Where's the best place to practice Vampiric Sorcery?

My two cents, but i think the best place to do that would be Christian Churchs. Drain them all!!!

In my home with a black mirror.

I did it at a rock festival last year, more then 20.000 ppl in total ectasy during specific performance and songs with tons of energy to feast on.


On a comfortable bar stool next to a mosh pit

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At a shopping mall, sitting on a park bench, with one hand turned outwards in order to siphon off the energy of people as they walk by.

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For specific targets, my favourite enemy. For ambient, music concerts.
Still not better than energy from the sun or cosmos though.


Oh yes the sun. Love the sun.

How do you syphon energy from the cosmos?

Reach out with your mind to as far outside the universe as you can imagine, where the qi is so limitlessly abundant it doesn’t matter how much you need you can’t make a dent in how much there is, and breathe it in with the air.
In qigong this is called ‘cultivating qi’, and it’s considered something worth doing for everybody.
It’s also clean - no chance of accidentally picking up someone’s soar throat or weird addictions.


I did it to a tree once, made me sick as hell.

That might have been because trees are energy purifiers. They take in negative energy and release it back into the environment as neutral. You could have tapped into the negative energy that the tree was in the process of purifying.

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Church, school, or college I would say.

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