What's the worst thing you've done as a black mage?

Yeah this is why i dig more into the vedic myths and concepts rather that the hindu when trying to get to the root of the matter. If ya can strip away the dogma ya can yield some good concepts for application that yield potent results at times. This idea can be useful with most systems. One person who’s work i follow has managed to strip the dogma mindset out of the enochian magick that i see when i look into that system and offers ritual services with it. :alien: potent stuff

I have yet to look into that. But ive been told it can be quite potent.

Yeah when i originally looked into it my brain wasn’t in a place where i had enough patience to try and dissect the system from the dogma. But i was like 15-16 at the time :man_facepalming: My impatient ass didn’t wanna take the time. I may take another stab at it later down the line when i’m not buried in projects :laughing: wanna progress on some of these first.

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The mage I speak of has read this and wants us to know Kali lusts after Italy and Romania.

A few car crashes here and there, no biggie <3

Where would I even get it?

Me too. But the books are so boring that I want to gouge my eyes with a pencil.

Well, I was raised a-religiously as well. I also believe in taking responsibility for my choices.

Now, my patron deity is the judge of the dead and a psychopomp. The things I do are done with her express approval. There are also things I am not to do, as long as I am working with her.

Could you tell all of us here how you move intrinsically still energy? Many of us here are necromancers. It’ll be good for us to know.

From what I have read, Death Energy is grey to black in color. They say to just visualize the energy moving and covering the victim. Their picture, personal effects, etc.
Also, just visualize the victim as being a dark sickly grey color.
This is what the sources say. I am still waiting to see if it works.
As high priestess Maxine Deitrich says in an article, “Just visualize the offender’s negative energy returning to them, using the Grey tones. Watch the A**holes negativity destroy him/her, sit back and revel in it”
This is their advice. Might work


Honestly, what I’ve learned experimentally or from fellow occultists has been more actionable than most books. And I do read a lot. So I suggest finding a way to actually feel dead energy. If you can read/sense different energies, you’ll most certainly feel it. Now, some suggest protecting yourself beforehand, but that depends on your instincts. My body went into defense mode automatically. PM if you’d like to talk shop more.

Not sure what led you to this assumption but all energy moves. In the case of those related to death it moves mostly towards decay, entropy or the breaking down of things so it can be remade.
As energy cannot be created or destroyed only transformed hence the death of one thing is often the birth of something else. Even if it is just the grass or weeds where the dead matter is.

In the case of magick it is often related to death and rebirth.

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My own experience as a formally trained psychopomp. Dying energy is different, yes.

Also, they say to clean your aura and chakras with a white/gold light after doing the curse. This is to clean oneself of any negative energy.
And, they say to NOT take the death energy into yourself. This seems like common sense, but, apparently some people do this.
Anyway, the Satanic Witchcraft e book tells it.

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It seems more that death energy has an inverted spin from normal energy types. So counterclockwise rather than clockwise if you want to look at it like that.

Now for different death meditations what I like to do is shield myself as in my post and meditate on my body dying and rotting away until I fall into a sort of projecting trance and the energy that is raised by it is the death energy. With enough repeated use you can pretty much call it up on command which I have gotten down pretty good for the life drain.

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How do you channel/direct it and what do you use as a shield against death? My astral body got aflame with fire the first time I sensed death energy, like an instinct kicking in, but what else?

For the psychotic energy you would also not want to take it into yourself, just create the thoughtform from it. You could do this on the grounds of a mental hospital if doing magick in public doesnt break your concentration. Alternatively you could collect some dirt from the mental hospital, or find an old abandoned mental hospital and do the whole thing there.

Simply move it like any other energy but be aware of that its flow tends to be inverted. So raw force of will and guiding its path tends to help like a canal of will for flowing waters.

As to the shield that red energy is carefully built up in my own mind as a sort of amplifying and omnipotent energy. You can think of it the same as the personalized version of universal energy. Red is the color of blood and life and living power. So condensing your life energy in the mentioned vital organs and then creating a thick dense shelled layer of life energy tuned into that primal spectrum of raw life and power should work well enough or use your astral fire even.

The death meditations help with directing the energy as in effect you become like the dead for that time and gain some understanding from watching it rise up around you that you then apply in your focus to guide and direct the energy. The shielding will keep the most vital organs this energy likes to attack shielded and releasing the shielding after your working and purifying yourself will clear the rest out and quickly regenerate any minor damage. The drain as well will easily repair quite a lot reaching far past just what the practice with the death energy will cause.

And after the above death meditation, you can vampirize an enemy, or whoever you choose, to strengthen yourself even more.

I may or may not have accidentally killed the wife of a professor because I wanted an extra day off. This was maybe last year. I sigilized an intent for a day off. I then visualized myself like a giant beating on the school as if I were a storm. As it happened, I had a lot of rage towards a particular professor at the time. I got an A+ in the class, mind you, but because I taught myself. I felt he was a nightmare. So I actually used a lot of that rage, even thinking his name, to use in my visualization. The rage was very easy to evoke.

I don’t put time limits on such things, normally. The goal of the day off is just to get a breather so I have more time to self-teach. So I just waited. I expected a storm or a tornado warning, as these occur frequently and Houston universities tend to close whenever someone spills a bucket of water on the street. That was also why I visualized beating and slamming the school, but while frequently picturing his face to infuriate me.

The result was that within a week his wife was dead. He cancelled class for several days straight, though only he cancelled.

It could have been me. Maybe it was a coincidence. Maybe not.

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