Which to evoke?

have you notice that most of the people that comes here be gravitating toward demons. they want to learn magick but they also asking about demons as first choice to work with. Magick isn’t correlated to demons alone. Anyone ever ask about evoking angels as their first choice? nope. Notice how it’s always about demons. It shows people that come here isn’t sane. haha.

I would think a beginner be afraid of demons. Yet they jump right in to evoking demons. There are magick that isn’t demon related that can get one’s goal. lol. Not to say that demons shouldn’t be work with. It’s just crazy to know that demons is their first choice when it comes to magick spells for newbies. haha.


You would ask how is this different from religion, wouldn’t you. Feels like same broken record sometimes. I agree. So many choices, narrow point of view.


Guys…we ARE a LHP forum I mean demons are kind of our forte. Not to say can’t work with angels, elementals, djinn, geniuses and such. I personally find demons fascinating.

“Eyes of a fallen angel, eyes of a tragedy” - Tool


This is not just any random LHP forum. This is THE forum site of a publisher that produces books specifically and almost exclusively about working with demons.

It is advertised at the site of that publisher, www.becomealivinggod.com, (this is what BALG stands for btw) which is advertised primarily through the yt videos of the main author and figurehead, E.A. Koetting. Which are about black magick and demons.

What else did you expect? :woman_shrugging:


Well, you have a solid point there.


Ok, go to pretty much any other paranormal, Wicca (there’s probably thousands about Wicca and witchcraft), rando occult, shamanism, goddess tradition, druid or RHP site then, and you’ll find they have their own focus.

This forum is nowhere near the end word on magick for newbies. I think it’s actually kinda niche. There aren’t thousands of forums that are black magick and demonologist freindly. You see a lot of moralising on many of the other platforms that dilutes the conversation and just isn’t allowed here.

People come here because it’s about demons, and some because it’s about BALGs work, not the other way around. Imo, most of the time. It’s coming up easily in Search Engines these days.


Um, yes.

We have an entire category devoted to the RHP and working with angels, and some members that only work with angels. Had you not noticed that one of our most respected members @DarkestKnight is an experienced mage with Enochian, Solomonic and other angelic-focused currents that constantly and tirelessly gives advice on working with angels?
Also angelic work isn’t automatically ‘good’ or not LHP.

If you look at the category list, non-black magick subjects are welcome here. All magick is, including energy working… larping and fluffy bunnying not so much.

That the majority are attracted to the site for black magick is as I’ve noted, reasonable considering the origin and also the lack of support or respect for black magick and UPG in some other places, I feel people are driven here because of that. Otherwise they’d stay on the other forums, there’s enough of them.


Yeah, we know. :smiley: Feel free to post about it, offer techniques on posts that widen the options, why not? It’s all good :+1:


And this is why BALG rocks!


coughs I worked with angels first…I still work with ages. I came here because I found a demon I had no clue about standing before me. He knew me even if I didn’t know him. Since I am not closed minded I came here to learn about him while listening to him tell me his message. I came here by watching a bunch of E.A’s videos on Azazel and in one he mentioned the forum. I knew follow well that this was his brands forum and I would find what I was seeking and so much more. I found my people here at all levels.

This is a LHP forum but there on lots of us that work with all deities. This is not a closed minded forum at all.


I like that about us here.


If we weren’t I would be the Black sheep of the Black Magick site :joy:.

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Btw, its true, you can “become a living god” but please read up on what that actually means. I used to just think it was just marketing hype, but then, well, I found out otherwise, and then I found out I had really just gone insane.

I used to have the vice of moralizing, not about demons or anything, but about other things, I have since realized that moralizing is the source of all witch hunts and similar evils, so I’m trying not to do it anymore.

And, I’m not really sure that’s a “good” thing, maybe we are just driving each other crazy. On the other hand I’m arrogant enough to think we are advancing the field of occult studies.

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"Welcome to Become A Living God! This is a Civilized Place for Open Discussion of Magick "

that’s the first thing i see when i am on the front page of forum. no where did it say anything about demons. yet people just go there. lol. when i found this site, it was just the forum not the main website. i did search on magick, not demons.

i’m not saying demons isn’t great to work with. I just see pattern of newbies going straight for demon spells instead of understanding magick field. they just correlate magick= demons.

I think I explained that already. If you don’t think my answer is plausible or sufficient, figure it out for yourself.

Come for the demons, stay for openness to all magick.

Most people find the forum through EA’s youtube channel. That’s how i found this place. If you spend any length of time on his channel, you will see that he heavily favors working with demons over angels. I don’t remember the last time EA spoke specifically about an angelic entity in any of this videos. Its almost exclusively the demonic. So, if that is your first introduction to BALG, its not all that surprising that they would come on here as well with that bias towards working with demons. Demons tend to have less rules than angels do. Many of the angels dealing with money for example wont help you if you ask for more money than you actually need…as they are usually against greed. Demons on the other hand have no limitations in that sense, which is obviously an appealing characteristic for most occultists.


Not questioning owner working with demons.

the point was the pattern of going for demons with newbies. that’s all they seem to focus on. demons rather than magick. It’s as if demon is the only thing when it comes to magick. It’s quite narrow minded to think magick is about working with demons alone. You can see it in their intro too. they say they want to learn about occult/magick but it all comes to asking about demons. lol. It’s just not normal to think demons will solve all you problems. I guess they aren’t normal people being attracted to forum. haha. most people would go to self help book section using mundane routes first. but i can see them newbies don’t as if they did, they would get lots of useful self help knowledge info that probably can solve their issues without going straight to demons. Isn’t it grand. it makes life interesting. Only downside is they get haunted by demons /parasites as they don’t do research on basics of safety.

I’m sure they don’t know about the main site either. forum have different address than the main site. one can find the forum without knowing the main site.

Yes, i understand. Frankly though, its largely due to simple misconceptions spread by religion and popular culture. When i first came to the occult, i came from a Christian background, and when i decided to turn away from Yahweh, I felt like that meant I had to turn to demons for help, because my whole life I was told by religion and media that it was only evil demons that would help you with things like getting wealth, women, and revenge. I didn’t even know there were other options, including angels, that could do those things too. So it doesn’t surprise me that newcommers think that way as well. It’s not all that abnormal imo for people to succumb to social conditioning. It only becomes abnormal to your eyes once you’ve spent time reading and understanding the full scope of magick.


i dont’ think normal would think of demons either. it’s a taboo thing with normal society and fear inducing to people. talk about a demon in the public and you get frown upon and they think you crazy! . lol.

when i think of magick. it’s not demons. it’s more dr strange type of magick. manipulating environment and such. Not evoking demons. lol. And when i think of spells , i think of casting spells for certain goals with intention and universe will provide . Not about asking entity demons to fulfil the spell. I found that out later one can ask entity to do the job after further research. I guess i had a wider definition of magick/occult than most. probably due to my exposure to supernatural stuff or energy training since little. when one trains in energy, one have different views.

Well, people that are part of these communities aren’t exactly “normal.” The whole topic of occultism is taboo. So if you’ve already decided to take a step into one taboo topic, I don’t think taking another step into the taboo takes that great of a logical leap to accept

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If you are saying there’s nothing wrong with working with demons, why do you feel the need to state that shows that these people ‘aren’t sane’?

I notice all kinds of posts about everything from candle magick to Olympian spirits. I haven’t obviously read every post but every time I’ve noticed a post from you it always has a holier than thou tone of criticism to anyone who’s approach is different from your own.

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