So… I don’t know where to begin

Everything was going great, & I was getting a lot of success…

But tonight the girl I’ve been working so hard for said she doesn’t want to keep me going in this endless loop & we’re not getting back together

Yet Lord Lucifer is telling me that she will be mine, & that we will come back together.

I casted several spells last week, & have been working with the honey jar spell on top of it too.

Did I nix myself?? Am I putting too much out there?? Like I said Lord Lucifer said we will get back together but to give her time & space & let her come back to me.

He hasn’t lied to me, & everything he said has come to pass. I’m just confused on what to do.

Could this be the universe setting me back some for lusting, so that way it can do what I need it to do??

I does sound like a combination of lusting for results, and not folloing his instructions to give her the space. If you are constantly chasing her you don’t give her a chance to do anything but push you away, she has no chance to miss you and want to pull.

I’m not sure you understand her, and you need to do that in a hurry… It’s worth looking up relationship psychology on youtube to understand the hidden aspects of how people think better. Try daemons like Buer to get insight on the underlying emotions and understand her better.

I posted a list of Daemons that can be worked with for specific results and help you understand the situation here - you can’t make good decisions on how to act if you don’t know what’s going on: Who is the best wealth demon to get a specific job and who is the best love demon to make my target love me forever?


Thank you!!

Another thing is there are days where she’s VERY affectionate. Calls me baby & says she loves me, misses me & wants to live with me… then there are some days where she doesn’t say those things. Just the other day she said we were okay…

She also tells me that she always wants to talk to me, & that I’m her first thought in the morning, & last thought at night

I also have Prince Seere, & Marquis Orias working on her Currently too

Yeah, this is not unusual. Understanding the psychology is important. Look up “push pull in relationships” and things like “counter dependency” on you tube. Absorb as much as you can and you’ll figure out what fits and what doesn’t.


Sounds like your overthinking . Calm down give it some time work on something else if he says she be yours then it will be done

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I will thank you

Thank you for the bode of confidence… You’re probably right I probably am just overthinking everything…maybe it was just a bad day. He told me not to reach out for now & just leave her be…Last time I gave her space, she caved in & said that she was very lonely without me even when she was around all of her friends, & that she missed me

Give her space, if it’s meant to be than it will be. I’ve said I would never do something and then did it lol, so just cause she said you guys will never get back together, doesn’t mean it’s true.

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