What's this, Lucifer sigil?

Today i was on youtube and i saw a e.a koetting video pop up and so i decided to watch it , but then i saw something that looked a little off in the thumbnail which was this


now you may think oh thats lucifer’s sigil but take a look at this picture


(i heard that when people use sigils that have missing parts or extra parts on the sigil that should or shouldn’t be there it could hurt the spirit) then again i am new to all of this so i could be overthinking this.

okay this looks all over the place and im sorry for that . first time using pics on this website


Fixed that for you, also the title because short titles tend to get ignored, not an expert on Lucifer but you should get some replies soon.

ahh okay i also wanna say im not trying to hate on e.a but this whole situation is confusing for me

It’s not “hating” to ask a question. :+1:

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i know but a few people might think i hate e.a or something but thank you for the help Lady Eva :heart:

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the sigil is missing the V below, and no arrows should be pointing outwards, so in some level you are correct, the sigil is not drawn right, but i doubt that will make the ritual ineffective, though yes, its always better to have the sigil drawn correctly, but I feel its more important pronouncing the Enn the right way, i have had results simply by enn chanting, other times simply sigil gazing (but i used his other sigil from the demonsanddemonolatry website for gazing , i think that was the website)

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It seems EA may not have had enough room to draw the V judging from the paper he holds. Or maybe he forgot.

I agree with @MagickVigilante on this. If you draw a sigil by hand, sometimes you may get some things wrong with it, however the enn chanting will make up for it


Lucifer’s been popping up a lot in these last 2 days here i think no?

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I’ve not noticed, I don’t think so

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maybe just to my view then lol

ooh thank you. I heard that if you drawed a sigil wrong it was a way of controlling the spirit or insulting them. so when i saw it i was like WTF lol


not at all, but you might not get the desired results, or you may, enn chanting is important

controlling the spirit (which i find offensive to Lucifer and others ive worked with, and will not do with them, and shouldnt do with any you want to work with imo) comes when you try to bind them in a magickal circle or triangle with magickal formulaes and names

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oh i see why would someone want to control a spirit anyway. It wouldn’t do any good for them

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well, King Solomon did, but that was between him, the Israelite God and the Goetics, and i dont think he bound Lucifer then either, he couldnt, most probably

oh i’ve heard of King Solomon before didn’t he trap alot of spirits in something? like a box?

i dont know about a box, but i remember a story where Archangel Michael gave King Solomon a ring to control them,

the Testament of Solomon tells this

Some people ‘close’ a sigil by erasing small parts of it. This of course only works when it is drawn with a pencil.
Curious. Seems like he just forgot it and no one asked or mentioned it to him for some reason.

Yes, I see. I think you’re correct.

I don’t see why it would hurt them - did you also read the explanation for that?

It’s possible to use the wrong sigil entirely, and still get the spirit you intended to talk to. V K Jehannum related an experience like this.

I had a (rather obvious - it acted very out of character) impostor for Samael come through for me, and this ‘Samael’ gave me a ‘new personal sigil for Samael’ (i.e. itself) that did look like half Samael’s sigil and half something new.
In that case, using the new sigil would get the impostor not Samael.

So I don’t think a ‘missing’ bit matters too much as long as your intention is very strong to connect to the spirit you require, and you’re careful to avoid impostors.

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He trapped asmodeus in a jar with the help of Raphael according to some stories. Hence why asmodeus is a djnn. Which I didnt know until I read about him from a Jewish article on the qlippoth…also makes sense why asmodeus energy seems so fricken strong and different.

Different than all the others i have felt so far anyway. Even belial has a way more grounded energy…which duh Lucy he is an earth related demon…

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