Whoa what ORGASMS!

Ok, so this happened last night. I had a very intense lucid dream. I felt him enter me and I was exploding with passion. I could not contain it that I was screaming his name. And who’s name??? ASMODEUS. I don’t know much about this demon. Is he a lust demon? I felt like he was beckoning me to be his consort.


Asmodeus is the demon prince of lust. That’s why there was so much passion in your lucid dream. I don’t know if I’d call him an incubus, but Asmodeus is definitely a lust demon.

I am referring to him as an incubus because he was definitely acting that way. He wasn’t giving me lustful thoughts. HE was the one I felt giving me pleasure. So, even though he is not considered an incubus I felt him acting as one in my case. Idk to which end.

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Well what’s the result? Your talking about it. Are you now thinking of working with him magickally? I’d say whatever the result is is a part of what his endgame was/is.

Note I say a part of as opposed to the whole of the purpose. So… what are you now thinking about when you think of him and talk of him now? That will give a clue as to what the endgame is (it won’t reveal the entirety of your it but it will point to it so as to give a clue to you about it the endgame).

After all there’s usually an endgame whether you’re talking about human or non-human entities. Could be as simple as pleasure (his/yours) or as complex as getting you to do something (of benefit to him later). I know that sounds a bit jaded. So just think about your responses to it and how you feel about it and then go from there,

If you are willing to risk feeling a bit silly, you can have similarly intense orgasms brought on entirely by spiritual/energetic stimulation. I have felt surprisingly solid-feeling dicks inside me with spiritual partners. You could just use a sex toy, and that’s ok too, but getting a feel for this sort of energetic experience is really worth it. It’s more than just the sex organs - you can start to feel a strong overall presence undeniably there with you, communicating with you and having an experience with you.


Honestly, I feel his intense desire for me. That is what I felt through the lucid dream and what I feel now. Now, is the intense desire merely physical? Or is he calling me to a magickal sort of communion with him that is body/mind/soul? That is something I would have to find out. Maybe through divination.

Also, I read somewhere that he is the husband of Lilith. If that is so then would she be mad? She is certainly a spirit I do not want to cross!

You robably need to ask someone who works with her to ask her about that. Purely speculation on my part (I haven’t worked with her) my speculation is since she’s been known to have relations (sexual) with men outside of her relationship with Samael she probably wouldn’t get mad about it. But like I say better ask her about it or to ask someone who works with her to ask her about that because I’m purely speculating.

Edit ad: oops meant to write Asmodeus wrote Samael. Sorry for the goof. Aren’t they both her husbands though? Think they’d why I wrote the wrong name above. That said, still doubt she’d be jealous or mad.

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He’s a djinn not a demon/incubus, sexual acts aren’t limited to demons.


He is most commonly known as a demon not a dijinn. Although in Judeo-Islamic lore he is seen as the King of Earthly Spirits one of the most powerful djinns. So depending on your beliefs he could be a demon or a djinn.

Ya probably everything/everyone that’s sentient gets horny sometimes djinn included .


Wrong, he is commonly known as a Djinn if you research him further than surface level you’ll find he dates back to Sumerian and in Zoroastrianism. He was a being of wrath before becoming a demon of lust.


Ugh, whatever. You are giving off a know it all attitude I don’t like.

I’m giving off a attitude of someone who does their research you mean, and has experience with Asmodeus if that is a know it all than I take it as a compliment. You don’t like someone giving you information is pretty much what you’re saying.


You were on my other thread giving the same attitude. Stating your beliefs as facts. I have found that anyone who claims their opinions as facts pretty much don’t know what they are talking about. There’s always room for other possibilities. You flat out saying something as WRONG is what makes you sound like a know it all.

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Stating my beliefs as facts? no, stating reality of things as fact, you believe demons can be flesh and blood on the physical. You cannot compare your other thread to this thread because in the other you are going on about demons being here and using shapeshifting to walk among us.

It’s not a belief to say they can’t because otherwise you’d see demons walking around and many other beings, just because you wish to LARP doesn’t mean others are going to pamper it. That’s literally all you want is for people to feed you what you want to hear.



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I highly suggest looking into Sakhr, it might give you a different perspective in regards to Asmodeus.

If we want to get really technical, Asmodeus was initially considered to be a daeva and was known as Aeshma prior to being adopted into the Abrahamic faiths.

According to the ancient Persians, he was the embodiment of wrath. Him being a demon of lust wasn’t implemented until a bit later in time.

The daeva and jinn are closely associated with one another according to the Persians and Pre-Islamic Arabs.


Well thank you for presenting it in a manner that leaves room for personal interpretation and not as an absolute fact. I will look into it.

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I think Spirits is the most accurate of terms since many cultures know them by different names.

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