Whats up fellow magicians!

My name is John (treeYanni) and I am 25 years old. I was born into the Greek Orthodox Church, being baptized at 2 years old. In high school, I was socially awkward and never had any luck with girls. I was in a band my junior year–“The New Rich”–and grew up loving music and art, especially in college. At 17 I found Jesus and started my spiritual life. I have had many interesting, enlightening, and mystical experiences, both high and low. My purpose on this forum is to share with you my writings, prayers, and rituals, and any insights I can.

Thank you


Thank you for doing an introduction and welcome :slight_smile:

As you seem to be a Christian magician, please familiarize yourself with our rules, especially those against any sort of preaching, moralizing or pushing of your own views upon other people. We have magicians of all stripes as members, but the high majority of us are black magicians, most of whom don’t take too kindly to having Jesus thrust at them (or Lucifer or Satan for that matter). We are respectful of differing opinions and expect the same courtesy in return.

Please don’t take this as personal towards you, but we have had people come on here in the past trying to “save our souls” so I’m just trying make sure that it is understood that kind of behavior isn’t tolerated.

In the end, thee immaculate heart of Mary will triumph. Victory to the christed logos!


Yeah I’m not hear to preach so much, just to share the god-names and god-forms that I’ve learned and to share my experiences, which are reflected through my writings. I hope we can all learn from each other



Thank you for understanding, and I hope you will enjoy your time with us :slight_smile:


Majority of us are left hand path so you may not like a lot of the posts here. But there are plenty of people working with angels and the like.

Welcome to balg