Why I cant manifest this girl when I did demonic ritual?

I bought 2 demonic books and did ritual i will not name the demons… but i Already did 3 rituals with 3 demons.

Then I used Tarot card the resulted was this girl is moving away from me.

I did reconciliation ritual to one demon and Love rituals for two demons.

what’s happening? I really did this ritual and don’t care anymore if i work with demons when I was only working for angels. Just For the results I want to happen

It can sometimes happen that a love spell is experienced by the target as a psychic attack and they subconsciously distance themselves from danger.

I’m not sure why some people do that, you’d think it would be based on whether they have at least any kind of interest or at least trust or not, but that’s not always the case. It can be caused by them sensing predatory energy in your desires more than love, so they run like scared rabbits.

Maybe try the Tarot again and look for blocks, competition and how she feels about you that could cause the spell to backfire.


To follow on from @Mulberry reply to you here you have to understand there may be your own subconscious blockages interfering here. Any kind of interference can result in failure of an operation so it could be that you need to asses what they could be (and remove them if possible) or accept that she might just not be what’s going to be right for you.

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Love spells focused on one person can also lead to obsession as well which is a problem for the caster as it can push the intended target further away whilst making you develop obsession. It’s none of my business frankly but if I may suggest a more general love rite to invite someone suitable into your life


@Mulberry My guess is that they probably they have magick ancestry in the near past and are more sensitive to magick but because they arentdirectly involved in magick in this life their psyche interprets it as an attack (since it is sort of in that you’re trying to force them towards being in agreement with your intentions when they may have other feelings on the matter.

Add; Sort of subconsciously using a half remembered defense instinctively pushing the opposite cuz their psyche knows it ain’t right cuz of past lives even if it doesn’t remember the how’d and why’s consciously.

Like if they didn’t know you that well and you tried to make them love you first it might be a wtf why am I feeling this way then their psyche gets alerted this ain’t right and they fight is all on a subconscious level and since they were magick in a past life their psyche instinctively sort of pushes vack against the magick since it’s obviously not their idea to love you when they haven’t been round you much or don’t know you that well.

But that’s just a speculation on my part.

So Mulberry does that sound plausible?


Yes! we’ve seen people posting about that sort of thing even on here. The more sensitive they are the more they pickup the intent sent their way. And then they have their own reasons and filters that inform their reaction to this.

One way to avoid this, though I haven’t tried this myself, is to try “cloaking” yourself and the working. Furfur can do this so if you’re working with entities you can bring him into the same ritual to provide a bit of stealth. You want her to think it’s her idea and come to you willingly, ideally. It gets a little crazy otherwise.

The obsession point from @Vodka is a really good one. We’ve seen that here too. And it causes “lust for results” (a form of doubt) and you just end up with a heavy mess that weighs you down.


For cloaking too or this kind of ‘self obfuscation’ Bael might be useful ‘can make a man invisible’ sounds like an apt use of ability in this situation.

Again just another addition I thought to add to @Mulberry 's reply.

Ffs I shouldn’t interject in this way repeatedly, makes me sound like a proper twat lol


Which I’m sure anyone else would agree is a total interference. I’m about to spew some new agey crap now but there’s a phrase that’s something like ‘let it go, if it comes back then it’s yours. If it doesn’t then it never was’.

I know how dumb that sounds but it came to mind on the lust for results point

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I forgot to ask. Is it interfering if I did Angel ritual for reconciliation then I did a demonic rituals?

Also the language because she cannot speak English. Do I need to use Russian language? Because she’s an Eastern-European and they all speak Russians.

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In my opinion no neither are interferences as I’m not particularly traditionalist or dogmatic. However I personally do not work with angels and I do have experiencial reasons for that but these guys may have answers that are more relevant to your situation.

And again I have to say I don’t see language as cause for interference because thinking about where legends from all of these beings, egregores, entities ect come from then every magician would have to speak a miriard of languages to even communicate with them. Don’t stress language barrier with them :slight_smile:

It’s probably fine. Doing two more rituals because you didn’t see results yet from the first, if done from a place of doubt in the first, can act to negate that first ritual. It’s like you did magick against the first working.

But if you’d done the first ritual and felt and confirmed by tarot it fizzles on it’s own, which can happen, then repeating it a different way makes sense to me and I’d do the same thing.

In the end it helps to keep the intention and confidence on target, and address obstacles and energy flows as things to be navigated rather than failure. Stay positive :slight_smile:


Personally I’ve picked/developed a ritual I figured made the most sense to me and repeated it until it worked. I know that goes against the lust for results thing but it’s more about how much energy you feed it (from my perspective), like giving repeat offerings to whoever you summoned.


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I think that’s fine myself and not lusting for results. I’d say it’s a whole other thing to repeat the ritual as a deliberate part of the design. The whole series is part of the same working really.

You’re not repeating or doing something different out of fear the first one wasn’t going to work… You’ve maybe decided it takes a lot of energy, perhaps invoking a time dependent aspect like, moon phase changes or something, or maybe requires a devotional feel to it, or other predetermined and controlled reason. Then you building up through the multi day working rather than do it all at once.

Lusting for results is coming out of insecurity of some kind and the repeats are usually not planned in advance of the first.


Yes, no in my instance it was purely to feed the working and not based from any insecurity as to whether or not it would work.

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You’re too desperate. Being secretive and stuff won’t help in this situation, because you are showing that this is an aspect of your.personality that has matured.

You are fearful of the loss of what you do not have.

So you walk about in secret as if that can protect you.
It does not, and it exposes your fearful kernel within.

Be not afraid.

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Desperation and fear are both interferences too just to reference the horse I’ve kicked to death on this post already :slight_smile:

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The best way I can try to word it is that the magic is supposed to augment your way to the result, coming from a place of lacking or desperation or need will only bring about those things. Go as if you have/are that which you seek and reality will move around you to give you them because you are them once you resonate that way. Ignore my inane ramblings if they are that because they are starting to sound like some law of attraction bollocks and that’s not what I’m trying to do lol.

I agree that love magick tends to hit the caster much more than the target. It’s not worth it.

If you got results opposite to what you intended, it’s for one simple reason: your target is not meant for you.

It’s not because of your “lust for results.” It’s not because you couldn’t “let go and forget about it.” It’s neither your fault nor the spirits’. And it’s not that your target “sensed it on a subconscious level” either (that’s rarely the case).

It’s just that your target can’t give you what you want and you wouldn’t feel as good as you expect with them. Your target is what you want, but not what you need.

I had this realization these last few days after doing some rituals with Orpaniel and Lahach to heal and finally move on for good from my heartbreak. I came across some articles by GoM where they say, in some cases, their love rituals seem to “backfire” and the target goes away, except… it’s not a backfire at all. If the target isn’t good for us, they’re pushed away and that’s a possible resolution of the situation. That is why so many of us claim love magick “didn’t work” or “backfired.” It absolutely worked, but not the way we expected, and that’s ok. The sooner we accept it and move on, the better.

The spirits are actually just trying to save us some time. Whatever we do with that is us to us.

I was feeling frustrated and sad thinking my magick hadn’t “worked,” but I’m glad Orpaniel and Lahach enlightened me.

Knowing what I know now, I’d say love magick is best when you want to know where a relationship is going. But you have to be open and willing to accept that, if it’s not going anywhere, it’ll be over quickly.

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