Why does it seem that all Left hand path practitioners are depressed and broke?

I’ve been following many lhp practitioners and teachers on youtube and here for some time and pretty much all of them seem to have this negative depressed vibe to them. I understand everyone has their battles but it seems like they never seem happy or enjoy life. Not only that but what is up with them always having financial struggles? I don’t understand, they all seem broke and struggling to get money or success in life. Isn’t this path about changing one’s life for the better? It just seems that none of these people get anywhere and just become addicted to drugs or other things.


Your perception does not match mine by a very long way.

Who are “all” these “LHP practitioners” you mention? Some evidence to back up this claim might be the place to start. Out of the hundreds of posts this week not one has been about depression. And I’m not really aware of any YouTubers being negative at all. Meanwhile wanting more money is common but hardly “all”.

Maybe take a step back and get real about your data before you go nuts with the blanket assumptions?

Maybe you just need to follow different people?

Maybe, you need to ask yourself, under the principle of like attracts like, why are you attracting this energy for yourself?

“Change yourself to change your world.”

If you want my advice, don’t follow anybody. Look to your own practice, experiment and find your own way. The principles are not going to change and you won’t understand it better listening to others, you have to just practice.

If others are not your cup of tea, don’t blame them, it’s on you that you’re watching them. So stop that and get to work.


I can definitely see where you’re coming from.

I think this post is gonna trigger a lot of people lol.

If you want an example of a LHP practitioner that is doing the real work, I’d recommend this channel:


Many LHP practitioners dive into the Qliphoth, and not all of them make it out sadly.


This is an excellent point.

If someone is discussing thier experience from a position of doing a lot of shadow work, or with unresolved shadow work in play, then understanding that context is critical.

Same idea, if that’s not where you’re at, leave it alone, its too their credit that they’re working it, but then it’s not shocking that their energy doesn’t vibe with you.

Live and let live. Trust that they’re ok and it doesn’t mean “zomg all black magicians fall into depression”, if that’s where you were going with that.

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Well some of the people that I have watched, not necessarily followed, have been obviously E.A Koetting, vk jehannum, aserial krabat, connor kendall, behemoth x, anima noira, jd temple, and others which I can’t remember the name. I am not saying all are depressed and broke, but it’s weird to me that some of the biggest occult names appear to fit this stereotype. If yall have more positive lhp teachers I would definitely check them out.


I’m sorry I’m not with you. These people are not dried or broke, what are you talking about? :woman_shrugging:

Its still saying that in your title. If that’s not what you’re saying why did you say it?


I like Jeremiah Schwartz a lot! He is good!


Its limited way and Rockefeller way seeing someone’s success based on money when dealing with magic.

Some of us are currently clearing our collective lifetimes and trying to free this reality at the same time.

This is the lowest and nastiness of places. Don’t bother judging someone’s worth in this garbage heap.


Many of the posts I see in this forum is much about cursing. Cursing the ex, hexing the ex to come back. Hexing people to love you. All these I see as sign of depression and being a failure in life because its being ruthless to others and ruthlessness is often a result of depression. Many in this forum seems to suffer by untreated childhood trauma.


Doesn’t matter what path you follow, shadow work can mess anyone up…


Sometimes changing ones life for the better is connected to a tidal wave of tipping points. Cleaning the slate, if you will. If you come from a point of wanting to change your life for the better there might be a lot that needs to break away, to make room for the good sauce. To truly feel and experience that you deserve it, no matter what your environment maybe taught you about your self worth (or the lack thereof).

Its a process that can be longer or shorter, depending on the existing mess at hand and if the practicioner is willing to kiss dysfunctional patterns, dysfunctional relationships and deeply integrated mindsets goodbye. Being a practicioner doesn’t necessarily protect you from resisting these changes or from making very dumb decisions along the way that could throw you back in your development. Facing the music and adapting quickly to new circumstances -in my experience- is the fastest and most consistent way to invite fundamental changes into your life and to feel satisfied in a way that reflects your state of mind to the outside world. Not everybody is able to go through with it smoothly, sometimes its a clawing and screaming and kicking for things to stay as they are.

Maybe this struggle could be displayed in what you would describe as “depressed vibe”.
For the material part I truly believe that self-mastery (knowing yourself, knowing where you’re coming from, not being ignorant about your own not so pretty aspects that might hinder true progress) comes before mastering your environment to a degree where you can provide yourself with everything that you need, without fucking it up for yourself. And spoiler: for a lot of people its not a sports car or a mansion. Everybody yearns for something different; its the advertisement that makes people want to have things. Don’t listen to advertisements and stay away from social media, if your income is not depending on it :sweat_smile: Otherwise you will have a hard time to find out what you really want and need in your life.


Sometimes you have to clear away the old to make way for the new. There’s no reason to link that with depression.

I think you want to do your own shadow work to figure out why you make these leaps in your thinking. Anger and depression are rather different things.


It’s important to remember that the experience and expression of individuals within any community, including the LHP practitioners, can vary greatly. Making sweeping generalizations based on a few examples may not provide a complete or accurate picture of the entire community.

Like any group of people, LHP practitioners can face their own challenges and struggles in life. It’s essential to recognize that everyone has their unique battles and difficulties, and these might be reflected in their online presence or demeanor. Some practitioners may use their platforms to vent or seek support, which can contribute to the negative vibe you’ve observed. However, it’s essential to remember that what we see online may not fully represent their entire lives or personalities.

Regarding financial struggles, the perception of financial difficulty might be influenced by various factors. Some practitioners may choose a lifestyle that doesn’t prioritize material wealth, while others may struggle due to personal circumstances unrelated to their spiritual path. It’s important not to equate financial success with one’s spiritual journey, as they are not necessarily directly connected.

It’s true that the LHP, like any spiritual path, aims to bring positive change and personal growth to practitioners. However, the path to improvement is different for everyone, and it’s not a guarantee of a trouble-free life. Moreover, addiction issues can affect people from all walks of life and aren’t exclusive to any particular spiritual or religious group.

If you’re interested in exploring the LHP or any spiritual path, it’s crucial to approach it with an open mind and seek out reliable, diverse sources of information. Keep in mind that the experiences of others may not fully represent what the path has to offer. Engaging in personal research, seeking guidance from reputable practitioners, and taking a discerning approach can help you gain a more accurate understanding of any spiritual community or practice. Remember, your journey and experiences might differ significantly from what you observe in others.


Anger often comes as a result of depression.

Anger is a normal healthy expression, without it we probably wouldn’t have evolved. Depression is where you choose to hide under a dark cloud and effectively slump in a corner, pushing away any lighter feelings.


Yes but if you are depressed you get constantly angry. I know from experience.

I believe depression is not the right word here, but unhappiness or unsatisfaction as a tendency?


Totally. I don’t agree with absolutely everything he says, but he has a lot of wisdom and is overall just a good role model imo


Check out the channel I linked.

Can you name 3 occult teachers that are both depressed and broke?