Why did some angels stay loyal to the tyrant god?

This question has been on my mind every time I think of the rebellion in Heaven. Why did St. Michael and the other angels fight their own kind when Yahweh usurped the throne from the true Source?

As I typed this, possible answers came to me. Either they did not want to be cast down into hell and therefore transformed into demons, and/or recognized that they were not strong enough to defeat Yahweh, who is an Aeonic god. Either that or somehow he bound the angels and caused them to act against their will. I don’t know. I’m gonna have to ask a couple spirits, but it would be nice if some of you could reveal the insights you’ve received from scrying.

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Why do the North Koreans allow a family of dictators to rule them? The group mentality and fear of punishment.

Besides the liberation did have the effects of giving angels’ emotions.



My guess is they see that they have a good thing (to their way of thinking) and don’t wanna let it go to face the unknown.

They got room, board, food, jobs, possibly pay, titles of position (like Michael’s commander and chief of heavens forces) and to rebel they’d have to give it all up and have to face the unknown and make themselves become something by their own power and skills as opposed to just keeping what was handed them on a silver platter that tgey don’t have to work for.


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Makes total sense. Also the statement of angels gaining emotions gave me that “ohhhh sh**” kind of reaction; it is true that angels did not have emotions and attachments while they were up there in Heaven. The emotional body is one of the subtle bodies we acquire as we descend down into physical incarnation.


That’s true, they do have a lot of things easy for them up there. It is in revelations like this that inspire in me a deeper reverence and respect for the demons we love like Lucifer, Belial, etc. for the rebellion in Heaven. The fact that they would sacrifice their posts in heaven for the sake of justice and freedom is beyond noble. They deserve a reward.


The angels that rebelled were deceived.

@KnowingtheSource How do you know that? How do you know you haven’t been deceived by a demiurge pretending to be the real god?


And how do you know that the demiurge is really the demiurge?

If there’s one thing that magick has taught people, it’s to look beyond the tales set by religion, mythology and folklore.


@Prophet I don’t know that there is one and I don’t know there isn’t, but it’s an interesting concept to consider.

I was just questioning him to well try and get him to start thinking outside the Christian brainwash position in order to come up with an answer how he knows he’d not deceived by a demiurge.

As in this saying…
To question everything is the beginning of wisdom. To accept everything you’ve been told at face value is the beginning of being taken advantage of.

It’s always good to question :slight_smile: then you can make up your own mind.

Add: KnowingtheSource appears to be a die hard believer who hasn’t considered alternate positions sufficiently to validate or exclude his beliefs as true or alternately as false imho. So therefore I posit a position that requires one to think about (or at least look up what the whole demiurge idea is about) to be able to properly answer the question.


Look at it like one of your children … Expect them to rebel as it’s human nature. Of course not all of them will rebel, and it could be love is the reason.
It could also be love was the reason for rebellion as well, and moreso because of a wounded spirit.
Not to mention, those who rebelled did it for good grounds, normally bowing to man would be idolatry, and they were told to only bow to God, so when God tells them to bow to man, refuses, gets kicked out and cursed on top of that. Because man disobeyed and gave into temptation.
A tad harsh imo.


@Fuego Or fear? Or convenience?

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But is he a tyrant god?
I think it’s weird how people believe in the fall how it is taught in religion, when they disagree with everything else that religion tells them. Why believe in that one thing?
It seems pretty biased to me.
YHWH is a god just like others.

Angels do have emotion.


@kish, true, good points. Seeing what occured to the rebels probably kept the rest in line.
Convenience, yes, that too.
I never could get away with anything without getting caught by my parents. So, it kept me in line to a degree.

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And even if, big if, the fall occured like that, people can have different opinions about their parents. I doubt the angels would stay simply because of shelter and convenience, but because they’d see YHWH in a different light.
And maybe both sides would be true.


Exactly, like @Helena said, Yahweh is a god among many others

You assume Yahweh is a tyrant because of your personal dislike of the dictatorial abrahamic dogma, but I doubt Yahweh or the Archangels have a desire to proselytise like humans do.

Michael told me he follows the god of the old testament, but it is his choice.

In my personal view, the rebellion was nothing more than a personal choice. Lucifer wanted to leave so he did. But he stayed on good terms with Michael and his other brothers probably.

There was no war, just a hard choice to make imo.


Not to mention, some parents shouldn’t even be called parents, but rebels can be loved but be blind to the fact. Anger is a vicious thing.

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It’s my opinion that some rules of the OT were there for good reason - pork back then consumed could make people sick, because of not being cooked properly. Other rules I don’t get.
Still, how many of us as children or teens really understand our parents rules in general?

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Did Lucifer leave or he was cast down because he rebelled?

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Based on my view, he left of his own free will