Who wants a Scan?

So first things first if you want a scan plz like this post.

If you want me to pm you the scan don’t pm me that just say so in scan request so I can keep order of requesters. And so I don’t have 50 messages all with same title cause alot of the time the people I scan end up having conversations with me.

Sometimes my scans are dead on other times they leave you wondering wtf was he seeing. Either way I want to know he it resonated please give feed back I like owing what the things I seen represented @Illumia did a good job of telling me what the things ment like when I seen a green butterfly land on her hand, she told me how it represented beauty and her petition to them was answered yes.

I can’t really get words revealed to often in scans so if your asking a question it’ll most likely be shown the answer to me in symbolism, one of the reasons why it’s nice that you ask me questions so we can piece together the meaning of the scan.

If you can produce the energy signiture of someone and talk about them a little bit yea I can scan to them and see what there emotional state is. I’ve had these types of scan lie to me before though but there pretty damn good so you can ask them questions and I can tell you if see them nod yes or no, can check if it’s real or not that way btw so you know to trust reading of them since you didn’t show picture exc I just used the energy you projected of them to find them.

So yea if you wanna have fun ask me alot of questions like what does my secret garden look like, what element am I strongest with,

Trying somthing weird scanning with intent of first person to like the post and seeing what I see so yea first to like post tell me if this resonates.

A red :apple: a women grabs the apple and takes a bite her image is clouded with black mist, so then I scanned again and see a really old witch and a cresent moon I think meaning they associat the moon with an elder who taught them about it probably a grandma. I scanned one more time and seen the 7 candle stick holder

O and BTW phone’s almost dead might take me a little bit of time to get the request taken care of my charger port is fucked up really hard to use phone and charge at same time.


May I have a scan ? Not me in particular, but about my love intended target she has been distant lately so whatever info you might catch will be helpful.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Edit: Can you PM the scan if you accept it ? :open_mouth:

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K do me a favor think about her real deeply and write somthing about her and when you write the words she or her name say her signiture while you type it, normally I only do this type of scan after talking to someone for a while,.

Btw any thing resonate from the post?


Not really. I am really bad of intepreting stuff. :confused:

Ok, not only thinking of her but looking at her recent tik tok video.

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I seriously want to ask what my Secret garden looks like now. :see_no_evil:

Give me a little before you scan me so I can balance out my emotions. I just had a good cry from being overwhelmed.


Hi , can i have a scan and a reading??:see_no_evil: @Vaynord


Welcome @Devangana_Maheshwari It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so PLEASE CLICK ON ME and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick, such as what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:

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Can I have a scan about my magickal nature?

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Open area regular soil for half the other half in like stripes offset were silver I bearly seen the flowers they were the little mint roses that have like 20 in one bushel all together then the vines started appearing and sorta wouldn’t let me see anything other then me being wrapped up thorned I picture me that way again and then a shiny beautiful women with long hair I think maybe an elf blew a kiss at me, woops first instinct was right she’s a fairy but she was human sized. Trying to see more about the garden I see a square pillar with a slightly larger square at the top painted one silver or white and the other grey there’s a pot at the top of the pillar and it’s over flowing with water. I Ask what’s your favorite pArt then see you kneeling befor a sculpted wall about 3 or see feet tall slightly more and it’s probably about ten to twelve feet wide there are two huge pillars all carved white and really tall one Infront slightly and outside the width of the alter wall. I couldn’t see the sculptures much but thought fairies again but as I wrote this i seen grapes and a tiny baby angel. You make this super bright little spot really dark looking when you do rituals the alter turned black with a symbol drawn on it while many candles are all around the fairy is there now and she watches you do you work under the moon light.


My matron is Artemis/Diana (depending on if it’s Greek or Roman) so yes I prefer to do rituals at night or early morning before the sun is up.

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I’d like one please PM me the results

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That’s cool, I didn’t have a known image for them so got that one, but on the bright side it’s protected lol damn things wrapped me up and wouldn’t let me go. Sorry I couldn’t see the sculptures better but it’s a really pretty main little area you were doing ritual work at.


I’ll come back to you later once you’ve done your intro post again and tell me what you wanna have revealed.

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I am actually new to magic , nothing much to say there :see_no_evil:

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So I tried to scan for that didn’t get any image but evocations came to mind then I see LHP on the right side of my mind it’s bright but faded I seevRHp appear on the left side but yea lean more towards the LHP but I think the sides like that represent being kind natured and not seeking I’ll towards others while looking to the gods of darkness. I try to see what element you use and see fire and a black ball of void change real quick but then it’s just a yellow orb and it stays so I think your most suited for working with air but lean towards the others for actual use. I ask about spirit animal type thing but more of just who there animal and see Cerberus the three headed lover boy.


So I asked who you should meet and seen I giant man wearing a crown facing away from me the crown is oddly shaped in that it has large square pieces then smaller square pieces between them. I then try to get a name through channeling and who ever answered said Ezekiel.

Water will be the best element for you to start using I think of ways to use it and then see plant life growing so blessing it is one way befor watering you plants don’t use hose use the hand held one you tilt and it goes out the filtered arm piece. A spirit that didn’t show itself started to detail vision I seen a monocul I think and then a hand facing down with really long fingers nails very sharp and at the bottom where it touched a surface the was a really skinny ring circling around his nail, I try to get a look at his face it’s redish reminds me of the great mAlinko from icp but not a long chin and round cheeks. I ask what he want of slash from you and see a bouqa of flowers so he wants nice things for you and I assume he has been eating over you so i scan and ask and get the number 5 meaning he’s been with you that many years.

Make sure you like my original post

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Hi can I Have a scan please?

Can you please explain this… it is really hard for me to decipher🙈

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Thanks a lot for the scan :slight_smile:

I’ve never done an evocation before but lately I’ve been very interested in doing one, so that makes sense if it’s something I desire. Or perhaps it is linked to my magickal nature. I guess I’ll see further down the line. I feel I might have a bit of a tendency towards it since it the past some aspects of it came quite easily to me.

That’s definitely very accurate. I’ve been having a bit of an inner conflict lately, I could also interpret the two paths not being in their appropriate place as that inner conflict being due to me going somewhat against my inner nature.
Although I will say I don’t really work with any Dark Gods, mostly I work with the Norse Gods, do Angelic Magick, work with the Olympic Spirits etc. But I have an affinity to the Demons of the Goetia and love their energy very much.

Interesting. I can understand the fire, and perhaps the changing ball. Astrologically, I have an overwhelming amount of Air in my natal chart, and am quite linked to Air overall. Any suggestions on how to work with Air?

Interesting. I can’t say I ever connected much with Canine energy but definitely with Serpent energy.

Thanks again for the reading! I feel it was very accurate :slight_smile: if I may ask for another scan, you have me curious, what does my secret garden look like? :thinking:

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Hey please i want a scan on my astral senses and what lucifer wants me to do.i will be greatful for that.maybe also a general reading of how my life is going.

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