What's the worst thing you've done as a black mage?

Does anyone know how to induce madness in the target?

Bolt of destructive energy into the brain or third eye will do it easily enough if you get a good strong shot at them.

Where do people get venom?

Summon Djinn to kill a 100k a week ongoing.

BTW these volcanos… I know the mage who is doing that.

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Why are they?

Per her possessed channeling , Kali craves it.

The ring of fire, Yellowstone and New Madrid are also targets.

Huh. The one time I invoked her, I got visions of global destruction by fire.

Kali wants destruction period.

Yeah, I’ve gathered that. It’s like our planet is a plaything to her.

The worst thing I did was NOTHING when I should have done something.in a particular situation.
As far as doing something. Throwing Death Energy at some troublesome people.

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How do you throw death energy that’s by definition still? Wouldn’t you need a strong funneling agent?

This book is FREE. I Promise.
Just go to the Energy Ripping Technique
Also, the book Charnel Whispers by Somnus Dreadwood, at Amazon . com


This should be the book I intended. Just go to the Energy Ripping Technique

You could create a parasite thoughtform and attach it to their mind to make them go crazy :slight_smile: Harvest the energy to create it from actual psychotic people IN psychosis.

So, you guys with all those nasty things. You don’t believe in karma I assume?

I mean that’s more a Wiccan thing? Karma and all that rules stuff. But I think of it like this, if they did bad to you, doing bad back to them IS their karma. Haha


Worst thing I’ve done is curse someone so they have really bad nightmares everynight that depict their fears. I still ask him about the dreams and he said they are kinda traumatizing whoops

If you mean the wicca or western version no. If you dig into the actual concept in eastern traditions it lines up more with the hermetic principle of cause and effect.

Example some asshat decided to try and fuck with aspects of my homelife few months back. I use everything to i know into a ritual that essentially defanged, skined, and toss their mind and life in a woodchipper and then throw um on life support. :expressionless: Their cause had an effect just not the one they were hoping for. :japanese_ogre: :thinking: since then things have not only calmed down but are way on the upswing :upside_down_face:

I didn’t grow up in a religous household the the idea of “YOUR GOING TO HELL” was never shoved into my skull so that was never a thing i worried about. :thinking: ironically though one of the later pathworkings in the system I am working is a systematic exploration of from what i know, one of the oldest archetypes of “hell” Arezura the Zoroastrian hell


If you look at the place of Karma in Hinduism where the concept came and how it plays into ones Dharma tired to their Caste in the cycle of reincarnation it’s clearly victim blaming bullshit used by the religio-social elites to keep the masses firmly under thumb by making them scared that thibk that they deserve anything that happens to them in this life,have to stay in the lines or they will suffer worse in the next life, and will move up the ladder in the nexymt life if they stay in those lines ( meaning do their Dharma assigned to their Caste without causing trouble).

Just another example of the abuses Religion can inflict on people, it is not only Abrahamic Monotheism that is guilty of that.

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