left hand path, or any belief system and spiritual practice?What do people usually have on their altars that represey believe. Do gods, godesses, deities ever require something from you and is it ever something your not willing to part with? Are there any bad consequences of you are emotionally sensitive, psychic, an empath or sensitive to energy/negativity in general.
Is it ethical or fair if I want to get revenge for being molested, abuse, or people using witchcraft possibly against me to harm me without my knowledge or consent, taking my energy or using me for their own sexual gratification and their magical practices, or threatening to curse me?
From what I understand, black magic use over time can !take you sick because it involves taking power or the lifeforce from anything living and you don’t have a afterlife if you practice black magick. Forgive my ignorance or misunderstanding about anything if I am incorrect about anything, just want to understand better.
My boyfriend is frustrating to talk about certain things, since he never really fully explains things.


Mmm…no. Black Magick itself has absolutely nothing to do with “taking lifeforce” from anything. That is the practice of the vampire, and it is a distinct path within black magick, just like Mormonism is a distinct path within the current of Christianity.

Black magick is an umbrella term for spiritual practices devoted to the elevation of the Self. One looks to one’s own determination of values for ethical and moral guidance instead of some external authority.

You can practice black magick and never once need to swear allegiance to Satan or Lucifer. You can be a black magician and only deal with angels if you want to.

That is for you to determine, and you alone. No one, but you, can judge an act as ethical or not.

There can be, yes, but it has more to do with the individual being unprepared than black magick itself. Learning basic shielding and grounding is a must in any magical discipline, not just black magick.

The main thing you gain is personal autonomy. You will learn that you, and only you, are responsible for your life. You are captain of your fate. No “higher” being is coming to save you, and the only Redeemer is your Self. You will no longer be blown about by the winds of circumstance, and can blame no one and nothing but yourself for what happens.

It is a responsibility most people run away from. It is also important to realise that some people, even within black magick, will refuse it, simply replacing the Christian god and Jesus, with Satan and Lucifer, but keeping the same mindset of grovelling and whining. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make them think.


You can do magic without asking for any deity help. But I would highly advise you to know your own soul history and go from there. You can do basic energy exercises to help fortified yourself.


I’m not sure what soul history means. I also don’t understand what ascension or self mastery means either.
Can you give an example of a energy exercise that would be helpful?.
I listen to subliminals on YouTube which I find helpful, but I don’t fully understand what it does. I like meditation, using incense to cleanse my aura, I’m not sure how to strengthen my aura, to be emotionally, energetically balanced. I feel like I don’t have control of my spiritual energy, but I am aware that whatever you absorb into your aura, into yourself spiritually can affect you.

Can you recommend me some books that might be helpful?
Thank you for replying and being helpful, I appreciate it.

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The history your soul/true self has been through, past lives, time between and before reincarnation, etc.

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“Lords of the Left Hand Path” by Stephen Flowers is a good, academic, look at the philosophy behind black magick.


Okay thank you.

I’m not sure how to do that.

Past life regression meditation, divination, etc

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Heya! Please correct me if I’m wrong, I think we’re all learning and I don’t want to assume; but are you talking about personal sacrifice when working with deities?

For me personally I’ve had to sacrifice parts of myself for the attainment of what I’m asking for. An example I asked for self empowerment. Because of this I’ve sacrificed some relationships I thought were valuable to me, but in retrospect they weren’t really beneficial to me and my own sense of self or what I really honestly want or need out of my connections. But really I think it’s down to the person, it could be a sacrifice of time, or of a commitment - it all depends.

I think it’s difficult to get clarity sometimes because the path of magic is completely relative, so what is right for someone else might not be right for you. I think because of this it can seem pretty abstract or hard to find guidance. I found it really helpful to develop my own senses so that I can commune with spirits better and to have a self reflective practice so that I can get some personal clarity on what I want and what/why I want something.

I think aligning yourself with certain spirits is beneficial because you can learn from them. For example, Lucifer taught me about measured thought, how to create space for myself to make measured decisions and how to empower myself through doing this. It helped me to learn about the deities, to learn their stories and to strengthen my connection with them and their currents and then to sit with how what they bring can fit into my own life developmentally.

When I’m working with deities I usually keep things on my alter in celebration of them, in recognition for the things they teach me and this is a nice way of getting confirmation. For example, I was looking at Hecate recently, I started putting hot food on my alter for her. Last week it was broccoli :joy: which to me seemed strange, but when I was reading more about ancient historical devotion to her I read that people often went vegetarian for her, and offering hot food was common practice - which was a nice confirmation for me.

There’s been points where I’ve felt drained because of practice, but it’s been a really great learning curve. Learning my own capacity, and also putting in place some self care rituals in my own life. So like keeping my space clean, taking time for myself through meditation and doing things like watching funny movies or doing face masks :joy:

I think this has been really good practice, and has meant that when I practice that I’m in a good space.

I think ethics are down to you (that’s just what I’ve found for myself) but I think it’s helpful to ask yourself the benefit and effects of actions have on yourself and what you’re building yourself into - but that’s just an example of how I think about ethics and revenge.

Anyway, I hope that’s helpful. I’m here because I asked myself the same questions at one point or another and this is all just from my own experience! Good luck!


Look up soul retrieval. This my thread.


I suspect your boyfriend doesn’t fully explain things because he probably doesn’t know the answers himself.

It’s not ethically wrong to want to move on emotionally from a wrongdoing or a trauma, etc. If it feels good to get revenge then that’s the right thing to do for yourself. It’s your responsibility to ensure that you are emotionally healthy. Abraham Hicks teaches a lot about emotions and things like that, so go ahead and read their stuff, you’ll understand the afterlife, the role of revenge, and many other things. :blush:

As a black magician, I have to say that ethics and morals are the rulesets from other people. I don’t live by other people’s rules. I make the rules that govern me and my life. If you’re living according to ethics and morals that were taught to you by others, then that’s (in my book) tyrannical, especially if they’re enforced by others. But you need to do what feels best to you.

It takes courage to walk the left hand path and a willingness to own your own shit.

I’ve just started a pact with Lucifer that includes partial possession. There isn’t a price of any sort for working with him like you might think. I’m not going to be deprived of an afterlife or anything like that for doing so. Anything I do sacrifice or lose in the process is stuff that were bogging me down anyway. Lucifer isn’t to be feared. He is to be respected, but it’s also to be recognised that he is here to help us all when we ask.



Your bfr doesn’t fully explain things, because they are relative to who is practicing. For different practitioners different things work etc. There are some basic things you can learn and people before me have given you very good responses and ideas on those things. The reason it is hard to find guidance on LHP is because nobody else can walk it for your. People can show you the door, you have to walk through it and learn via experience. This is occult and esotericism, not organized religion after all. People want you to have free will and to learn by yourself in your way.

Working with Lucifer for me has been healing and transformational but also he has made me miserable in the middle mainly to help me destroy the parts of my life that don’t serve me well. It is disruptive pathworking. The cost of it is non other than what you are willing and able to handle.

Personally I never use my own energy in spells. I use elements or something else as a source of energy so no harm no foul there. Also what makes you think someone would not reincarnate after working LHP? Maybe if this is their last cycle, otherwise I don’t think so.

To be on this path you need determination, selfconfidence, ability to be open to change, courage and dedication.

Bad consequences: There might be but they are a neccessary learning curve. I had spirit attachments because of my lack of knowledge in banishings and protections. Learned after that however and it was a great lesson.

Morality: to each their own. You might deem revenge morally bad or not. Depends on wether you’d feel guilty after or not.

So in short: If you want everything to be served to you by some teacher on a silver platter this is not for you. If you are not willing to work and study this is not for you. If you are not ready to get out of your comfort zone this is not for you. However if this doesn’t make you turn away then welcome. :slight_smile:


This is my view of sacrifice/offerimgs. Quid pro quo. An exchange. If you are working with Hecate, you can offer free spells and divination readings to others. Mercury energy you can donate books to the library. Bastet volunteering or donating needed materials to domestic violence shelters or purchasing cat food for the animal shelter. The Lucifer that I know would accept all forms of generosity to others in order to alleviate suffering and to bring light to another. To be philosophical and counter-challenge another’s ideas when they’re being closed-minded when his words run through you. To operate with love for others by doing what is good for their spiritual benefit even if the feeling of love is not present or it requires you to be ‘mean’ by erecting boundaries instead of letting someone be enabled as it’ll help them grow. Your mileage may vary though. That’s my two cents.

Edit: as to baneful magic, sending energy/consequences back to someone, justice, divine retribution, cursing a serial child molester, is not evil as long as long as the suffering you inflict upon them isn’t pointless with no lesson for them or benefit for the victim. This is what I was told by an inner voice. Suffering is necessary for growth, but suffering just for the sake of suffering is counterproductive.


Hey! And welcome!! It’s amazing to see you asking questions on here. This form is amazing.

With that being said Black Magick is scary in a lot of ways if you don’t know. I was actually terrified of it at first. I was born and raised very devout Roman catholic. Even though I always thought the Bible was of man and not god. Then in my adulthood I left that church in my soul searching join the Mormon church.

This made me smile a little you used this religion as an example.

When I made the decision to follow the pull to witchcraft. I was very very white witch and Right Hand Path since all I knew about Black/ Left Hand Path was from the movies and tv shows. I wanted absolutely nothing to do with Lucifer or demons and black Magick and the magicians scared the SHIT out of me. E. A Koetting terrified me more then once in his videos when he was using Magick.

As I grew and started trying to find myself I became less scared and found myself on this amazing forum with a lot of amazing and helpful Black witches and magicians. I started to see it’s not bad or evil nor are the people everyone here are so compassionate, loving and helpful. (Yea my mind has been blown).

As I became more open to the idea of LHP and Black Magick I have seen and learned and accepted things that I would have ran from before I was ready. Make sure you are ready for this. Because you will have WTF and what did I get myself into moments.

I still tend to stay near my comfort Magick: Herbs, oils, candles, crystals and gems. Tarot and deviation. Healing animals etc. But I will evoke Lucifer and his gatekeepers or any the infernal if they can help me best. I have had “demons” show up to help me with tarot readings if the could give a better answer the. The Oracle I am working with when doing Tarot work. Then for something else I could be evoking Micheal and the archangels if they can help me more. Both “sides” treat me the same and I respect all angels, demons, gods and goddesses equally. Since they are help me and teaching and guiding me.

You won’t lose anything, you are losing your soul or a chance at the afterlife or reincarnation if you believe in that, nothing bad will happen as long as you are aware and educated and you take the measures to protect yourself. You can only grow and learn and become something you never thought you can be. Trust yourself and start slow and be willing to listen and learn from those that come to help you human and otherwise.

If you ever need help or have questions I along as so many others are here to help you.

Welcome to an amazing new life and path with endless opportunities. The only one standing in the way of you and your best destiny is you and I can see you are ready to start learning how to be your higher self. So jump in and learn with me and everyone else :grin:


Hello and welcome to the balg family sorry you were not told how things work black magic isn’t as scary as you think it doesn’t cost any thing well spells is a whole nother story you may need info from some one else I just touch up on love spells and only thing about that is a back fire that may make you both feel it if you do it wrong just an intense sensation of love that’s all
Other then that…
I was much like you scared of this path not knowing thinking the devil is going to take my soul kinda thing…then my baby girl got sick with cancer and praying wasn’t helping so I came here looking for a way to heal her myself my thoughts on demons small cute cuddle y and fuzzy that’s what I wanted I’m young n I watch too much anime…
One year later after calling getting over my fear and call ng in love with a handsome sexy deer of a demon I got what I was looking for my daughter is completely cured of cancer and walking around like she never had it and able to live her life she’s two now and there was a cost but compared to what is was it was nothing…cake I gave cake for my baby to be cured


The only sacrifice you must make is the time required to learn and practice the magick. I think that all of us here would agree that the benefits of this sacrifice will far, far outweigh the costs.

Aside from your time and attention, what the demons require of you is the honesty of your desire. This is what gives them their power. If you are not honest with yourself, completely and without deception, then the demons cannot help you.

It is your right as an independent being to do what you believe is required for you to overcome your past traumas. Those who have been here for some time likely know that I have been through my own fair share of suffering, and I am quite pleased to report that my life has become utterly delightful as a result of working with dark magick. I have cast many curses, and I have also used my power to shape and guide the course of my life, to manifest many pleasures for myself, and to help those in far more unfortunate situations than mine.

As for the afterlife, you may find that, in the course of working with such spirits as Lucifer, that you grow fond of this material plane, despite its many imperfections. Though many strive to escape the cycle of reincarnation, I choose to be reborn in the fullness of my power.

And, as a side note @bunny4cam:

there is no such thing!


Have you learned meditation? If not, it would be well worth your while.
Also, clear your chakras regularly.

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I am so glad to hear your daughter was cured after you faced your fears. May I ask what type of cake and who it was to be given to?

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