Which book contains information about legions?

Where can I find it?

Stop asking for books and books. We gave plenty suggestions of books and resources. Master those first before asking for more and more. You just gotta do the hands on practice. Talk is cheap. You can talk all day til the cows come home but you ain’t getting no where if your not doing the casting. It’s all about experience.

It seems you want to collect history of magick knowledge instead of being a doer of magick. :man_shrugging: Once you a doer , most your questions will be answered cuz you have reference.

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You’re so annoying he wants a book and then become a doer because a book contains legit info

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I just ignore it.

Probably here



Nothing wrong with books, as long as you don’t take what is written as your own experiences or reality. You still can use it to learn. The more resources the better.


Please tell me you are joking. :man_facepalming:


I think I’ve seen you before asking for someone to give you legions. I’m with Vel, I think you read the threads about some users getting legions of their own and took them as legions of spirits, while the ones we have are legions of servitors, which is a very different thing.

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@anon48079295 but u know what? we gave him so many suggestions and resources. He’s done nothing with the books. i’m telling him to go practice and cast. That’s where it’s at. It’s not about collecting book and not even reading it . lol that’s not knowledge. That’s the point. He’s not even reading the books we tell him. Owning it don’t do nothing if u don’t read it. lol He rather hang out here socializing by asking questions. I sent him to gom site and there’s ton of info there that can get him to cast spells already. Probably answer many of his question if he were to read them.

@S_vi_Britannia you don’t know what he’s been posting. I gave him tons of info by pm and he didn’t do them. So has others. He keep posting same asking for books left and right. Yet he haven’t read them or cast them spell. He wants hand feed advice. Yet don’t follow it. :man_shrugging: book are only legit if u read them. :stuck_out_tongue:

When someone keep asking over and over for books or similar question. and not go read or do what others suggest. It gets annoying. Collecting books is useless if not read or applied. Just a waste of time for everyone helping give advice. This is why it’s tough to help newbies. They don’t want to do the work. They want to be told and hand feed.


Yes. He ignores plenty cuz he’s not taking people’s advice seriously. It shows lack of effort to learn. So if he ignores every post that he don’t like even if it’s the truth then what’s the point interacting? or communication or discussing?

What is gom site? full form? If u dont mind me asking

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It means Gallery Of Magick which has books like Demons of Magick, Magickal serivtors etc. Its either a publisher or an author group.They would explain themselves much better than my broken English ever will. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol r u kidding me? Ur english is far better than mine

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Hi, sorry for late reply. I’m doing what’s been given to me. I just find that books are more reliable but I should keep in mind that people from BALG forum are not that bad as well. They might be even better than books. Sorry if I’ve upset you or anything.

people in person can help speed learning like apprenticeship. Not online as it’s not productive and scattered info. Books are organized and have been researched. Own experience is best ,hence recommendation to do the work. Fastest route is books with experience. books fill in many knowledge. Asking each question does little with no foundation to work off… U can’t get far wanting to be spoon feed with questions after questions. U can ask few questions and get those 3 question answered. Or you can read a book and get 100 questions answered. which is more productive? Of course reading the book and practicing as it’s already organized and info on the topic of choice in one place. It’s about productivity.

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Because I’ve already been given advice and this was only my first time about asking for something new. I know books are researched that’s why I asked for it. But instead I’m being told off which is fine but at least some people gave advice.

I’m already following what’s been given to me. And no I’m not ignoring you. I said “I just ignore them” to let myself cool down. I don’t go around being verbally aggressive like a keyboard warrior would do. But okay, yes I’m already following advice. It’s not like I’m here at the forum all day long.


Uh what?

Man I get your so defensive of your lazy waifu but as long as you keep insulting a forums member I am gonna keep flagging you.

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There is a setting. Just put @anon48079295 and @anon37593562 on ignore

Can you stop tagging me and adding me to whatever this drama is? I have no issue reporting you.

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