Why is Baal/Jupiter and EL Elyon/Saturn both represented by a Bull

Trying to find out who the Bull-God is I found out that in ancient mesopotamia and egypt, the Bull was both the symbol of El but also of Enlil/Baal Hadad.
Same like in Egypt when Osiris/Saturn dies and Horus/Jupiter reborns as his reincarnation.

So my question is, is Jupiter/Enlil (which I also associate with Jesus) also a Mask of Anu/Saturn?

That would make sense because Christians say Father(Saturn)Jesus(Jupiter)Holy Ghost(Venus) are God as a Trinity

And even in demonology we got the trinity I think it was Azazel(Saturn) Baal(Jupiter) Lucifer (Venus)

Even in Egypt Amun (Jupiter) and Ra(Actually Saturn, Saturns Mask was always being a sun god)
were fused together into one god - AmunRa

Is Jupiter Just a Mask of Saturn?

PS: There is only one planetary emoji :ringer_planet: (Saturn) which is meant to represent all planets.

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All planetary forces are emanations of the sun or solar force which is regarded as the originating force for all the planetary rays. Like when you shine sunlight through a prism and it divides into a rainbow of separated color. As to human associations of spirits to these planets given most spirits humans utilize and worship they created it is an arbitrary factor unless it interferes with actual practical work.

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The answer is likely more to do with ancient people’s reverence of bills (and cows) going back into the bronze age and maybe being related to a more hunter gatherer form of life before agriculture.

For aeons, the bull has been a symbol of virility, power, and authority.

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Sun is the ruler of all planets. From my humble opinion, Jupiter cannot be the mask of Saturn. In Vedic ( Indian) mythology, Sun is the father of Saturn but their relationship was not good at the beginning cause Saturn was dark (color) and he was an illegitimate son, he was really the opposite of Sun. Eventually Saturn was cast out. he went to ask Jupiter ( the counselor of the King Sun) for wisdom but Jupiter refused because Saturn was illegitimate. Fortunately for him Venus accepted him and thought him many things. Saturn became the student of Venus

I think the Trinity is Father Sun, Jesus Jupiter (not as the Son but as the teacher of Human kind) and Holy Ghost moon aka the mind

In demonology: Saturn the king -Venus the teacher, counselor of demons and mercury- the intellect

Both Jupiter and Venus are very close to us, they teach us in a very different ways but they contribute to our evolution. Both are the most beneficial planets.

Mercury is underestimated because we think it’s only the intellect, the brain, business stuff, travelling but he is at the culmination point of the Sign of Pisces, the most spiritual planet in Vedic astrology. He rules the last lunar constellation of Revati where the true energy of Pisces resides. He is the planet that can give you wisdom and illumination, break free from the death And reborn cycle :arrows_counterclockwise:

The north node of the moon or Rahu can be considered as the mask of Saturn. Rahu also rules the sign of Aquarius and it does everything in his power to outshine the Sun. in India this current age is called kali Yug, the age of Rahu-


Wow! The Sun being the Ruler of all of them makes sense somehow.

Over the Bull which represented many gods was always a Sun Calf, which means the sun‘s over them/higher than them.

I also feel like Lucifer is also a solar being, and sometimes if you think about how Enki, sacrificed himself for humanity, it would also make sense to say that Jesus could also be a knock-off for Lucifer.

I asked for some wisdom, and the sun came to me. All Praise To The Most High.


In the book of Revelation 22:16 Jesus identifies Himself as the morning star

Is the Morning Star not referred to Venus?

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They are both the light bringer cause they are the ones that teach us. They aren’t the Sun but they are that light that leads us to the Sun ( our own individual Sun, the God in us)


Yo that makes sense!

So Is Lucifer actually a solar deity/ the sun god?

No, Lucifer is not a “sun god.” Lucifer isn’t a god at all.

The epithet of “lightbringer” refers to the concept of bringing enlightenment. Light has always been a metaphor for knowledge, and there are many figures within mythology who were said to fulfill that role, like the Greek goddess Hecate (the whole idea actually comes from the Greek word Phosphorus, which means light-bearer, and was one of Hecate’s titles, and why she is often depicted carrying torches).


Bruh, Lucifer is Enki, so He’s a God

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No, Not a sun god. @DarkestKnight explained it well above :point_up_2:

What he said is that many deity figures have been called the lightBringer, throughout history,
The serpent that tempted eve and Adam, Prometheus, Hecate, Jesus etc all of them are considered as Teacher those illuminate us with knowledge and wisdom

Bruh, no, he’s not. That is what we call UPG, not historical fact. For some bizarre reason I don’t understand, people on the Left Hand Path just love to make unsubstantiated claims about some entity they worship really being another, older, entity belonging to an ancient culture. I don’t know whether it is due to insecurity in belief, or if it is just an attempt to connect their worship to an older tradition, like Wicca has tried to do, but it seems to be something very prevalent on the LHP.

Lucifer is actually an egregore created by Christianity and occultism. The only historical Lucifer, was a very minor god in the Roman pantheon, who was so insignificant that there are no myths written about him, and whose name just happened to be used as a metaphor for the King of Babylon in the Christian Bible.


I don’t worship Lucifer, I’ve never worked with the guy. He didn’t tell me that himself but it has been revealed to me by a Deity.

Sorry to break your fantasy about Christian entities being egregore and not older Deity, but Abaddon is Apollo, for example. Bruh, just go read some books about how Chritianity demonized old Gods, or ask Raziel for example, as you work closely with him. But be careful to not listen to your subconscient being dicted by your ego :person_shrugging:

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Friendly reminder: preaching on BALG is against the rules.

@ChaoticEvil you have made your point, we all understand your position, you’re good.
It’s fine for you to believe what you want,and no one is telling you to change your mind, likewise, it’s ideal if we don’t derail the discussion going “yes it is/no it isn’t” or to repetitively push your opinion down other people’s throats.

Maybe take a break from the discussion for a minute and remember it’s allowed for other people to have different opinions than you, ok? That doesn’t say anything bad about you or what you think, they just have their own minds. :slight_smile:

It’s not wise to latch the zodiac onto one planet such as Saturn and Taurus. Taurus flows through Venus for some reason which I believe it to has something to do with Hathor the Cow Goddess, also the Goddess of love and motherhood.

The zodiac are very multiversal, planetary energies are very small compared to their vast territory.

Though Enlil aka Chronos is a Saturnian channel for sure, he’s also known as Yahweh.

Saturn is also referred to as the Black sun, which is the nemesis of Solaris, which is Lucifer. Lucifer is definitely a God by definition, he is the god of light while Adonai is the God of Darkness. Lucifer has had multiple incarnations into deified entities across multiple pantheons, he is not Ra, he incarnated as a God in the Egyptian pantheon multiple times but his origins are much older, older than this planet.


I disagree humbly, zodiacs is just a circle :o: divided by men in 12 parts when watching the sky and according to how the stars :star: looked arranged in the sky, men gave them shapes ( a Taurus, a lion…) and named them . Zodiacs are imaginary but planets are visible and have been formed billions and billions years ago. This is just my opinion

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Zodiacs are not imaginary but whatever, you have no proof to back your claim, you have 12 cranial nerves that control your body from the center of your brain in the middle is the pineal gland which is North Star, you are macrocosm in microcosm, tangible or intangible does not matter everything is energy at its core, physicality is real only to the human skin experiencing it