What's your relationship with Lilith like?

Personally she’s ended up as a motherly figure for me, she helps me when I get stressed and have a hard time coping, she’s also very protective and I’m really grateful for that. I never really asked her to be this way, it’s just how things turned out to be over time. She’s also the only one I really work with so perhaps that’s why she’s chosen to be so close to me; either way I’m grateful for it and cherish her a lot.

Anyways I’d just like to know about how others are with her :sparkles:


She is the the matreon of my bloodline personally. So, yeah, I would say that sounds pretty much like lilith.

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Of your bloodline ? What do you meann

Lilith and I have worked together, but I still get the distinct impression that she’s not entirely thrilled with me.

The bloodline of which I belong to.

How long has it been? Have you ever just spoke to her without asking for help with things ? Or do you have a tiny bit of fear when you work with her because she really hates that. I got over that when she decided to show me her darker side to “give me something to be afraid of” and I don’t know, it helped me see better.

Its like when a kid acts all crybaby sensitive with their parent so they get yelled at because the parent will “give them somethin to cry about”

I haven’t developed a close relationship at this time but she’s been among my primary focuses. The biggest change I’ve noticed since really calling her and opening up to her is a large part of my anxiety and self hatred is gone and I definitely feel like she’s played a big role in that. It’s not something I specifically asked for, it just seemed to happen. I have to say I love her energy, it’s very calming and electrifying at the same time when she pops in.


I like her but I never got a chance to work with her but soon I will work with her much more especially when I get into Gamaliel

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The last time I called her was a few weeks ago. I mean she behaves in a perfectly agreeable way, and she’s never said anything indicating that she dislikes me, but her energy reads as mildly uninterested or dismissive.

Yesss, she’s really helped get rid of my anxiety and improve my confidence.

I would talk to her. Or think about what it is that makes her a little uninterested; perhaps there’s a little something that you’re allowing to hold yourself back. Personally, if I let myself get too involved in unimportant matters concerning romantic relationships she comes around a lot less. It’s because it’s my choice to get rid of a guy I don’t have time for, and she doesn’t want me to rely on stuff like that.


I have similar experience with her. She is very motherly and caring to me, apparently she has a soft spot for outcasts and rejects of society. The first time I called on her, way back when, was not at all what I expected. Beforehand, Ive read a lot about how she doesnt mess around and I even used the one sigil, which had a reputation of being reserved for the brave. To my surprise, on our first meeting, she hugged me and instilled this “its okay” feeling into me.
However, she seems to enjoy listening to my introspection about day to day life, its Belial who is usually disinterested in small talk with me.
An interesting side note, it isnt uncommon for me to start tasting blood when in her presence.


She acted like a flirty schoolgirl with a crush when i evoked her.

She also acted in a similar way when I worked with her through shadow work, though she was less flirty due to the seriousness of what we were doing.

No matter what, she has always given me the impression of caring for me though.


Haha yess, I give a lil chat here and there all the time its really nice

I usually hear her replies from my left side and it often makes way deep in my left ear start to itch. Sometimes she’ll switch to the other after that because the itching will distract me from being able to understand what she’s saying. Makes the volume go really low


@DarkestKnight yeah she’s pretty sensual, especially at first. Thats almost completely dying down now unless she notices my confidence lowering- then she dials that sort of energy back up. And for the caring, absolutely. I feel like it all has to do with how feminine yet strong she is, it’s great

Strange combination for me personally.

Motherly - always felt Lilith and had an experience as a kid when she came to my aid.
Teacher - shes working with me.

Very sensual - i cant help but desire her

She is the ultimate Goddess to me

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She ended up as a Mother figure for me too and a very protective one. I might love her more than I love my actual physical mom lol.

And I made the decision to introduced Lilith to my sister and she was sooooooold. She loves Lilith as much too.

I’ve considered making her my matron but she in my face rejected me.

She seems good to me. Very friendly. She always sends a succubus when I ask for one.

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she is friendly and lovely and very carying and patient,i love her a lot!

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I have two of Lilith sigils tattooed on me, she is special. For me, she is good. Lilith represents power, she represent that women needs to take more controls.

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