Which God is who? Who’s the all Powerful? (existential crisis!)

Hey everyone!

So lately I’ve joined here recently and am very new to all this. I joined because I’ve been in a very bad situation and needed help (especially financially). I’ll post the discussion which explains my situation at the bottom.

So I met some people through there and they helped me a lot. I was talking to someone and they mentioned that Allah isn’t the real God.
I’ve been born into an Islamic country and family. I’ve been told all my life that he is the true God and no one else. I’ve been told he created us and lots of other things most of you already know. That we’re not allowed to contact the devil and demons because it’s a sin (some religious people say it’s even impossible. That Allah has stopped that from happening). So I was having a lot of personal problems in my head that I’m committing a huge sin.
So this person told me the universe is created by a God named “Source” (Hermetic Philosophy). That there’s no heaven and hell and that you are reincarnated after death (which this was a huge deal for me and made me sad. That we are born again and learn, work, suffer again and maybe experience some pleasure a long the way. It felt repetitive to me). This philosophy says that people who follow Allah (who is a powerful God) go to his heaven or hell.

So where do people go? What’s the point? Who do we pray to? This all started getting to my head. And I’ve been crying all confused not knowing what is what anymore. Which God is who?

So one main thing that’s been bothering me is my original problem. I asked in the forum that if it’s possible to make a pact with a powerful demon for a large sum of money. And most of the answers I got were yes BUT it’ll be through your business and they can’t just make money appear out of thin air (which makes sense but not completely. Since Lucifuge Rofocale and Clauneck are said that they can bring you money from a long distance and lead you to hidden treasures. That they are able to bring you instant wealth).
I’ve been praying to Allah ever since I could remember. And 80-90% of the times he helps me with all my minor/medium problems. I knew this request was impossible to ask of Allah cause he would help through my business as well.
But I was also told that Allah is powerful since there are so many people praying to him.

So I had questions:
Are the Hermetic philosophies and “Source” true?
And if people know about this, that Allah or even the Christian God (if they’re different now), why do they pray to Lucifer or demons/spirits? Because quite a few people mentioned that Allah is more powerful.
And am I a fool for thinking, given a pact, I could acquire a large sum of money with the help of Demons?

I’m in a very bad place, having huge existential crisis and need guidance.


I’d also like to ad, if I ask a lot of questions is not because I want to argue or prove anyone wrong. I genuinely don’t know much other than my religion and some Demon information.
So I apologize in advance!

I dont think anyone can tell you if the hermetic philosophy is true until you actually read and experience it for yourself

The being that is more powerful in my opinion is based on who you give power to for yourself, you basically work with who you feel will get the job done not by who said who is more powerful.


But if I’ve been here with the help of Allah so far isn’t it disrespectful that I now go to other spirits?
And don’t the other spirits feel disrespected that I’m coming to them because I need help all of a sudden?
And if it doesn’t work out and I find out (personally) that Allah was better for me, would he accept me?

I am feeling extremely confused and I feel like at this point a mistake of mine can have long repercussions or whatever.

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If Allah is the type to get jealous for you working with other entities then you’d have to ask, as for the other spirits I doubt it since nothing is free so for their help they’re most likely going to seek something in return.


I’ve been taught in Islam that God would be mad not due to jealousy (in the Qoran) but because you’re accepting that there are other Gods other than him.

But yeah I see your point with the Spirits.

First thing, keep in mind that anyone can be God. Cux the word God is a title. So there are Gods. But there is a Mystery that populated everything, that one I call Grand God.

Al = the
lah = god
Al’lah equals the god. Who is that God? Allah is no name but a mere word, title. Every Muslim I’ve met I’ve asked, “What’s the name of the God you serve?” All they say is Allah. But Allah is an Arabic word not a name. So saying Allah is the name of the God you serve is the same as saying “the’god is the name of the God I serve”. Al’lah is a mere arabic word, it’s not a name. The black cube where the stone is kept is called House Of Al’lah, which is House of the’God.

All of this are men’s words.

Some call it Energy.

Al’lah…the Spirit that Muhammad serve as the true God has his own name. Allah is a mere word like Father, mother, husband, wife, titles. Our parents still have their names. Same as Wife and Husband.

Whom you choose.


No god is all powerful, even if they almost always claim it themselves, or more often, their followers.

Some people would say “You” are all powerful, but these people are just as naive as those who say “my god is better than yours”.

You are not all powerful, and your god is not all powerful.

The deity I work with is really insanely good at what she does, but she is not all-powerful, she does not claim it either, knowing that I would figure it out as well.

All humans are simple, just pick whatever drives you and then pick a god that aligns with what you want.

If you can’t be honest with yourself, you can’t possibly reach far within occultism, and will fall even shorter trying to get honest help from a deity.


Speaking as someone whom was raised muslim and left the faith several months back. Based on my experiences, the other spirits wont feel disrespected. Nothing but positive experiences.

Regarding Allah, I do think he exists on a level but isnt the only god. I respect his power, but dont work with him.

If you’re asking about going back to Islam, you must ask yourself why would you would do this? Particularly after you work with magic and find out there are other gods. Which defacto means Allah isnt supreme.

In terms of whom created the universe and human beings, I have no idea. I know for sure that adam and eve could not have done so, as the human race wouldve expired from inbreeding after several generations.

If you wish for valid reasons to leave the religion, then I would reccomend looking at the evidence for Islams validity from a neutral standpoint. Too often do you see educated religious people seeking to justify their religion using selective facts, rather than the total body of evidence.


The house is called Macca yeah. Yeah that’s the name Muslims have given him since he mentions in the Qoran that he is the only God. Hence the name’s translation.
But no one here as told me he doesn’t exist. Just that he isn’t the only God. But he also mentions that he created humans, djinns/demons, angels, and the Satan which he mentions was an angel before.

@Al-Sihr @Ashtarte

Can I ask what spirits you work with? And do you think you or your spirits can help me with my request?

And also:

Like is it possible or will it just be through businesses and other Work?

So given that you were a Muslim once and have left and started working with demons and other spirits, aren’t you ever concerned that maybe Allah is right and the demons might be tricking you?
That’s one of the main things I’m worried about.

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Regarding your first question, the spirits could. My recomendation is to do it yourself.

Like is it possible or will it just be through businesses and other Work?

Yes, there needs to be a way for the money to reach you. However, there is no harm calling them up and asking. Magic will boost your results way past the norm. However, you still need to “open” a path for the spirit to work.

Example: If you call a spirit to seduce a woman, you still need to speak to her and invite her into your life. She probably wont descend from the sky on the back of the demon lol.


Also, why bother with a pact? Just evoke or use a sigil? Like right now, do this before you respond to anyone else on this subject. Look up sigil magic on the become a living god website.


ANY god, who has you serve them with fear I’m afraid is no god in my book. The whole point of this forum is to bring about your own ascension with guidance, understanding, shared knowledge. Don’t get trapped by the human prison and be controlled by guilt shame and doubt. Guess who wins.

There are a lot more sheep than shepherds IMO

You do whats best for you in this life.


This is Allah according to Muhamad first of all. Look up the myriad of scientific innacuracies of the Quran. So, how can he be right, if he cant correctly state scientific fact.

Morality wise, the hadith is also fairly problematic. Particularly regarding the treatment of slave women.

Not a single Demon has told me anything other than to think for myself, to strive for myself. If I give something to a demon it is in exchange or out of gratitude. I submit to nobody.


This is a difficult problem. However, I hope I can provide some aid.

In Gnosticism, there’s an entity called the Monad, the true creator being. An angel under him, Sophia, created a creature called the demiurge. The demiurge thought itself god and created the world we have now to toy with us.

Santeria and Voodoo believe in a creator being called the Bonye who created the world, but left it in the hands of spiritual beings. In Santeria, they are called Orishas. In Voodoo, they are Loa.

You’ll see in myths like Greek, Norse, and Irish, creation is not necessarily credited to the gods. It is often credited to something else. The antagonists of the gods, giants, came before the gods themselves. The gods come and perfect the world as it was, or formed it from some other material. In these myths, there is a theme in chaos and darkness being the true creative force, and light and order maintaining that creation.

If there is a creator, it is not within your grasp. It is not concerned about you in the slightest. It is a distant entity that is too far transcendent from anything we can relate to. That is why we have gods. Gods are more benefactors than masters. We do not HAVE to worship them. But, they’re favor can be beneficial.


As to where we go when we die, I count four possible places.

1st is the land of the dead, a realm of eternal night where the dead sleep till their next incarnations.

2nd is the realm of the divine for those chosen or enlightened few.

3rd is a realm of darkness and chaos that is a place of change and rebirth. We go there if we cannot control our fears or desires in life. And we stay till we can let go.

4th, a realm of nature spirits for both animals and humans who attuned to nature.


When it comes to why people pray to demons, well…

In human society, there’s the government, law, political leaders, and law enforcement. Then there are those who challenge these things. On a divine scale, the gods are like the politicians and government. They set divine law and have beings to enforce it. They maintain order. Then there are divine antagonists who occasionally challenge them. Above all, you have primordial chaos and divine order.

In many mythologies, the gods aren’t always good or wise, and can be as petty and immature as humans. This is certainly so in the bible. So what happens when absolute power is given to immature and petty entities?

For most people, the law is good. It protects them, so those who enforce it are heroes. However, what happens when the law, or mainstream culture, says your bad. For example, what if you’re a middle eastern person living in a western country that is Islamophobic? Well, you will face persecution which can lead to unfair arrests, maybe even worse. So what do you do? You rebel and seek out the powers that challenge the law.

Dark and light magick can equally help or harm. You can call on God to hurt someone and you can call on Satan to help someone. What makes them different is what they do on the spiritual level. Dark magick breaks divine law. It places the magician in the place of a god, allowing them control over they’re lives. And that’s all people want, control over they’re individual lives.

Dark magick CAN be used for evil purposes. But it can be just as useful for good things. Dark and Light come with their own philosophies on morals and ethics. It’s something worth reading.


That makes total sense. But what I’m asking, an example I can give in that context, would be like:
“Asking spirits to bring a nice carrying beautiful women in your life. No one specific.”
It’s not necessarily out of thin air and I understand it’s a bigger thing to ask for which is why I think a pact would help no?
As for a way to reach me there are lots of ways like lottery or whatever!

And thank you for your advice. I have tried to evoke spirits using sigils but not very successful…

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