Why do ppl darken the chakra? Pros and cons

I dont know abt it so could someone explain me the pros and cons to it?

This was an E.A. thing on his old yt channel. I think (could be wrong) it’s a poetic allusion to the idea that “darkness” means freedom, and feeing yourself from religious concepts.

If you look at posts we have about it, although ‘darkening’ is in the title when you actually read it there’s nothing "dark about it at all. It’s dark like, goth dark, meaning not really.

I don’t work with chakras, (I do qigong instead) but I have this feeling that the “chakras” some create are more like thoughtforms, which get in the way and disallow proper access to the actual energy centers that are described in older Sanskrit texts, so in the West we end up with these unhelpful things we have created due to incorrect teachings.

So “darkening” them doesn’t mean making them change color, but is about gaining the freedom and abilities black magicians equate with “darkness”.

E.A.'s Odyssey video here: The Truth About Chakras: Jailbreaking The Invisible Prison Of Religion

So, pros and cons:

Pros: If you are having problems with your chakras, then you might find the techniques in E.A.'s video above helpful.
He got them from St. Germaine, an ascended master and the modern version of Hermes Trismegistus and Thoth: if anyone knows anything about human ascension he does.

Con: if you haven’t got a problem, it’s a waste of time and effort to fix it: there’s no reason to create bogus or broken chakras just so you can apply a fix to them.


I agree with this, I don’t see chakras as necessary at all and I don’t see my energy spin like that in the energy centers either. It doesn’t even feel like it spirals or spins unless I intentionally make it spiral or spin.

I do sometimes see a freakish glow from my solar plexus when working with my own energy, but nothing that leads me to believe that chakras are something I need to adapt or implement into my energy practices.

I view the whole removal, darkening and all of that stuff as unnecessary or edgy. I could be wrong, and I don’t really see anything wrong with working with that system- but I don’t see any benefit above other methods either, unless it just happens to be your jam.