Which book contains information about legions?

I just told him he has the option to put you and wisepup on ignore.


I think I’ll make some popcorn.


What did you mean by lazy waifu?

I will get the drinks! :smiley:

So,DraculAlucard asked something and you can see Wisepup had enough of him asking questions,intentionally and unintentinonally, created a drama.This steward guy is just religiously defending dracul and calling wisepup words like retard, which I think is enough to flag him.And of course Lop pollo is being lop pollo.

@Lady_Eva This thread is a mess.Could you tidy it up a bit please? :smiley:

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You’re both mentioning me in drama I’m not part of, the point is stop tagging me in mess not relevant to me.


Yeah, but why did you say the waifu thing? Is there a story that wasn’t told? :thinking:

I’ll have to make A LOT of popcorn.


I was just passive aggressive but if I made you make popcorn I am still useful to community man :+1::laughing:


to clarify,
@S_vi_Britannia he doesn’t know how to read the forum rules. breaking rules. that’s all i posted in the pm. and that he’s defensive cuz he too ask tons of question instead of doing homework being similar to dracula.

And i metnioned that velenos has to tell twice about what the servitor book is about to dracula of which he said the book description tells u what it is. Meaning he rather be told then read about the description of the book about the book. Nothing dramatic. stewartprince making drama out of it to make me sound like the bad person.

I say the same thing valenos. what is this BS that he says i go spreading lies/rumors to you? she in the head make things up. lol

Waifu is a term for a fictional character, usually in anime or related media, that someone has great, and sometimes romantic, affection for.

@anon84896414 he also have the option to not break the rules calling others name. Not only that. he’s newbie level and think he entitled when they contribute not much. He’s what you call a taker . just take take take.

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Yeah, I know that, sadly. But I thought this was a recurring thing and had been for some time, or something like that.

and if u look at waifu in japanese language . it literally means wife. lol pronounce american style.