Which female demons are cool with men lusting after them?

Which female demons are cool with men lusting after them including masturbating to them and which ones don’t?

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Ask around and find out

@Bladerunner71x Please don’t make duplicate topics. I moved your other post here because it’s basically the same question.

It varies. Certain ones associated with lust, love, or other things might be fond of you or lead you on to that kind of treatment. It’s really an individual thing. A few spirits have been sexual with me. A couple led me on and I passively refused while other times I thought it was useful, pleasurable, or appropriate for workings.

Spirit are not always gender-neutral, though many people would like to belief such. Some strongly align with a certain gender and its nature, and will strongly refuse otherwise. (As I’ve personal found out)

I honestly kinda like the idea of having a female entity to love for their blessings and company. I just came to find most of them really don’t care about you. Many will act friendly just so you’ll give them that potent sexual energy. (or other kinds of offerings/power) Much like people.