Where is the Luciferian Feminine? Where is the female power?

I hope this is allowed but I have chosen (hope its okay) to post these questions for EA also in the General Discussion thread.

I am new to this type of thing but something (in my limited amount of knowledge) seems to be glaringly obvious to me, that there seems an overwhelming dominance of the masculine, just like with those middle eastern religions. Where are the powerful female beings? Why are most of these beings referred to as he/him? Why does the energy sound strongly masculine?

I ask as a woman who grew up without a strong female role model and swallowed the patriarchal fodder I was fed being told not to question it. However, I did,in my own subtle way, keep in mind ways to avoid being “the little woman”. It took me a bit longer to wake up and see most of the religions are dominantly masculine, it seems the darker/LH path is no different. This is my observation at this point in time.

I would like to ask Lucifer, “Where are our strong females?” Where is the Feminine god-like/goddess empowerment in the demonic/Luciferian side of things?" I only see “whore” or maybe mother if you are lucky, that females are sexualised.

Perhaps I have certain filters but I see more masculine energy and this is really bothering me. This could literally be a deal breaker to me. I don’t mind a father figure but I need the feminine to balance it up and be just as powerful.

**** Edit: I think it is strange how this metaphorically sprang up and hit me in the face very late at night after copious amounts of alcohol. I lay down finally to sleep when suddenly, I had this question jump out at me. I couldn’t sleep for a while, I was so pissed off about the idea! ****

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The female power has been present all along


Agrat Mat Balat
Other Female Beings

Fae Queens

There’s plenty of powerful female figures out there if you wanna go that route 🤷


I’m more curious about the fact I only hear of Lilith in the Luciferian realm and the other names/beings seem masculine to me. You are correct though, there are a number of non Luciferian dark deities.

Lmao if that bothers you then prepare for a whirlwind with the Feminine.

The Feminine is not always kind and cuddly and nurturing.

It can me more Masculine tham what you already sense.

I feel you are looking for more Masculine qualities while still maintaining feminine aspects.

You say:
No I’m not!

My reply:
Yes you are. Why? Because independence, confidence, “female power”, etc are all masculine qualities.

So as you see, the Feminine Contains some masculine.

These entities will help with thag


It could also be that I am being reminded of the Xtian way of making women weak and subservient, plus expecting them to put up and shut up, among many other things. I would like to know how Lucifer is able to counter that.

He can teach you to stand up for yourself by stirring your anger and moving you to act. But you must be able to actually say,

“No. I’m not gonna just make a sandwich. I can do XYZ as well as you can.”

See what i mean?

And this comes from a Man so…🤷😂


Oh I understand Micah. I know the Morrigan and she is definitely not soft and cuddly, she is a tough love type, a kind of get up and stop whining type. More from reading and hearing about other people’s experiences. I’ve heard her voice and she challenges, she doesn’t lead exactly and she expects you to be independent. I don’t necessarily need all the cuddliest stuff, I want to see more female power - maybe I do need to keep looking though. I am just wondering how Luciferianism can help in this regard.

Also, yes I guess you are right. We have both aspects within us. I think I want to highlight and “exploit” (for want of a better word) the powerful feminine, not the soft side so much, without killing that off entirely.

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Well, its interesting you say he can teach you to stand up for yourself by stirring your anger… that happened, LOL :slight_smile:

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If you want to work with more Masculine forces,


They WILL awaken your Dark Feminine Aspect then you can work with Lilith to Temper that out, especially the sexuality aspect.


Thanks for the tips Micah :slight_smile:

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Kybalion Principle of Gender may be helpful as well: The Kybalion PDF, archived link (we don’t trade PDFs on here as a general rule but this one is okay, the text is out of copyright and the edition was given for download from the site that created it).


Thank you Lady Eva :slight_smile:

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Remember also, that spirits have no “gender” as such, so even traditionally masculine spirits have a female aspect that can be evoked.

There is a magician by the name of Faustus Crow who works with the female aspects of the demons of the Goetia.


That is interesting, I’ll have to Google him/her. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Its not about male and female, its about personal independence.
Lucifer is both Masculine and Feminine. A duel being that goes beyond gender. Honestly most Daemons do.
There are Daemons who are feminine to some and masculine to others.


Cool, good to hear that. I will try to be more open minded :slight_smile:

Some quick female archetypes of power that are not just masculine qualities pasted onto a female image:

  • the enraged Mother, ready to deliver death to anything that threatens Her children, this is an archetype found somewhat in Durga-Ma

  • the calculating Harlot, who overpowers men with desire, and in her dark aspect, murders her own children (turning the vessel of conception and the only truly safe place we ever know, womb/arms of mother, into a place of death, so she can pursue her own enjoyment). She may also be mother of “abominations,” children who do not fit hierarchical ordered society, and these may be straight-up harmful or Promethean in nature

  • the Seeress whose receptive mind is able to perceive things usually blocked by the ego and Will (see above, Kybalion on gender) and thereby able to channel truthfully

  • the Maiden, whose virtue is so flawless and so aligned with the highest powers of sanctity that nothing may come against her, and she is able to extend this virtue to protect life.

All of these relate to femininity as vessel of life which receives and brings to fruition all new forms (again, as in Principle of Gender).

Also, none of this is political or social commentary, archetypes are by definition not “progressive,” they are primal.


Its okay, not everyone realizes it at first.
I started out Wiccan and they draw a big line in the sand about genders so it was new to me at first. :slight_smile:


Thanks for these! I like these very much.


You are quite right - seeking feminine power doesn’t mean you have to be anti-masculine. I have a husband and a son who are, to me (may be biased) good examples of positive or decent males. Not weak but not needing to over power females.

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