Who wants a Scan?

@eneio I’m not doing PM ones.

@Nachtdiegall Your energy is a bit fiesty/fiery and I think you are someone who has done proper work in the occult. Lemme see here, hahaha yes you are. Focusing on your Third Eye made me feel fuzzy. But the immediate stand out is your heart chakra. There is unprocessed grief here. You need to let that go because it will block you energetically. You got to make peace with it somehow, let it go, then you can flow fully unobstructed. Root chakra fine, sacral chakra… wavy? Very interesting. Are you someone who denies yourself pleasure for whatever reason, or finds it hard to indulge in it? Your sacral chakra is faint and wavery. I had a friend who had sexual abuse and developed an issue in their sacral chakra, not saying that’s your situation, but could be. Solar Plexis fine. Throat fine. Your third eye is great and the most strong and open of anyone I’ve scanned yet on this thread. Your crown chakra is not as open so you could work on that a bit more. Advice… is that Lilith and Lucifer I feel? As the beings you currently work with? For vision I see a young girl walking who seems lonely and clumsy. Maybe you in the past? Hope this makes sense to you.


I’m always in my head a lot thinking or talking to myself or something similar to that. Seagull? Hmm, I don’t live at a beach or close to one. Seagull & Lizard is interesting. I didn’t even know I had a secret garden & that’s why I asked. Iv’e never really worked with chakras but I plan to this weekend. I think my third eye is open but I can’t see or really hear anything just feel. By the way did you ever see a log cabin & a river in the secret garden? Asking because your description reminds me of a dream I used to have at the same place every time I slept when I was little. Could you also explain being grounded? I’m confused on what you’re saying.

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I didnt get this …

and can you elaborate about the Sacral chakra issue

whenever i am meditating … the area between my eyebrows (third eye ) always pains … and some times that pain is quite distracting…

You guys need to do your own research or message in PMs and then MAYBE I’ll get back to you. You got free readings but you won’t gain in confidence yourselves until you evoke more, inner work and gain psychic skill that way.


I’d appreciate a scan please, many thanks.

Thank you so much! I don’t have any girls. But idk if I can see him. Because I take meds for it. And also… I need help get rid of it. Its not helping me. I experience lot of grieve. Is it Amon? Thank you.

Can I get a scan?~

Please and thank you.


Yea I am always anxious, worrying — I find it hard to stick up for myself sometimes — I was recently heartbroken, still hurting — I do feel that my third eye/crown are developing — and yep my grandmother passed LAST WEEK!

You are amazing, thank you

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Grateful for a scan. Thank you in advance.

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I was trying to bind energy to the object, if anyone here see something i would grateful

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Never had a scan before. I would like one if possible! Thank you!

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I’m rather curious what you may find within me.

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I seen the stars sparkling then a dragon I thought it was white I tried to get a better look at it and it appears as the dog dragon from the movie and book “the neverending story” I asked if there your friend and they nodded yes.

So I seen a spirit that was blurry I checked it was a friend but I’ve never seen one of them before it reminds me of a plant dinosaur but I didn’t get enough of a look at it to really know. I scanned towards it again and got a definite yes about being a dinosaur or at least part that I seen a raptors head somewhat clearly, maybe it’s webbed hands for swimming and not plant but yes it stands like a raptor stands.

So I seen him as a large red demon with wings and horns was sorta broad, from what I could gather he’s not of the Leaders the Goetia. I asked him why he was with you and he presented a gift box from what I take of it him being with you is a gift from his master.

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So when looking for spirits around you I seen a crab in a conch shell crawling towards me then when I asked who else seen a bird I believe it was actually one of the flying dinosaurs that had feathers relatively small for a dinosaur but large for a bir$.

So something people don’t really tell you about but you can do is when you invoke a spirit move them into your heart and focus on what there words are once there there. Glad I could help, pm me if you need help with any emotion ice done some work recently into finding out what I can do to gain there favor so they will act on my behalf for another and remove all negative aspects effecting the person of that emotion, Paranoia when I asked him what he would want he said recognition so I’m just doing a name drop, btw when you call upon an emotion like this say the highest consciousness of the emotion and then think and focus what do they want me to feel or anything that please$ you to ask but yes last time I was really getting into it I instantly felt them when I finished targeting peramiters then called to them I felt them more then I feel most being demons angels what ever they seem willing to interact but focus on channeling there words when you say hello or ask a question like all spirits I assume they prefer someone who can actually interact. I plan on starting a Business with there help I contacted most negatively percieved emotions and they were pleasant even said if they find someone who suffering from there emotion that the negativity from them dealing with it gave form life in the form of a parasite that they would consume them,… Those types of parasites are insanely hard to deal with to get rid of, most healers tell you you have to overcome it yourself, I know have two options use a blessing have to just kill them or find out what emotion was the cause and call upon the highest consciousness of that emotion and make them aware of there food waiting that would be a blessing to the person to be free of.


So you can invoke them and focus on transferring the essence of the apple while you eat it or you can just call upon them when you find a place to leave the apple you think they would like.

I seen a goblin with a battle axe large one handed big blades on both ends, he ends up riding a dragon green dragon, and they let me know they want an apple they want you to eat it and share it with them.

So I see a Do deer infront of a large tree but not huge just a somewhat large tree the grass meets the water in a circle around the tree on the top side ending about half way to the tree compared to how much land is between the tree and the water, there’s grapefruit maybe larger boulders all over the waters edge.

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