Which book contains information about legions?

And how do I summon or have a legion? I need some powerful warriors

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If I had a nickle for every time you asked for a book. :dollar:


Bro do you know how to get legions? I’m desperate for it

Um…legions generally serve under a specific leader.

So, to call upon a legion, you would first summon the one they serve and get him to give the order. However, the legions aren’t yours to command. They work for you on behalf of their general.

A good example is the Nether Lords under Azazel found in the BOA. They serve under Azazel, but also have legions serving under themselves.

Another option, is to use a magick square that calls upon multiple spirits at once, like the Anakim square in Evoking Eternity, or the dangerous Enochian square, or that of the House of Kel.


You would either ask an army from a spirit.Koettings Evoking Eternity has a part on summoning legions.Or you can create them yourself, create them in such way they will reproduce.Magickal Servitors (GOM) and Condensed Chaos by Phil Hine should be of help.


So you could just ask for legions? Hasn’t anyone PM’d you about legions and how to get them? Or do you prefer to keep it secret?

Where does it say on EA Koerting’s book? Which part?

No spirit is going to give you a legion. As I said, the legion works for the boss, so you give the boss the task and the boss gives it to the legion.

The chapter in Evoking Eternity that @anon84423462 mentioned talks about using magic squares to summon groups of spirits, as I also said in my post.

What do you want a legion for?

Edit to add: Regardless of the task, I recommend the Anakim square. it summons giants.


I assume you’re looking for servitor legions because real entities won’t become your legions out of the blue.

Might want to start there.


I ordered magickal servitors because @darkestknight reommended me these books. He gave mte a list and I jiusr ordered them all.

Ordered them?

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My internet is poor I can’t gain access to Evoking Eternity.

Would you mind explaining me the steps on how to use the anakim square that summons giants?

Even a little example helps if you’re lazy to explain, I lirerally wouldn’t mind bro.

Why do I want a legion? Lucifer tiold me to retaliate against enemies with a legion.

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Sorry @anon48079295 bought them

You would open a square the same way you would open a spirit seal, and command the spirits to take form. The Anakim square is found in the Sacred Magick of Abramelin the Mage, which you can find for free on the interwebs.

Then try this:

Chant the incantation until you feel or sense them appear behind you, and then give your command.


You bought legions? Like from a seller?

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I think he bought a book :thinking:


He ordered a list of books that darkestknight recommended to him

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I believe I didn’t explain it well I’m sorry. I bought a book called Magickal Servitors

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Oh okay, lol no problem thanks for explaining. You too @anon84423462


@DraculAlucard in the forum there is an incantation from @Xag_darklight to call some of Belial’s Legions