Can someone help me cast a spell to bring my ex back?

Hello All,
My ex and I broke up on 28th Jan, our relationship was a very sweet one, yet painful one because I failed to give him enough attention and affection as a girlfriend and I failed to prioritize the relationship when I had the chance to. I’ve made mistakes, and I’m regretting them terribly, and I’m desperate for another chance in this relationship to make things right. I just need him back, just once. If I tried my best and it doesn’t work out, it’s alright, I’ll move on. However I’m completely desperate for a chance with him again to work things out because I know what I should do, what I need to do, I know how to make things right, I just really want a chance to.

When we broke up, it was really tough. He promised to give the relationship one more chance and we spent the night together on 27th January, but on 28th January when he left house for work, he told me to leave his house, and when I did, he blocked me everywhere without an explanation or closure.

I panicked, I contacted my friends, his friends to get in contact with him to help me reach out to him, failed horribly.

On the 10th of February, he called me, out of nowhere, and he told me “let’s go on a last date and spend time together.” We met and stayed overnight at a hotel, with love and intimacy.

The next time we met was 16th February, where he asked me to go to his house, once again, intimacy and all. In between, he gives me calls almost once a day, to “check up” on me, we chit-chat, kept things light, he acted cute, gave me virtual kisses etc.

current situation:
I’ve been carrying out a love ritual since 13th February, it’s a 7 day ritual from here: 7-Day Love Attraction Kit - Advanced Level – THE LOVE WITCH

I’ve also requested help from a couple of spell casters from Fiverr, Etsy, Reddit, Quora (but its 80% a scam because I got ghosted, and I’ve spent almost every bit of my savings on it)

I’ve also engaged tarot readers to help me gain more clarity on the situation, and all three readings results is the same, so I trust it, which some of the information from the reading is:

  1. If he still loves me -
    The card I drew for that question was the lovers; short answer is definitely yes. I pulled a clarifying card and I received the tortoise; slowly but surely making progress and coming to terms with the odds he’s set against himself.

  2. Is there a chance to salvage the relationship
    For this I got Temperance; this is very much like the tortoise where all things are in moderation. It isn’t an excessive/obsessive amount of love, but it is finding love for the self to share. Clarity card for this was the stork - this is a new opportunity (to love himself) that he’s not sure what to do with, but it was hand delivered (my estimation, you made him aware of himself, and he’s reflecting on that!)

3 why is he blocking and ignoring me
I got the 7 of wands which means challenges and competition. Also protection and perseverance and stubbornness. He’s 100% trying to prove a point he knows is actually kinda silly, but the ego won’t let him back away! The clarity card from this was an older man, someone older that’s close to him and giving him bad advice

  • He’s afraid that I won’t stick to my promises and continue doing things my way
  • He doesn’t want to disappoint me
  • He is stubborn and difficult but there is definitely still chance and hope

Now here is where I need help…

  • I’d like him to not be stopped by his fears/overthinking, and not be affected by what other people think/feel/try to tell him, and get back together with me.
  • He still loves me and he wants to get back together with me, but he is suppressing these thoughts and feelings. Can he put aside all of these and give in to his “temptation” to get back together with me? I’d like him to give the relationship another chance.
  • I feel that the current ritual I’m doing, or simply just how the situation is currently, is that he loves me and is still keeping in contact with me, but he is still not giving in by getting back together with me. In such, only he can call me, but I’m blocked everywhere still, so it’s a one way communication path. Or when he wants to meet me, I’ll go down to meet him. The ball is in his court, and I’m just being left here hanging, waiting, and having hope. I live in constant regret and pain and I’m desperate to have another chance to make things right, and prove to him that I’ve changed, and I’ll never stop putting in the effort to be a good partner for him, since he still loves me so much.

Can anyone help me cast spells to remove the blockage that is stopping him from getting back together? To give him that little push he needs to let go of everything and give the relationship another chance? I just really want him to stop leaving me hanging and go “you know what, let’s give this another shot.” And I promise I’ll work out the rest myself.

Please, and Thank You.

That’s exactly when Venus retrograde ended and went direct. Try checking your (and their) transits on those dates.

When Venus is rx, we don’t see things clearly in our love lives (and finances). It’s also normal during Venus rx for ex’s to come back and relationships to either begin or end.

Venus rx started around mid December, I think. Check how it affected both of you (you can see the charts for free on Astro-Seek).

Astrology aside, he slept with you and the next morning dumped you and blocked you everywhere. Is this how you’d treat someone you care about? For how long have you been together?

He treated you like a disposable booty call. Not good.

Booty call.

Booty call + ensuring you don’t move on and stay available for whenever he wants more booty calls.

He’s using you.

Try the book Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield. Don’t skip anything. Think your petitions very carefully.

Also, a lot of online alleged psychics will tell you fairy tales just so you keep giving them money. Be careful.



i’ve bought the book! waiting for it to arrive…
I’m 100% sure it’s not just a booty call. I would say 30% because he was horny (but I know him well, he isn’t the type to let his horniness take over his head. He doesn’t need sex, and he can control himself really well, i mean, as you can see how stubborn he is) but the remaining 70% is something else, him missing me, wanting to feel the connection with me, etc. Even during sex, he feels happy by knowing I’m being pleasured by him. He most certainly wants me to “feel good”, for sure. We ate supper, cuddled, I accompanied him playing his console games, we cuddled, and talked, and had more “loving” moments than “sexual” ones. We watched anime together as well, and his actions showed a lot of care and love for me.

Which is why I’m seeking help for him to not be affected by other factors such as fear, or what other people think or have been telling him, and just get back together with me.

Refuse to have sex at least a couple of times (if he doesn’t ghost you again after the first), and watch his reaction.

Suggest going somewhere on an actual date, instead of watching him play video games and jerking off to hentai at his place.

If a guy misses you and feels a connection to you, he won’t pump and dump you.

Like when he kicked you out and blocked you everywhere after having sex?

From what you say (and I suspect the things you’re not telling must be way worse) this guy sounds like the typical one that wants all the benefits from a relationship (sex, company, affection) but without compromising or having to give anything as he should in a relationship.

He doesn’t respect you. Step on his shoes for a second. Let’s say you have sex with someone, then kick him out, then ghost and block, and when you’re bored and you want free sex you call them and they’re there. You just say the word and you got the person on your bed.

Would you respect that person? Would you be proud to say “this doormat is my girl/boyfriend”?


You can have him with the help of magick, but I doubt you’ll feel happy, fulfilled, and valued by him.


He’s the man that when I was hospitalized for 14 days, came daily rain or shine, to be there for me when I’m screaming and crying in pain and fear of having a lumbar puncture. He came even during his 1 hour break at work, traveled 50 minutes to and fro to spend 10minutes with me.
He’s the man that when I needed him, he was always there for me. I was never there for him instead. My chronic illness made me depressed with life, and lazy, and addicted to computer gaming…
I was a horrible girlfriend, it doesn’t justify what he’s doing now, but he’s not a bad person, or a bad partner. He’s not the kind that wants all the benefits without taking responsibility. Because I was the one that fucked up… He has been the best partner, the most supportive, understanding, patient, kind. I took all of that for granted, and didn’t respect him as a partner nor reciprocate his efforts…
I’m proud to have him as a partner, I’m proud of him and I love him. I just need to show him, and I would be happy, fulfilled, and I do trust him to continue loving me and value the relationship, I’m the one that needs to wake up my idea and grow up and be a responsible loving partner for him.
So yes, I really need to have him, and if magick can help me, please, help me…

Maybe the person you need to use that kit on it yourself. Why do you care about this fuckboy? He gave you nothing and you want to give him everything?

You didn’t do anything wrong. So there’s nothing you can do to make it right, he’s just a player and using you for Narcisistic supply. It feeds his ego that he can fuck with you.

You deserve better than this. :slight_smile:
Take care of yourself and respect yourself first, don’t let people mess with your head or your heart like this.

If you work with entities, this is a job for Lilith, she can help you find your worth.


So you feel like you owe him. You feel in debt.

And whatever good he did before still doesn’t justify his behavior.

What did you do? Cheat on him? Went violent on him? Killed his pet or parents?

If you did none of that, it can’t be that bad.

There’s no begging in magick. First mindshift that you have to make is about that. If you’re desperate before, during, and after a ritual, you won’t see results and you’ll drive yorself crazy.

Speaking from experience.

i just need him back together with me no matter what…

Then look for modern grimoires like the one I suggested (which has plenty of other uses as well) and DIY.

There’s something called “lust for results” that could totally sabotage your rituals though, so be careful with your emotions, or else you’ll end up empty handed and out of control.

Other suggestion could be Angels of Love by Zanna Blaise. One of the first rituals is to heal a damaged relationship, but the curious thing I found when doing it is that it actually helped me heal and stop hurting and feeling desperate. Total game-changer.

can Lilith help bring him back?

The whole no matter what thing is not a good position to be in.

Why not honestly make 2 lists the good things he did like the hospital visits on 1 and all the bad things like tossing you to the curb on the other then really really really compare the 2 lists and so if after comparison you still want him no matter what and then if you still do use magick to get him back.

Don’t share the lists with him or friends or relatives if you make the lists of good things about him and things he’s done you didn’t like that’s just for your eyes only so that YOU can know for sure that you really want him back instead of the whole I must have him back no matter what cuz I’m lonely and bored and want his attention cuz I don’t have another man’s attention position that your desperation seems to be coming from.

Make the lists scrutinize them and then if you feel he’s still all that and is still your soul mate after scrutinizing the 2 lists comparing them counting how many pluses versus how many negatives then do the magick to get him back but not before taking a good hard honest look at the relationship you had and deciding after you’ve taken that good hard look that you still want him.

Add: magick can get him back but first be sure you really want him back that you want more of all the bad stuff he’s said or done to you because if you get him back you get more of all of it the good and the bad. It won’t be any better then before it will be more of the same and the bad could get worse over time. If you want more of all of it then go ahead do the magick if not don’t.


You’re blaming yourself A TON… if you were kind of withdrawn and not putting forth as much effort because you were depressed, wouldn’t you want someone that notices that and is there for you and cares? He doesn’t just leave you over it?

A relationship is not always 50/50… and if someone doesn’t want to be with you when you aren’t doing well, they don’t deserve your effort.

You are currently allowing him easy access to you, I’ve done this before as well. You are not someone to be used as a quick hookup and then dropped again. Make yourself inaccessible to him. In my experience seems every time I did that, the man would come running back and by then, I didn’t want him :woman_shrugging:t4: You need to see your own worth.

As others have said you should really think about if you truly want him. Or if you’re only remembering the things he’s done for you, when hes nice, and not any of the negative things. A lot of times we kind of romanticize the relationship after it ended and ignore everything else.

I hope you get through this all okay, breakups are never fun.

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No, you don’t NEED him…you WANT him. Never base your worth on a person. Never. I understand you love him, you feel like you may have messed up the relationship, but you don’t need this man. Acting as if you need him and can’t live your life without him isn’t going to make him want you. If anything he may take advantage of you, use you and keep coming back because you allow it.

Work to build yourself up so you feel you no longer need him or any man. I agree, work with Lilith. I felt the same way about a man, I felt my life revolved around him & had to break the cycle of dependence. I worked with Belial (painful, but necessary) and am in a better place now than before I worked with him. I do feel bad for you, and I know the grief of a breakup is one of the most heart wrenching experiences out there, but you’ll pull through once you step back, realize your worth and work through it.

Good luck.


I wouldn’t go to Lilith for this.

Here’s a handy list of Goetic entitles and what they can bring to the table:

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