Testing incantations to darken the chakras

looking in the search bar for fastos I found these channeled incantations from micah that is no longer on the forum

Incantation to Refine Throat Chakra

Ish kala tampal, metsu hash’kal tad

Incantation to refine the Ajna chakra to Comprehend Demonic Writing and Speech

Suhn’tal ish ta nov’ma tal da hash

I decided to test these incantations that apparently serve to darken the vishuddha and ajna chakras, at night I sat on the floor of my room in total darkness and I started singing these incantations for 30 minutes after, I went to sleep and projected myself to the astral and two demoness came to me and took off my astral shirt and started to put a symbol on my astral body, that I don’t remember what it was how was and they said to me: let’s make your chakras really dark so i woke


Great work


Thank you

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Use the bija mantra backwards. Look at @C.Kendall Challenge of darkness