Why I cant manifest this girl when I did demonic ritual?

I’m a Scoprio guy. When scorpio truly love someone, that someone cannot be replace. I’m refusing to believe this.


I rather experience what the spirits trying to save me, and regret it in the end than not knowing what’s going to happened if we reconcile

Ok, good luck

Also my target likes me before I just choose other women because I dont like conservative, playing hard to get when she was doing.

We both foreigners here in Japan. and we both Attractive Men wants her and women wants me… People around us really trying make lies, and gossips. So I choose to fuck other women. She knows it because we are living in same dormitory, and same japanese school. Now I regret it its been 4 years now.

ANd I’m Ready to BURN in hell for eternity just to be with her

This i want to do… Thank you for this

thank you for this. I will do this

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Yes, I agree. Just let her go! As it is said, “There are many more fish in the sea.”

Also, while you’re focusing on her, have you ever thought that you should look around and try to notice if there are any girls that are interested in you? What you’re looking for could be “under your nose” or “in your backyard”.


As has been alluded to, there is quite a lust for results kind of flavour to this post. What I’ve found super helpful at overcoming this (and also obsessions) is the angel Kevashiel. I’ve worked with him a few times using the method in the book Raziel’s paths of power Volume 2 and its always worked well for me (and swiftly).

I also like the idea of masking your efforts Several demons have been suggested for this but I would like to add Shaz/Shax as another good candidate for this purpose.

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  1. I don’t think different rituals for different things is conflicting now if you asked2 or more entities to do the same task then it might.

  2. there is no destiny written in stone for
    anyone so saying that she or he ( in this case she but I say he or she do that it’s pertinent to others not just the op) it’s not conducive to say that they aren’t meant for you or aren’t destined).

  3. sometimes there’s no lesson things just happen as opposed to someone being taught something through it

  4. As to lust for results it’s best to do something like watch tv make dinner or some other things to stop ya thinking about the Magick (especially won’t she when you start thinking will she wont she).

And that concluded my 4 contributions (mostly addressing comments ideas posted on thread thread.because some like it’s not your destiny are just going to sabotage the results manifestation ).


You’re too much in a hurry, calm down.
Nobody is able to just buy some books and automatically manifest anything they want.

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Copium or not, at least I realized of it and stopped wasting my time on a lost cause.

I wish I could save others time and grief, but I guess each of us has to realize of these things and accept them in their own time.

I did a ritual to a different target woman (Not my main target) for experiment.

I did by AMON ““to cause a named individual to have romantic feeling for you””
The next day I got a messaged from her. The following days after she stopped replying to my messages.
so I did the (Cloaking) by Bael "To remain unseen when you would otherwise be noticed.
then the next day after the cloaking I did by Amon “to cause a named individual to have romantic feeling for you” again.

so I asked tarot cards “what she feels about me right now?”
The results: She has romantic feelings for me now.
SHe did has before when we first meet it reignited again.

THen I asked tarot cards “Why she’s not replying to my messaged?”
The results: She’s avoiding Conflict and reunion.

So what should I do in this situation? I need tto test this first before I start to do a ritual to my Main target

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Isn’t Sallos supposed to make people feel love and act on it?

I didn’t get results but maybe it will work for you.