Astaroth Accidental Binaural beat summon

So is it possible that I might have summoned Astaroth or a succubus through a succubus summon binaural beat? I feel a presence in my sacral chakra area(I don’t know much about the chakras). I am leaning more towards the succubus side because, why would Astaroth bind to the sacral chakra? Then again I don’t know much at all. I also didn’t have any sexual arousal so IDK. Or any dreams containing said succubi.

But when I tried to commune with the entity bound to my sacral chakra the first thing for whatever reason was Asaroth(later seeing it be Astaroth).

(I start to sound crazy to myself here) I had a long drawn conversation either by myself or with him. At some point in the conversation, I believe he said: “I could fuck up your life” or something like that. Later calming down the conversation I politely asked him to leave and from what I know he agreed.

But that same feeling still was in my sacral chakra. I have posted both the contextual part and another part somewhere if you want to get more context.

If anyone can give me some information on what would be happening that would be most great, Thank you.

What makes you believe it was Astaroth?

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For some unknown reason, the word Astaroth came to mind when I tried to contact.

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What was the Binaural beat?


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That’s not Astaroth! She is very nice and that is not her style!This can only be a low level entity,use LBRP!

Do you have a link to how to do it? You have more options here,use the search button :point_up:t2:

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much appreciated, I’ve a question to ask. Is Astaroth depicted as a male or a female?

Mostly as a female,she is such a sweetheart.
Before you start with evocations pls learn to protect yourself for your own good.

Yeah I guessed I learned the hard way, even thought nothing has happened. But I believe it to be a learning experience to strengthen my belief in these entities and spirits.

I cannot tell you how thankful I am for your information and time. Thanks

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You can always ask :wink:

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I Am's Solar Grounding & Banishing Ritual Read this!

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Thank you

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Something interesting. There is nothing special or spiritual about this binaural beat, it’s hard to see the important frequencies because this entire track is covered in white noise, but this is something just to put you in a trance, your intent brings the succubus

very interesting, I guess my intentions really didn’t bring a succubus
I need to keep that in mind for anything now.

Thank you for bringing that into light.

Do you believe that succubis will tell him how could fuck up his life??

I honestly don’t know what was happening there, for the first few hours nothing replied

Well what is a succubus, a succubus is just a spirit who is willing to have sex with you essentially. Some would be willing to kill you actually. Most are loving though. I have never felt the need to summon one though

The confusing part for me is the feelings i get
My stomach is so damn warm it is sp00ky (bad meme)