Where is the Luciferian Feminine? Where is the female power?

Lol agreed, definitely primal.
Aine fits this one but disaster to those who think shes sun shine and roses.


Interesting, I’ve never been drawn to Aine as I mistakenly saw her as just that!

She is an aspect of the Morrigan :wink:

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Huh, I thought that was possibly Anu and Danu. I was told that Aine is not an aspect of the Morrigan. Hmm… I know about the Morrigan and think she is awesome!

I tend to believe entities do have genders but masculine and feminine energies do not equate to gender it never was a gender thing, as my sister has a more masculine energy than me, my energy has a more feminine than masculine and my bf is more masculine than feminine. However, it’s malleable to fit the situation you need as well so even though entities have genders I’m sure they are also of this dual nature as we are.


Its a big debate on which is and isn’t.
For me, Aine is part of Morrigan.

I work with Morrigan and right now Aine is dominant lol. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I know about those debates! Wow, some people get hot under the collar about that. That is pretty interesting, that Aine is dominant for you under the Morrigan’s tutelage. Well, maybe they are all interconnected, like most other things in the universe/multiverse :wink:


Maybe this is what you’re looking for? All entities can switch genders btw
You should check out Heckate, she’s not really Qlipothic but she might be what you’re looking for as well


Thanks, I have never heard of that before but this is all new to me. :slight_smile:


  • Furies

  • harpies

  • banshees


All beings have a feminine part and a masculine part. Such duality is the balance in the essence of the being itself. When it says “feminine”, it doesn’t mean a specific female spirit, for all spirits have such a part in their essence. In the same way that darkness and light are the same kind of duality found in everything.


Thank you all. I think what it boils down to, what little I know or have little understanding of, is that the actual Luciferian beings seem to be masculine but I may be looking at things the wrong way, that is entirely possible. I am, after all, trying to understand the draw to those practices. I guess, from a traditional Xtian point of view, the Luciferian, to me, doesn’t mean other gods and goddesses such as the Celtic pantheon, spirits like the djinn, the fae, etc. Perhaps I am wrong in that also? I mean, I have a fairly defined, limited idea of what Luciferian/Satanic means.

I am here to learn and understand, that is my reason for coming here. I am expecting to be told I might be wrong (very likely) and/or that I don’t understand or know much, that’s fine, I like to hear of personal experiences. I love UPG especially but am happy to read other sources/books. Thanks so much.

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So then are you interested in Luciferianism?

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You know, I think so but I just don’t know enough. I would like to be forearmed with knowledge before leaping into the deep end, or should I, would I… ? I am not sure yet. It is very intriguing though.

Research Michael w ford, he has a lot of good info on the subject.

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Thanks, I have started listening to his stuff, still working my way through the myriad of EA’s stuff too. Crazy obsessed with learning at the moment.

You say that as if it’s a bad thing.

Female demons that are associated with such things embrace it. What matters to them is that you’re respectful.

Luciferianism and Satanism are not the same.
Luciferianism is more structured but not like christianity, there is no dogma or punishment for not worshipping Lucifer; he doesn’t want to be “Worshipped”.
Michael Ford is definitely a good example of Lucierianism.

Satanism has a couple of branches one well known being LaVey’s “Itheist” which most misinterpret to be atheist. In LaVey’s the individual is the center of everything, you worship you and nothing else. This doesnt mean he didnt think Spirits existed however.

Not to be political but maybe you’re also looking at this through the lens of artificial modern philosophy? I don’t say this to be rude, that stuff is presented as “reality” these days by every outlet!

If you consider that men basically built civilisation, often working themselves into relentless physical pain and early graves (or dying brutally in hand-to-hand combat) to keep women and children safe and to support their families, then these mighty beings presenting as male has a different context than the “oppression and representation” disempowering stuff we are currently given as a model of relations between the sexes.


One of the Hecate’s name is Lucifera. That 's more than a coincidence to me. :metal: