One weird trick for POWERFUL results! (Excuse the clickbait title)

Alright guys, I just had a philosopy shower (where all of life’s biggest decisions are made)

I’m a big dose of kratom and a pot of coffee in right now and I’m flowing at my best so here goes another Norski meditation!

Try this on:

All the most amazing results come out of nowhere. Very rarely do we get to see something unfold right as we’re lusting for it. Archangel magick can do this remarkably well though. Experiment with it as it side steps this entire post. Amazing for beginners!

(Work both sides of the current guys, don’t be a bitchy edgelord who sees Shem angels and Goetic demons as “enemies”, pick a cooler belief and double your power. It’s worth it.) The Path of Smoke is something else entirely, so I believe. My personal thoughts are the angelic current isn’t from Ahura Mazda and the demonic isn’t from Ahriman I’m interested in differing opinions however. I digress…

Think about this. When you’ve got a date with a 10, or your band has a show, or you’ve got a regional swim meet and you’re on the line for going to state what are you focused on? The moment at hand of course.

What do you not give a fuck about at all? Anything else.

…what a great way to sidestep lust for results!

You want to guarantee a result? Take an inventory of what you think about every day and really really want. That thing you’re outcome dependent on. Let that stressful thing you have an outcome relationship with fuel something speculative yet vague.

Say your relationship is failing and you’re thinking about her every day. You’re reading blog posts on how to win her back over and your body is even showing how much you’re invested in her. She occupies your thoughts completely and the last thing you’re thinking about is persuading your friend to invest in your idea.

Do some god damn money magick! Or seduction magick (if you really sense it’s on the rocks. Set up your rebound in case it goes under. It will, because that’s how I learned my methods… It catapulted my result at me and that’s why I only dabbled for a few weeks before really going all in on this. Astounding results via this mechanism.)

Humans live in waves. Ask any woman and she’ll tell you life is cycles. As a powerlifter I get this very well. Living pedal to the metal all the damn time just burns you out. You have to come off, get “average” again and ramp into a peak over and over again. Step by step, rise and fall, rise higher, fall a bit less deep every time. Eventually your off season looks godly to those who aren’t into it. It’s waves.

My dating life shows this. I often talk about “golden eras” and they’re moments in time where I have an abundance of women in my life and I’m loving it. It happens because that’s what I put my attention on and really dig in on what I want. I can’t buy groceries without flirting with the girl at the checkout counter because that’s who I step into being.

When I’m all in on fat loss it’s all I think about. I trade my attention around on 4 big areas in my life: Health/Physique, Wealth, Women, and Music.

If I’m obsessed with writing songs and that’s all I think about (which is my default) I’m not thinking about business opportunities. When I’m working around the clock, sleeping in the office, and reading articles on my phone while I’m showering (because my rest is still another kind of work when I’m obsessed) I’m not thinking about new lyrics, or which string gauge I’m going to use on a certain recording.

When you’re really really really focused on something (which you must be to truly appreciate the gift that is corporeal existence… If you aren’t actively living you are passively dying…) you have space for EVERYTHING else in your life to manifest.

Here’s the trick: Keep it vague. Close one eye, step to the side.

When you shift gears and hang out with “that girl” that you’ve cast for you’ll shift your temporary outcome dependance over to her. This gives an opportunity to shut down your magick. If you keep it vague and cast for women in general you might just get a surprise when you least expect it from some cutie out of nowhere while you’re obsessed with something else. Or maybe even her. The key is your state of being when it can show up.

This is how results like to manifest for me. A lot of my greatest ones show up this way. They don’t even need to be in different domains. You can go from broad to specific and vice versa. You can really really really want to have a particular business partner to work out and cast for general abundance and it can sneak in another way while you’re “wanting” the other deal to work out. I’m watching this happen in live time and the annoying hippie advice of “go with the flow!” actually makes sense for the first time. I’m all about that wave. Shaka Brah.

Give yourself some opportunity by letting indirect results show up.

Cast for general and vague when you’re obsessed with something else.

Cast for specific and targeted when you aren’t outcome dependent on getting what you want. I wanted to go for a particular girl and I got her because it wasn’t something I HAD to have. I was actually able to detach from the result and forgot I even cast for it and it still definitely happened despite the odds (Thanks Zepar!)

Your mind is the mountain before you. Know yourself. Then be a clever sorcerer and side step it all.

That said when you hit a certain level none of this matters because you’ll have your skills dialed in tight. This is a huge one that fucks people up though. The best results show up when your relationship to them is in wave function. Your can be in particle function (where things freeze up and are literally suspended/frozen in place as you’re observing them from your current state) and other aspects are in wave and they’ll show up.

“The art of not giving a fuck is based in really giving a fuck about something else.”

When you’re zero’d in on your business and you happen to go out and talk to friends at a bar you aren’t outcome dependent (and therefore suspending any chance of success) because you’re focused on taking someone home. You’re still thinking about business and talking about it yet you don’t HAVE TO get that girl. You aren’t in the state of “wanting” her. Scale this anyway you want, this is as general as it possibly gets. If you’re stressed about your math test you might meet someone and start a chain of events that’s amazing. That’s how this works.

Your state of BEING is more important than anything else when it comes to manifestation. This is how every person who doesn’t even practice gets what they want. They simply BE outcome dependent, and confident, and step into what they want to be. They BE a bodybuilder, or they BE the dangerous rebel girls go nuts for. They don’t suspend the situation in a state of not having by wanting it. They just BE it and take what they want because they’re all in somewhere else.

Oddly you can really desire something and get it too but it’s often because you’ll find yourself doing it and it will be effortless. It’s because you’re BEING that type of person who will get what you seek. When you WANT something you strongly broadcast not having it and it gets shut down. The power of your reality is everything and this is the strongest bit of PUA advice I could give anyone: The strongest reality wins. State. If you actually believe it’s a done deal with the girl you’re on a date with you won’t need to do anything special. It’s all a battle of wills and the strongest power possible feels effortless when you wield it.

Just like a golf swing (so I’ve heard), the furthest drives don’t involve you giving it everything you have, it’s a sweetspot that feels almost easy.

Watch Connor McGregor talk about anything and it’s effortless mastery. He’s so convinced he doesn’t have to expend effort to convince you. Yet he’s right. True principles reflect everywhere and it’s applicable to everything from business, to dating, to manifestation.

“You’ll never get what you want if you go looking for it while you need it.”
“You are doing. To ascend you must Be. Be yourself into existence and all you seek shall be opened to you.”

  • Belial

I’m genuinely curious how this applies to the path of smoke, counter creation, @KurtisJoseph @Dinmiatus @C.Kendall . I know how fundamental all this is and I’d love to hear anyone’s understanding of counter creation (becoming vs being) and how that ties in to this phenomenon.

I’d love to hear it so let your opinions and experiences fly. This was pivotal for me and is so vital for results I’d start here before even crafting a sigil for what you want.


This largely matches up to my own experiences. I’ve found myself coming across more cool things and opportunities if it wasn’t thinking about it than I could remember enough to count.

Though I also seem to get “exactly” what I want if I obsess and lust after it. This is a problem because when you’re in that state you’re emotionally compromised and not thinking about things clearly. This has drawn horrible experiences, people, or situations into my life.

It was exactly what I had asked for. And yet more than ever it illustrates “Be careful of what you wish or ask for.” Is it something you truly want? Nothing is ever free. Are you willing to pay what it’s going to cost you or someone you love?

This is why maintenance is crucial. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual matters really are all tied. They will reflect and work off of each other. If you are struggling and get stuck on an issue somewhere you will be unable to move forward to the next level.

Maslow and his hierarchy of needs is a basic and simple veiw of this.

When you start to break it down it’s basically a mundane take on the chakra system and what happens when there are major blocks in each. There’s a very good reason “Know thyself” is the first rule of pretty much every system. Check in with yourself constantly, consultant your guides. Be honest with yourself and your motivation for anything and everything.

Your mind is your biggest block, your biggest obstacle, and your biggest enemy always. Learn how to work with yourself and your cycles. After that learn to observe the world and people around you. You’ll be able to manipulate those as well.


You say you get “exactly” what you want when you lust for it… and yet it’s bad.

I would hear more of this.

I love going deep into the nature and mechanics of the universe. Given that we are the universe, introspection in this light is invaluable


It’s mostly when I get into that mindset I don’t think about how I get things, or if past the emotional addictions and obsession I really even want it. The best examples of this I can give is the infamous “Help me get my ex back!” Thread we all sigh at when we read that title.

I’ve done this before myself, so I speak from experience. Usually when things literally explode in our face in terms of relationships there’s a damn good reason and it’s a toxic match that’s keeping us in a cycle of misery. I got them back each and every time… though I realized several things with each reunion.

  1. I’ve changed and they never did, still the same low value person they were when we broke up a few weeks prior.
  2. I realize I’m settling back into a bad situation because I’m refusing to let go of something that wasn’t great to begin with.
  3. Holy shit do I have issues with emotional addictions and obsession.
  4. Trust and respect once gone are impossible to get back unless you have two people determined to rebuild.

But let’s be honest, how many people want to do that work? It’s so much easier to ground zero a house and start from scratch than it is to lovingly restore a historical home and have to work around all the delicate bits.


Very interesting. I’m yet to experience reconciliation of a monogamous relationship that ended. It’s completely normal for women to come in and out of my life on and on now in a polyamorous context though.

What’s Interesting is that happens because of outcome independence. They’ll get fed up (but never bored …never ever bored) with me not completely going all in on monogamy with them and go get into a relationship with someone else. That happens.

Yet after that new relationship goes to hell (he bores the hell out of her, cheats on her, whatever) they more often than not come back into my life again in the same context as before.

There’s never ever a big blow up that leaves things feeling terrible. It works really … really well and I know that because of this I don’t have to worry about completely losing a person forever. Just temporarily. All wave state, no forcing something to be what it can’t stay as forever.

That state of allowing works in so many places.

I’d love to reconcile one that split off and rebound with some dumbass once he’s old news (and everyone becomes old news if they try to vice grip a relationship into place)

Though I think you know about her and I’m very mindfull about what your reading said


@Sovereign this!!!

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