Who is the Daughter of Dracos?

That’s how my succubus introduced herself. That she is the daughter of Dracos…sorry if the spelling is off. And sorry :neutral_face: if this is out of orde…later today I will read the forum rules for post.

I haven’t heard of Dracos as far as succubi go.

Did she say she was a succubus?

No need for a sorry, It doesn’t seem that you did anything wrong.

No she didn’t say she was I think she is Draconian. I was meditating while listening to a so called succubus binuaral beat. When in the midst while laying in bed I heard a voice like a snake in my subconscious say I am the daughter of Dracos. Do you want me to get on top. I replied no I don’t desire such things. For now I only seek knowledge and not pleasure. Nor do I yield my life force for you to partake of; it is mine and I do not yield it. Neither are you to engage with any other life force or person in this house or those associated with me. It kept asking did I want it to get on top. My answer was the same at the top. Later that night I had a dream about the Vegas star system and was told how at times it passes in our orbit affecting our weather patterns.

The Binaural beat sends your intent into the aether or astral, your intent drives what you get out of it. It says succubus but it really only gets you one if that is the intent of you listening to that beat.

I actually have an instance that I recorded and put in a topic.

I got an answer in there that cleared the air. As I had just begun my LHP journey with little knowledge.

Concerning the identity of Dracos, the names Lucifer and Samael pop into my head. Tiamat also comes to mind.