Who is the kind slimy armed god- random OBE experience and still unidentified entity

Lately, I’ve been lucid dreaming a lot more and occasionally I get an OBE (I still can’t astral project on command so I’m guessing my guides help me once in a while. I’m also tapering off some meds that were wrongly prescribed that weaken my senses/abilities (Seroquel but I don’t have schizophrenia or bipolar- that psychiatrist is now retired), so hopefully in a month or two when that’s all gone I can start practicing more
Anyway recently I had another one of those. I usually test where I am when I’m dreaming or think I am and if I’m in control of my environment and everything I assume I’m dreaming and if not then I guess I’m in the astral (during a previous OBE I asked my guide out loud “am I dreaming???” And they kicked me back into my body so now I just subtly test it like - can I make myself fly? If yes I’m dreaming and if I fall on my ass I’m probably in the astral. The OBEs have also tended to be extra vivid, like more intense than real-life memories vs the kinda foggy memories of dreams)
This most recent one started off in a similar location as a previous one- some kind of fancy multilevel lounge/bar/lobby with some entertainment like rooms- a rooftop bar overlooking a dark black ocean, a traditional theater, a violet carpeted lobby…)
Started off wandering around with who looked like an old friend but she acted off so I demanded she take her true form and she turned into a giant guy with long shaggy dark hair and a disheveled beard.
“Fine. Now your turn” he says. I’m confused at this point so then his eyes widen and he starts to say “oh youm…” But it seems like he’s unsure of what to say or not say.
Then I’m quickly transferred to another place with a bunch of guides (?), some spirits that I’ve worked with before
I felt a familiar sting in my arm, assumed correctly that it was a strong dose of heroin (I’m 9 months clean btw, and in previous OBEs if I even attempted to obtain some opiates to use, I’d get a harsh reprimanding or be stopped in some unpleasant way, so I was surprised that this was the route of death this time- had another weird death/rebirth type OBE experience months ago with Arache posted here The spider goddess , and reached out to VK jehennum for advice on that one- he advised I got the transformation I’d asked for at the time via an intense death/rebirth) ultimately though, like in waking life, just the thought of heroin has lost its nostalgic charm :woman_shrugging:t2: Anyways, I look down to push down the plunger just to see that they’d already administered the full lethal dose.
They smile comfortingly but are also excited for some reason. I feel the familiar drowsiness and high but it’s interrupted by labored breathing and a couple moments of panic when I realized I was dying. I’m slowing to a “stop”, and asphyxiating as my body slowly stops functioning. I can’t think, see, hear, move, nothing- it felt like my body was just slowing to a stop.
After what felt like nodding off to sleep for a moment, I slowly awaken but it’s weird like do I have a body? Wtf is going on where am I? But I’m not panicking, surprisingly calm but full of questions. I was just confused.
At this point, I’m somewhere so black, blacker than any black I’ve ever seen, more silent than any silence, like a dark vacuum, but also sorta viscous like liquid or water or something like I felt suspended somehow?
I wasn’t breathing but it wasn’t uncomfortable.
A deep male voice, sounds kinda like that booming echoey high-quality surround-sound speakers sound kinda I dunno I can still vividly hear his voice in my head when I remember but sorry I’m having a hard time describing. It’s just deep and calming and powerful
“Hold on.” He says
I reach out, realize I have my arms back at least and grab onto his arm(tentacle???) Which was dark grey, slimy, cold, two fingered, but somehow comforting and familiar (I have a shitty sketch somewhere I can reply with later)
“Hold on tight” he says
I grab on tighter, and then he pulls me out of this black place and when we emerge I have my body but feels renewed and energized and I’m in this weird building in a sort of city.
It’s the same multilevel lounge This time, though, I went to the bar/lounge type space on the rooftop overlooking a dark ocean and an island in the distance. Some people were talking amongst themselves about how to access this island, that they haven’t done what it takes yet to get there and were group brainstorming how like what kind of work to do in waking life for spiritual growth or something to “get to whatever level of growth/skill needed before going there”, and that only few made it there.
Then I wake up. Ever since then (about a week ago), I’ve had crazy energy and cannot sleep at all. I get occasional naps here and there when the ambiens I take over the course of several hours finally kick in, but they’re so brief and rare I’m just so tired now (possibly also drowsied by all the sleeping pills I’ve taken over the past week). I have no idea what this is? It could be that I just don’t need as much sleep as I used to and should just get used to this? Who’s my slimy armed friend?
Tagging a couple friends I’ve talked about this with on the phone @Excalibur @Vaynord
Sorry I know I sound insane and honestly feel batshit insane


Sorry shit drawing it was dark and black af I could barely see shit


Yes love the pic.

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Lol trust me. I’m pretty sure your not the only 1 experiencing crazy shit i have heard some even more stranger stories. :joy:

Could be :man_shrugging:. I remember I was watching 1 of Orlee’s videos she was saying that she could literally get 3 hours of sleep and be completely energized the next day.

But my suggestion to you is if you feel tired than try to sleep!
What helps me is putting on some videos of rain, OR you can watch Bob Ross :grinning: I LOVE that guy. his painting videos where so peaceful!

As for the slimy 2 finger guy I have no idea who it could’ve been, If you find out anything new about him I would like to know. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve met a being like this whose overall role and interest, to summarise, is helping sentient life not fall into problems due to unawareness of their final consequences. He’s very ancient and the current he’s associated with is increasing, after a long time being suppressed and blocked.

It’s a kind of pro-ascent current without the toxic preachiness and pettiness of conventional morality or “saviour” complexes, etc.

This feels a bit like him, or his associates, or just generally connected to that current.


Thanks for your response! Very helpful thank you I started making a list of possibles and none of them really made as much sense
He felt very ancient and exuded power in a way I don’t really know how to explain maybe it was his temperament? tone of voice? Idunno it was so dark. When we emerged, he kinda just left without saying more and I want to know more about him but maybe that was all our interaction was meant to be? hopefully I can find a way to summon him IRL if he’s willing to?
What current is this, like does it have a name or is it something “new” (like not yet researched/written about) entirely? Sorry more questions.
I tried to sleep and I think the five days caught up finally and I got 3 hours!


It’s kind of an emerging current so I don’t have data on how to call him, but yes the energy does feel quite dark, though that not (in this case) a malicious darkness or anything.

This is not a thing that will be found in most written history afaik, and I only happened across it by chance.

If/when I can share anything applicable, I certainly will!

As for calling him, just try holding the image in your mind, and the felling when he reached out to you, see if that works. As an emerging current they may not have their “helpdesk” (of you know what I mean) fully set up yet. :smiley:

You could align with that current by doing random acts of kindness if possible, helping people (in ways that are safe and appropriate) when they have a need, and not because you “judged” them as worthy, or are following a religious mandate that you secretly resent. Helping animals in need is also very much on that same current.

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It kind of sounds like an archon

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PS he’s not a god, just a sentient being. That’s quite an important point,. especially going forward. Making beings into gods tends to lead to the erroneous oppression of other sentient beings. Look for the best in all people and honour that is something that’s quite relevant here.


Thank you! Always appreciate your help and advice :smile: Interesting you mention that- recently I started feeding the wildlife in my backyard (staying at my mom’s, while my boyfriend is looking to buy a new place, and her backyard opens into a big field/mini forest where some deer live) over the winter and still do. It’s gotten more expensive over time (I love seeing the same 20 deer everyday watching the little ones grow up, but now that it’s getting warmer, they’re coming less.) I will stop/taper down as it gets warmer so the deer don’t become dependent on me. Still feeding the birdies and squirrels though :slight_smile: my neighbors think I’m insane haha it’s a whole set up, total of 6 feeders, umbrellas for the rain …:joy:
Sorry I assumed he was a god just because of the level of power I felt from him and the mysterious ways we met/left off, couldn’t see much really, and on that general vibe I made a quick assumption. Definitely going to try to reach out and thank you again for your help!!:heart:
I will also update this whenever I get more info, if I have any success summoning him awake, or anything

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I tried the soul travel technique here How To Soul Travel Guaranteed
I shot out of my body with a flash of blue light at the moment I thought I would just fall asleep but it worked. I couldn’t find him, I don’t think, maybe it was another being from his current? Or maybe something else entirely?
First I looked down for a fraction of a second out of curiosity, saw my sprawled out passed out self under the sheets, then didn’t want to shock myself awake and went straight through the mirror. Didn’t get far before getting nervous so I went back and then downwards as far as I could until I was somewhere dark but it wasn’t a vacuum like before. I could hear screams of pain. A voice, with that same echoey speaker like sound, but not the exact same voice, just similar, accented maybe? Similar presence but didn’t need to grab on this time.
He laughs deeply and asks “well where do you think you are?”
No response because I have no idea.
“You’re where your family, the Chinese, would call the place of excruciating rain”. I
When I woke up I asked my mom, who I’m staying with temporarily, if such a place exists (I am 100% Chinese as far as I know) and she asked me how I knew. Then I looked up the 18 layers of hell in Chinese beliefs and found there’s a realm with painful winds and rain where people who commit suicide go to wander around forever. https://china-underground.com/2011/04/27/the-eighteen-layers-of-chinese-hell/#Town_of_Suicide (Also I attempted suicide when I was 15, never again, and not currently suicidal, dunno if it’s related at all) I don’t think this was the same plane as last time. I have no idea really. Mental plane?? The rain never burned me as this being kind of protected me from it and then took me back to my body when we’d had enough of the scenery (???)