Why doesn't magic work for everyone?

Probably this question is the most popular here. How should I do it? how can I open my feelings?

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Keep at it. I didn’t have much success for the first year other than some knocking by demons. When I got into a regular meditation routine, I began seeing little flashes of light. That’s when I started getting results. It takes a while to find what’s best for you: demons, angels, saints, deities, the dead, your own mind, etc.


This question has the answer in it.( I do it)


I have been doing meditation for half a year. but has not yet turned off the internal dialogue even

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Try other methods for contact. There are quite a few grimoires and books on goetia.
If it just doesn’t work, you probably don’t vibe with them


Perhaps you need to work with angels, or simply start with basics.
Purify yourself, inner and outer
Cleanse your working area. A spare clean empty room with a table and chair, notepad and pen will do
for starters.
Learn and use grounding, and a banishing ritual.
Then invoke the main deity in charge, then the spirits or angels.
Use a good book such as Modern Magick, or start with Core Shamanism as a system instead of BALG or Golden Dawn or Thelema systems.
@Lady_Eva, opinion? .

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Oof, mneditation. Start with that and visualize a colored object, such as an orange and let your senses in meditation experience the orange. Work up to meditation and visualization for at least ten minutes.

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How can you open your feelings?
Be vulnerable. Be willing to be vulnerable. Meditate on the chakras and allow them to be vulnerable.

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I meditate morning and evening. But this is too slow for me to work. I still cannot turn off the internal dialogue. But it seems to me that if I rush to all the workouts now, I will get a cocktail. Wouldn’t it be better to start simple? I am, of course, trying to summon demons and try other rituals. But the only thing I have now is the Tarot. But I want to develop further.

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Well yes, we need to learn how to walk before we run, as angels and demons have told me before.
I would stay away from alcohol and other substances.
Also, I would use a coping skill with the intrusive thoughts, such as immediate exercise in your dwelling, cleaning, etc. Something that at least temporarily stills the mind and the intrusive thoughts by concentration on other thought.

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Perhaps use a correspondence course such as Bota.org or Fraternity of the Hidden Light.
Or try the OAA through EA Koetting and BALG.
Or, try Quareia’s site.

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See with that I would say you consciously thought you didn’t but subconsciously did… (for how I understand things)


thanks a lot but I’m trying to achieve everything on my own

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I am totally a beginner, so my advice may not be that useful. However, there are a lot of suggestions on this forum for “Energy Work” by Robert Bruce. When I started reading it, it was immediately helpful, as the expectations that you could easily visualize weren’t there. If you are really focused on visualization and have to have it, this technique (image streaming: How to See Bright, Vivid Images in Your Mind's Eye (Image Streaming) - YouTube) is supposed to work well.

Another thing I’ve read here is that you have to make an effort in addition to asking for things. So, for example, if you want to lose weight, you can ask for help, but you can’t at the same time be eating nothing but junk food all day.



These things can take time. No one likes to be told that they need to be patient and persistent, but that’s how it is. Magick is a skill just like any other. I’d say it’s a bit more significant than any mundane skill, but it is a set of skills.

Have you ever heard a beginner play a musical instrument? It’s usually not the best sounding thing in the world. Those who practice consistently and intelligently get better. That’s just how it goes. Show up to your magickal practice and put some time into learning magick, exploring magick, reading about magick, thinking about what it could do for you and your life.

I’ve heard stories of people discovering seemingly latent talents and extraordinary abilities. Everyone’s probably heard of some “piano prodigy” or the like, where a six year old or whatever plays something that sounds very impressive. There is something to these cases, but never have I been truly impressed by anyone who hasn’t put in the time to learn and to practice. All these “prodigies” who don’t seriously practice tend to really be rather mediocre, but just appear to be impressive to those who have no knowledge of whatever they are doing. It’s like, yeah, cool, you can play a pretty simple piano passage (usually just arpeggios) but like at 250 bpm. You ever listen to old-school bebop? They play at like 360 bpm and are doing things that are waaay more interesting than you because they put in the time to learn and to practice.

This may seem like I’m going off on some random tangent, but my point is that if you learn from accomplished occultists and stick to a good practice routine, you will see improvements to your ability to sense magickal energies, and more importantly, to get magickal results. Without results, we’re all just a bunch of loonies doing weird shit in our heads. The weird shit you do in your head can be exceptionally powerful, but it takes practice.

After going on about practice for forever I’ll say this - my first ever magickal act was to draw a sigil using the classic method. I wrote out my intent in a super cheesy way, like “It is my will that blah blah blah”, took out the vowels, smashed the other letters together and made a sigil out of that. Then I masturbated, freaked out a bit, flushed the sigil down the toilet, and then kinda forgot about the whole thing. That ritual worked.


Imagine picking up a sport not every play is going to result in a touchdown/goal, but if you stay consistent you will get points on the board. After scoring on a couple games you’ll be a much better player with a higher probability of scoring because you’ve done it so much. I mean there’s always beginners luck, that sneaky dream manifestation or super paranormal experience that validates everything and gets you hooked.
Magick is meta habit, I would argue it’s the ultimate meta habit I started practice magick and I’ve gotten better at mostly everything. Heck even my writing has improved tremendously, and I haven’t even done a specific ritual for that.

That happens too. You’re so focused on manifesting a goal you don’t realize how well you can enter trance, meditate, or vibrate words. Sometimes I’ll be doing magick and I can feel the power of magick, like it just transcends all space and time. It’s not everytime I get that awesome experience but it does happen the more magick I do.

I just missed magickal practice yesterday, but I’m still showing up to practice way more than 99% of the population so.


Hey, OP. I am new to magick myself and have only had minor results so far. Just want to systematize and share my thoughts here. I’m doing this for myself mostly, tbh. So, what are the factors that can undermine our magick? Let’s name a few.

1. Lust for result.

Why do most people come to magick in the first place? Well, I guess, that’s because they have some problems that they can’t solve with “normal” methods. It can be anything: health, money, relationships and so on. Anyway, having this problem, you start doing magick because you feel desperate. And yes, this is exactly my case. What happens when you feel desperate? Right, you have enormous lust for result. As you have probably heard, the stronger you want something the more difficult it is to manifest in your life. What to do with this? I personally like this post by @Norski and recommend you to read it.

2. Our state of mind.

What is magick? Roughly speaking, this is affecting physical reality around us through non-physical actions. We do magick because we want to control the world around us. But how are you going to control the world if you can’t even control your own mind and emotional states? In this video E. A. Koetting explains this and gives a meditation. Should I tell you that meditation is one of the cornerstones of any magick? Regular work with your psychotherapist may also be a good idea. We all have some childhood traumas, mental blockages and things like that. This shit is better to be dealt with.

3. Occasional practice.

There is not much to tell. The key to success in anything is regular practice, persistence and patience. It has already been mentioned here. You won’t get great results if you don’t practice regularly.

4. Your goals.

People often have a tendency to want to get everything at once. Unfortunately, it is not always possible. If you have a big goal, it might be a good idea to break it into several smaller ones that would be easier to achieve.

I think you are asking wrong questions here. The right question would be like: “What can I personally do to get the results I want?” Forget about the others. Your magick is your personal journey.


Newbies tend to be ultra obsessed with one or two results, but I’d say the real power of magick comes to you when it flows often and freely through your life.

I agree that magick just makes things better.


Echoing what no doubt many others have said,

1. Belief
How deeply your subconscious can be impressed with the inevitability of the outcome / how much blind “faith” you have that the outcome will manifest, no questions asked, no “how” or “why”, just knowing that it is done.
Refusing to act as a “hostile observer” to your own outcome by obsessing over it in thought or in deed.
Coming to peace with the idea that even if [outcome] doesn’t happen, I will be OK no matter what.

2. Mindset
How well you can sustain the belief that your outcome is inevitable, even in the face of evidence to the contrary, even when results don’t appear as quickly as you’d like or nothing seems to be happening.
Your ability to persist in practicing magick despite failure.
Your definitions of “failure” and “success”.
Your expectations of magick. Magickal outcomes are likely to happen in ways that seem natural and coincidental, to the point where you may doubt you had anything to do with it at all. Magick follows the path of least resistance. If you cast a death curse on someone who loves to go skiing, and three months later they die after skiing off a tall cliff, you’re probably gonna think “ah, who knows if that was my death curse working, that could have happened anyway.”
The only workings I’ve done which I consider to be 100% failures, are the ones I’ve specifically attached a time frame to (e.g. “X will happen within 3 days”).

See the below, as well:

4. Probability
The likelihood of your outcome occurring without any outside interference.
This is why it is encouraged to break a large goal down into smaller occurrences and cast a ritual for each one of them.
It is also why you are encouraged not to put too many restrictions on your outcome.
Say you want money and you perform a ritual for “I win the million dollar lottery”. This means you are placing a specific restriction on how you acquire a million dollars (it must be from winning the lottery). “I am a multi-millionaire” is better, but still quite a large goal which should be broken down and worked on long-term (see above).
Again, like I said above, the only workings I count as 100% failures are the ones which I attached a time frame to. Funny thing is, I did perform some rituals which I’d asked for in a time-frame of sorts, but I had a specific target in mind (e.g. “X took me on a date to Z event”. Those ones came to fruition exactly as I asked, but not with the intended target. :laughing: Why? Probability, path of least resistance.
Refer back to my “death by skiing accident” above. If you cast a death curse on an introverted agoraphobic who hates exercise/sports and is currently in lockdown, the probability of them dying in a skiing accident is very low. And if you do cast a ritual for this person to die specifically in a skiing accident, you’re probably going to be waiting a while for events to line up to make that happen.

5. Practice
How long you’ve been practicing magick.
The development of your own paradigm/worldview.
Commitment to being open to the current of magick.
Ties into Belief.

6. Technique
How much effort you pour into a ritual. The difference between putting all your focus into performing a ritual vs. just glancing at a sigil and reading a few names off a page while you’re also idly thinking about what to have for dinner later.
Ties into Persisting.