Why are imposters/parasites so incredibly strong, yet also so weak?

I came across many threads where people tried to create a connection with a given god but this attempt ar connecting was hijacked by an imposter (at least thats what you read very often). How come they are so strong that they can pretend to be a god/demon and can form a connection while the real entity cant? Do the gods not care enough to intervene? Is the imposter stronger?

And while they are so strong it appears from the same threads that they are also incredibly weak, as the most common response is to “just banish them”.
This makes absolutely no sense to me. They can form a connection to the practitioner while ‘the real deal’ either cant or doesnt want to or whatever yet at the same time they can apparently be utterly destroyed when the practitioner says “fuck off dickhead”.

Obviously Im oversimplifying here but tbh thats pretty much the conclusion I got from reading a lot of these threads and it doesnt add up for me and am hoping someone can help me clear it up.


Because the answer is simple, but not easy.


The way I perceive this, is it’s like they intercept the connection before it got to the intended entity. Forming the connection is not hard when the operator is already reaching out. To use an analogy, it’s like a blind person reaching out with a hand, and someone else takes it.

Sometimes you get both. Sometimes the intended entity will stand by and let you struggle as a learning exercise, sometimes they step in and you don’t even know there was an issue. There never seems to be a “fight” as it were, between impostor and intended, it’s mostly driven by the operators awareness and skill.

Hence, “easier said than done”. But like all things, practice makes perfect, so the experienced people will see the deception and/or “just banish” quickly, having seen it before and having stronger senses, and the people who are asking maybe haven’t had the issue much before and are still figuring it out.


I have a question. I use the Demonic LBRP for Banishing before and after, I also have the Seal of Manifestation up.

How does one banish quickly while sitting on the floor in the middle of an evocation, inside a circle where an elaborate LBRP cannot be performed. I’ve always wondered this and perhaps now is a good time to ask this.

Thanks in advance.


Well, I never use the LBRP, it’s too fussy and I don’t use Solomonic methods. I’m more shamanic in my approach.

I keep a clean space using wards and simple a whitegold light clearing, wormwood/mugwort incense (it’s kinda like the Euro version of white sage smudging, but again, does nothing without intent behind it making it work) and being very clear with my intent on exactly who I want to talk to.

In this case, it sounds like you have identified an unwanted presence, so to borrow a term from gaming, you don’t need a general “area of effect” AOE banishing, you can address the specific entity directly.

The easiest method is to simply tell it, similar to license to depart… You don’t have to be rude unless they get funny about it: “I didn’t mean to call you at this time, you can leave.”

If it persists, get more commanding, and if it still persists, push it out by visualising it diminishing in the distance (or whatever visualisation works for you, you can put them on a train if you like, whatever works, it’s all symbolic anyway, and what they perceive is unlikely to be the same as what you invent).
And if it still persists, attack it. Nothing worth it’s salt is rude enough to disrespect a simple ask under free will, so you will win every time. :slight_smile:




To contrast this with the extreme opposite example that’s guaranteed to attract randoms, I once read an author describe using Ouija boards, and asking “is anybody there?”, as “like opening your door in downtown Brooklyn and shouting “FREE BEER AND PIZZA!”” :joy:

Pretty accurate, ime. So yeah, don’t do that, be specific and be firm about it.
After that, speak softly, but carry a big stick.


Ok this is awesome, I’m bookmarking this.

Thank you for addressing this promptly. Fortunately nothing else has come in so far except once when I evoked Duke Dantalion in the early days without any wards or anything. Something funky came in and I asked it to leave and it did. That’s it. But always wondered what to do if things escalated.

I have sage incense sticks (actual sticks not the bundle) can I use them at home to keep the area clean with intent? I don’t evoke at home because I have small kids.


Imo, a lot of people don’t even have the slightest idea of who exactly they are calling. If you look at different topics, you’ll notice that people often want a quick fix. Ideally, a newbie magician spends their time working on the basic skills but people prefer to jump right into evocation because someone said that Lucifer is good for beginners (as an example). They do not perform any research on the deities either. So, as a result, we have a person with literally no magickal skills, undeveloped senses and with an image of the spirit they got somewhere from the Internet. A recipe for a disaster. They just get what they ask for because they don’t even know what they are asking for in the first place.


Actually I agree with @Mulberry on that about the LBRP. I myself use a tibetian Brass singing bowl. If there needs to be a fast banishment done the vibrations from that bad boy do the trick nicely.


Astral parasites are actually fairly strong. The reason they leave so quickly is they prefer to take in more energy than they expel. They like easy meals with a lot of energy. They are also a form of demonic spirit, which is sometimes referred to as a hungry ghost.


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ive read the thread and i feel i need to make a point of order

when your doing a banishing,the tools and rituals and chants and invocations are entirely powerless without one thing,you and your intent

think of it like a bullet and a gun

with the bullet you have the actually bullet itself,the casing,primer. and then you have the gun with all of it’s different components,all of it very complex,but created in a specific form to constrain physics into creating a specific result. without the gunpowder its just a whole big bunch of metal with some poof to it from the primer.essentially as powerful against a would be attacker as a pebble

however when you have gunpowder in the bullet casing?and everything is assembled correctly,gun is loaded with that bullet,etc? suddenly its becomes extremely lethal

in this equation,like said,the gun,its components and the bullet cartridge with its components are the rituals,chants,invocations,and tools analog. you and your power are the gunpowder

without the parts of the gun and the bullet the gunpowder will basically just make a big poof and flash. it might give you mild burns if you stand too close,but thats about it. cool and all but useless for the need

lots of things we humans do are using one of our most popular magick disciplines,that being science,to create constructs which can confine and bottle up the forces of nature,to make them do things they shouldnt. banishing is no different.

premade banish rituals are popular for the same reason revolvers are popular,they often arent very pretty or interesting but there reliable and constrain the elements in a consistent way


This is my opinion. You can kind of think of magick as having two layers - your intention, and then the energy that you summon to empower that intention.

Have you ever worked with a magickal method and picked up traces of other occultists? I personally believe that even the most ancient spirits are in-part formed by the people who summon them.

The problem people run into, in my opinion, is that they use methods which do not connect you to the most “objective” form of a spirit. People instead project their emotions onto the spirit. The less skilled in magick and meditation you are, the easier it is to do this. Even if you pick up some genuine communications now and then, it can be easy to fool yourself by random mind-noise that arises which is similar to how legitimate contact feels. It’s the difference between listening and talking to yourself and telling yourself what you want to hear.

There is so much power in setting an intention in a magickal way that it often works without needing anything else. That is why pretty much any magickal method can work, in my opinion. The base, raw power ultimately comes from you, so any spirit will be able to come along for the ride.

The reason I bother with summoning spirits instead of just briefly zapping out intentions or something like that is because the spirits do provide wisdom and guidance in-line with their powers and qualities, as well as fun things like visions and strange dreams. So even though you can just zap out intentions and that will work, you may not be able to zap out the best intentions on your own, with your limited knowledge.

This is why I work with spirits. They guide my intentions, and my intentions guide my experience, and my experience is colored by the energies that I summon. Do you see how that all works together?

I believe that imposters and parasites are essentially thoughtforms or egregores, which really you could sort of say goes for “legit” spirits as well, that have been corrupted by human beings.

I know that earlier I said that the power all ultimately comes from you, but I also believe that the spirits have presented themselves to us in ways that go beyond any human mind. I believe that these spirits pass on methods for obtaining communion with them. Methods that connect you to the most powerful form of a spirit will be aligned with that spirit’s energy, symbolism, the vibe, if you will. Weaker methods will introduce corruptions, meaning ideas, symbols, names, processes, images, archetypal resonances, any such thing that really runs counter to the vibe. If you use such methods, you will end up connecting to something. What you connect with may be a hodgepodge of various things which make sense on their own in certain contexts, but brought together they really don’t.

Take me, for instance. I would be woefully inadequate at helping someone ascend the corporate hierarchies because that is an endeavour which is so unaligned with me it’s hilarious. But let’s say that someone hears about me on some forum, thinks I seem attractive to summon, and assumes that I can help them do this, for whatever reason. Maybe someone else told them I could. Maybe they just couldn’t be fucked to do more research. They summon me up to ascend their corporate hierarchy. I’d do what I could, but my input would be near useless compared to someone who is actually suited for such a task. I could help with some things, but my energetic presence would be screaming at them to get out of there and do something else, cause that is just not my vibe, no matter how much you insist it must be.

I think these sorts of things are rather interesting, but can be avoided with ease. What is required is judgement and discernment, however, something which many people lack, especially if they are ignorant about the subject. I couldn’t imagine trying to piece together a magickal practice from random scraps of text on forums. Obviously I think I put out valuable material here (at the least I enjoy doing it), but those who rely on such unreliable sources of information clearly do not vet their teachers very thoroughly, if at all. Others are too egotistical to accept any teacher, and so flounder about on their own, feeling that they are some inventive, creative genius as they come up with stuff that’s been around for centuries if not millennia in more effective forms.

Did you know that there are schools that teach artforms? Did you know that these schools are mostly standardized, not because some central authority dictated that it must be so, but because those who practice that artform and are influential within it collectively have come to agree on common language and practices which have proven to be effective for themselves and for teaching others? If someone wants to pretend that Western cultures haven’t been practicing and evolving music for hundreds and hundreds of years, they technically are allowed to do that. They could avoid any piece of instruction and develop their own stuff using whatever materials they do consume. Oh, that sounds great, I get to be creative and inventive! Well, not really. That’s just forced ignorance. I guarantee you that the person who accepts instruction and the teachings which have been passed down for centuries will go so much farther and have so much more potential for truly creative work that pushes the boundaries of what has been achieved by any human being.

There is value in breaking free of institutional indoctrination, but there is no value in forced ignorance.


So I use a Demonic version of the LBRP not the original one. I use it before and after an Evocation. However this Tibetan bowl sounds interesting, I’m definitely going to look into it and get one.


Yeah it works real well.


EA Koetting also uses one. If you watch his live chats, he usually starts, and ends, them with his singing bowl. They have a very pleasant harmonic to them.


That’s interesting I start and end with it too.


This is what we need to hear so many times

Some very good replies in here and I think it made it a little bit more clear to me.

I especially liked this analogy:

However, that still leaves me wondering: why dont the gods see the attempt of connection?

And on another note: how does one increase the likelyhood of reaching the intended target?

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I think that was my next paragraph :thinking:
I think they do. But deities like you to work it out for yourself, so they will tend to just watch you, with minimal hand holding, and zero spoon feeding. This is such a basic, it’s like a baby learning to walk, it does no good to try to do it for you, you must learn. Imo, as usual.

And on another note: how does one increase the likelyhood of reaching the intended target?

Build your clairs and spiritual strength, and practice, practice, practice.
The more experience and the clearer the experience, the more obvious it becomes.

Every spirit has it’s own what I call, “energy signature”, and is unique, and feels unique. So it’s like an artist training the eye to look at a white wall and see 200 colors in the shadows and variations in the wall. Suddenly it’s not flat white, it’s a kaleidoscope of texture and color, and the artist can draw it and it his drawing will look not just like any wall, but that specific wall.

When you can feel them this distinctly, it’s rally obvious who is new and who is someone you already know. Even impostors aren’t perfect, close in “color”, but it’s never perfect. And they usually behave weirdly as anyway. The combination of out of character behaviour and being “off color”, as it were, is a dead giveaway.