Foray into Necromancy

I managed to recently acquire a copy of Necromantic Sorcery for myself and as I mentioned elsewhere I saw numerous mistakes made within it that I believe were the root cause of the books extremely dangerous reputation. Now for this I am assuming you are experienced with other areas of magick especially energy work and know how to conjure death energy/essence on your own. I have seen many easy but effective meditations for it.

And as I have stated I am starting to work through it and use its methods and ones based upon it while correcting the key mistakes that I have noticed.

My preparation work for this has been to acclimate my body to Death Energy and build up my tolerance and also to work on regenerating from any damage it might inflict while I am in contact with it.
The best methods I have found for this are to protect the heart, liver, kidneys, spine, and brain from the direct touch of the energy and pulling as much of your own lifeforce inside those points while you are working with it shielding it and those vital organs from being affected. I find encasing them in a field of red blood like energy works best. This will protect you from much of the damage of channeling Death Energy.

Now to regenerate myself from what damage I do take and purge my body of the Death Energy I push out as much of it as I can and then release the vital energy I had been holding within the before mentioned organs letting its expansion aid in cleansing the rest of me. The crimson energy I was using as a shield I then direct to repair any damage. It should be noted that I have built up this kind of energy in my mind and preprogrammed what it can do so the visualization and mental commands alone are sufficient to bring it out to work as I need.
My second measure which I use to counter the fatigue and speed up the regeneration of anything that takes longer is vampiric necromancy. To perform this I once again shield myself as mentioned above but this time I call up the death energy on the outside of my body and leave the inside hollow while I direct it in a funnel to pierce my victim. With this it is important you hold your grasp on the death energy firm and keep it solid and smooth not allowing it consume the life force of the target directly. Its natural pull will suck the energy right out and into you where you direct it to add to your own pool of energy until you have pushed all the death energy into your victim then it is important you break the link with a violent gesture such as cutting it with an astral blade. One way to see this is as creating an energy frictionless vacuum. This gives you more than enough excess energy to quickly heal and restore yourself with a great deal leftover.

With these methods I have not only been able to protect myself fully from the negative effects of working with death energy thus far but I seem have even benefited heavily from the vampirism. Now if you have moral qualms about the use of vampirism and death energy so liberally to restore yourself I do recommend you look into a type of necromancy than what I am working with and will be talking about.

Now some things in Necromantic Sorcery are kind of obvious and don’t need to be tested out such as the benefit of fetish marks and items to forge a connection to someone so beyond mentioning their use in some spells or such they don’t need much investigating.

What I performed last night was to raise the shades of my dead pets. I chose to start with animals first out of convenience and a test before moving on to the shades of humans. Also curiosity on how the shades of animals might differ from humans and if they are better suited to some tasks than a human shade would be.
My backyard has three graves, two dogs and cat buried next to each other. I waited until it was semi-late at night just after midnight and started preparing myself with the shielding and immersed myself in death meditation state before I went out and sat before the graves. Following the method from the book I used the graves themselves to serve as sigils. I found myself focusing mainly on my dog Scarlett, she was the first to pass and the de-facto alpha among them. Sending my intention to call her she was quick to respond appearing first in a decayed state and quickly assuming a more reasonable appearance. At this point it was more a meditation on the shade and the link between this world and the world of the dead. I kept this up for a few minutes before using the binding words given. I found the words in their normal state to be somewhat lacking and so I let them evolve as I spoke them changing into different words to match my intentions from their base form. Each repetition at this point strengthened the link and the shade’s presence. I spent a few more minutes in silent observation and meditation before I released the gathered energy and ended the communication. I left my offering which I myself find that an offering of condensed energy seems to work better than physical items for me often.

Now I had observed a few things through doing all this one thing I feel is important to mention is that there is a difference between the shade of someone and their actual true essence and being. A shade is just the astral shell, or however you wish to phrase it, that is left behind when the soul moves on and departs. You can see it as the medium through which the highly malleable and eternal spirit and consciousness will interface with the lower planes and a physical body. It is a thing that ‘lives’ and ‘evolves’ on its own to be sure but it is especially at first a baser type of entity from something’s true consciousness. This is why I have no problem binding and using the shades of pets or even loved ones should it come to that because it is not the true individual but just the copy and remnant left behind. I have been told that the shade can be used as a sort of spiritual mark to easily come in contact with the facet of a beings true essence that corresponds to that life which is what some methods of communicating with the departed seem to do more than use the shade itself. A shade however is perfect for practical workings because its power is based on how long it has existed and the power the person had in life rather the timeless consciousness and power that might come with a persons true essence. So if you want to contact a dead loved one I recommend avoiding working with the shade altogether if you can and focusing instead on a sigil for their universal self.
Well bit of a tangent but an important one I feel. I noticed that as soon as I begun the ritual all noise in the background stopped seeming to be drowned out by a fluid silence and that after everything was especially loud and there was a disturbance in the energy of the area, like ripples on a pond. I went to bed soon after and as I was doing so there were three flashes of light like lightning from outside. I thought at first it was lightning except for the lack of thunder but it didn’t match up to how everything felt. I do believe it was the shades from all three of my buried pets making their presence known with one flash for each of them.
Not much else has happened in the meantime but I can still feel the connection there that I will be working on strengthening and working with these shades before I visit the local human cemetery.
I will update as I progress through these experiments as I go through them and make progress.


Any advice for helping dead loved ones spiritually ascend if they died violently?


Well if it is their true self lingering they are likely blinded by emotion so clearing that up and making them realize the larger truth of their existence will allow them to ascend should they choose. If they choose not to then you are either going to let them do their thing, bargain with them, or banish them like you would some demon or angel that has decided to take revenge for something. They can stop anytime they like and move on and realize their higher existence but have decided it is personal or amusing enough to stay and cause trouble.

If it is their shade you can’t exactly clear them up but you can try to placate them and it probably tends to be a lot easier and reasoning with them will be more like when they were alive but just not quite there. They are also a lot easier to bind or banish. You would just need to grab their attention if you want to bargain with them. Blood seems to work quite well. With both it is always an option to let them satisfy their feud if there is one and allow them to move on after that which is what I did once.

What will probably work in both cases is just to summon their true selves in an aspect that is not angry and focus on how they were when they were alive and more reasonable. You might have some strange bi-location going on with them but then you have them effectively wake themselves up or turn their shade off if it is just the shade being an issue.

Now if it doesn’t seem to be either of those then likely they have already ascended but the violence of their death and the energy from the emotions likely resulted in some kind of thoughtform or spell like effect which you would deal with like a curse. I have done such things and seen others do such things completely unknowingly just from strong emotions. Like when you have some need or desire that is spontaneously fulfilled even though you never did any active work towards it.
Those are just my thoughts on the matter other than that one time with the shade of a murdered girl and empowering her to take revenge I haven’t dealt with ones that decided to linger very much yet.


Well here is a bit of an update of how things are progressing with the shades.
So far it seems even the shades of animals can be quite powerful. They have not yet accomplished much but their presence has grown very noticeable when called even in the light of day. There were palpable waves of physical coldness out to an appreciable distance around the shade during the last calling going against the wind even. I was actually quite impressed with how fast they gained power and presence. It was a semi-warm day but coming from the spot where they were it felt like winter. I sent them out on the task to feed from certain annoying family members for the time being and grow even stronger and I will be keeping an eye on the effects.

I have also seen that the technique in vampiric necromancy is far more effective and powerful in its effect than regular vampiric practices I have used up to this time. Just a few consecutive uses on one target over two days left them crippled and in pain from migraines and full body muscle spasms. I have left off of them for now and generally try not to drain the same person twice i a row if I am just harvesting them of energy but it shows how effective this alone could be as an attack without any dedicated curses.

I will likely save my next update for when I have moved onto human shades or if something big happens.


Baron Kriminel or Baron Nibo would be useful here, I recommend evoking them with some cold water to “cool” them down and help them see straight since some have trouble after a violent death calming down from it, alternatively if you would like to work with them they would be very helpful in some circumstances but I digress.

Red Santa Muerte would also be a good entity to work with for the violently departed, Ereshkigal is just nice to have around in general. Amitabha also has his own practices for this.

As for what to do after the cold water, psychopomp work would be required, one option is a psychopomp entity, of which one of the above mentioned could work, another is to call up your ancestors and have them take her with them.


Well I have yet to fully move onto human shades but I have found a few interesting discoveries.

First off, animal shades, they are not that great on their own for the most part. They are good guides for sure and can have some effects but the ones I have worked with do not tend to have the emotional presence and power to really have an impact beyond making their presence felt. There is a bit of a workaround to this though which is using the shade as the base and binding it to build a stronger more powerful servitor from them. Which leads into the second discovery.

The second discovery is that of the death elemental. Now while there might be entities that can be defined as death elementals I am talking about creating your own from a base of energy and an existing shade or shades. You can look it at similar to how necromancy tends to be portrayed in media of raising the dead and often adding onto the bodies raised to make them more powerful and dangerous. Of course we are working in largely nonphysical realms but it is an useful analogy.
The process to create such an elemental I followed using the shade of a dog.

  1. The first step is to prepare the materials you will need for this. You can change these as needed for your situation and add to it. The materials I used are listed below.
  • An amplifying pattern such as this one.

  • A sigil and name for your elemental.

  • Links to the shade being used. I used a rock from the grave.

  • A house for the shade. Preferably a dark crystal or piece of obsidian. I used my ring which is mounted with an inverted pyramid of obsidian.

  • Finally any accessory items you want to add to it, candles, bones, gravedirt, etc.

  1. The second step is to gather the energy you will need. There are three types which are of concern here. First you have a lower dark energy visualized as oily black water swirling in a pool in the center of the amplifying pattern. Focus on it as the first primordial dark waters of creation and let them build inside you and flow out into the pattern forming the pool.
    Second, is the opposite of the dark water. A higher light and fire energy the first light which when combined with the dark water would form a bridge connecting all realms and empower what is placed within. Form this as a flaming star above the pattern and pool.
    Finally you call the shade into the sigil and fetish item and build up the death energy in the middle. Build them up until you feel they can barely be held back.

  2. The final step is to create the elemental by letting the energy collide with each other and transform the shade into the new being. Send the energy together and focus on the new form and name and powers given to the elemental and as it forms place the chosen home for it on top and bind it within giving it the direction that it will serve you and the object has the power to command and control it.

This process should put out a lot of energy and the final result will be an impressively powerful elemental capable of all the things of a shade with the knowledge and skills of the base and any you gave it during the creation. I tested mine out with some great success both in opening ways into the parts of the astral corresponding to the dead and in contacting other shades at a distance and mass vamping of life energy. There are of course many other uses limited only by your own designs.


Nemesis, your approach to necromancy is refreshing and engaging. I appreciate you sharing these techniques, and will seek to apply them to my own practice, especially the creation of death elementals, great steps forward indeed.


This whole thread is fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing in a clear, understandable way. A while ago there were a few necromancers on here who wouldn’t discuss it all publicly, only in PM and only with each other. eye roll

Is there any difference from an Elemental to a Thoughtform / egregore / servitor / gollum? The programming, energy harvesting, housing, etc all seem to be the same as what I have practiced and researched about thoughtforms.


Well… kind of and kind of not. It goes back to how I learned initially and my definitions of things. So to define things simply.
A thoughtform is more psionic construct that operates on a loose defining framework of energy and concentrated thought or will. It is good for influencing people and circumstances through principles such as vibration and law of attraction type stuff and requires some knowledge or housing of its existence to survive.

So a couple of examples would be say you want a promotion. What you might want to do is a quick divination to find out what traits whoever is in charge of this is looking for and write them down. Now you gather a bunch of basic universal energy and mash it into a glowing ball. Then you would impregnate this ball with your thought and intent. In this case you will take the list you made and push thought into this ball to emphasize every trait on that list to perfection and draw attention to them by anyone watching. You keep pouring thought and intent and intense concentration along those lines into the blob of energy and then you tie it to yourself to hover over you. What this does is it takes those traits you listed and it highlights them positively in you and draws attention to them and thus your boss will notice you more than anyone else and only in the light you programmed in. Add to it a similar thoughtform to loop the thought of “I should promote x” and link it to their third eye to project that in and you should have no trouble getting promoted.
Another example is say there is this popular park and you want to do a ritual in it but want to make sure it is clear. You make a similar satellite type blob and program it with whatever you feel would be best to repel people at the select time. Charge it with some energy and intent over a few days and the time you want should be pretty abandoned if you used the right thought and message.
You also get thoughtforms that don’t even have an energetic basis but purely mental one that draws in energy on its own. You can look at many cults and religions for this and how some preachers can through image and fancy display seemingly perform miracles. The focused thought energy of their congregation creates a thoughtform that he taps into to perform these miracles. Thoughtforms are generally good for a very set framework of tasks and are usually fleeting being dissolved as soon as their task is accomplished and the left over energy dispersed or allowed to linger or be stored for later use. They largely exist on the mental plane than the energetic one.

A servitor and golem are to me the same thing and are focused more on energy and actual force and power making them somewhat opposite a thoughtform. These usually have a small programmed mentality in them like a small AI allowing them to do more complicated tasks autonomously or like a thoughtform might be dedicated to a single task.
So for example. You just had to move and now you are always late for work because of the extra distance and traffic. Now you can make a thoughtform to guide you through traffic faster but in addition you can make a servitor similar to say the Fotamecus servitor. Now there are many ways you can do this. The simple way would make your basic starting blob of energy and make it super dense. Packing as much energy into it as you can and adding in more complicated techniques if you want and know them. Then focus on raw space and time and pull energy from that attaching it and wrapping it around that central core and programming in its intent to speed your way to and from your destinations. You keep adding energy to it along with the concept and intent of its existence. Largely you will let your subconscious decide the specifics of the programming. Then you give it a name and release it to operate and when you go somewhere you tell it to activate and like Fotamecus should hasten the time it takes to travel. The rebound may or may not be there depending on how good you are at making them it could be unconsciously programmed to exploit loopholes to avoid the rebound of compressing time.
You also have contructs which are even simpler than servitors and more in line with thoughtforms just out of masses of energy that function more mechanically. An example would a be tie of energy to a local ley line that is always purifying energy from it and infusing it into you. A single take with a only a few accessory functions.
Now there is a lot of crossover of course and I could say that all servitors are also thoughtforms but not all thoughtforms are servitors type deal based on my definitions. Egregores are basically the upgraded version of them. Usually larger more powerful and long lasting that have either been intentionally upgraded or evolved on their own. They are a lot more intelligent and independent and are what you will generally make as an astral familiar the first time around.

Now an elemental is a tad different. An elemental is very primal type of being. It is what it is and its core nature is related to its component pieces and while you might give it extra powers or knowledge those all stem from its components and are secondary to its true nature. In the case of the death elemental it is the raw energy of death given sentience and a base mind, knowledge and skills of the shade used in its creation. You aren’t going to be able to teach a death elemental how to perform weather magick unless the base shade knew how or if you program that knowledge in it could reiterate it but not put to use unless you include elements of wind and water into its creation. They are largely restricted to their domains but are extremely effective in them. For the death elemental that is death and the manipulation of life through death.
A storm elemental when made properly and with a practiced hand can best be described as a sentient thunderstorm even if it exists mostly on the astral it can still cause some rather extreme physical manifestations. The use of primordial type elements of darkness and light and water and fire associations with them creates a bridge to a very primal sort of power and connection in the mind. It is like God making light out of darkness and matter from both. It also gives you a very close connection you can feel it and become the elemental in a way and these are not made for one specific task but for tasks within the whole domain of their being and as such are something you will likely keep around for a long time and will find more valuable to when they are no longer immediately useful either put them in a dormant state for later or release them into the wild of their domain and call them back when you next need them. Now not to say you must keep everyone you make. The first few attempts might very well be quite flawed or little better than a big servitor and you can recycle them as many times as you need until you reach the state of perfection you desire. Making and remaking a single elemental until you find just the right personal combination and touches to the base technique.

An elemental you can say is a more primal entity that feels more like a primal raw spirit of some power or force made sentient than anything that was actually crafted. So I did include some bits of alchemy in them but I don’t like to mention all the personalized specific details when giving the base technique as I feel that allows people to better personalize it and make it their own. There is less stress to try and adhere to some cryptic mention of some more poorly defined personal concept than there is just the basic mechanics of it. You can adapt the technique to make elementals from any power and the only thing you would change is the middle components. A storm elemental you would use water, air, and a little bit of your own vital life energy to fuse with the dark water and light. The reason you use a shade in the death elemental is it makes basic necromancy more rewarding and powerful and because using life energy to make a death elemental is like mixing oil and water obviously.

Sorry for the long winded explanations… I should really work on that…


Ahhh got it. I was really having a hard time defining the thing I made by your definitions (even though they were really good!) until you said that bit.

I usually have a hard time with long winded explanations but I am seriously loving yours. I feel like this area of magick is really my forte. It took me a long time to do all the research I needed to create my first creature. A lot of my method came to me intuitively because I normally can’t follow anyone’s directions. My magicks dont work the way theirs do but I can REALLY relate to yours. Fucking cool.
The rest of my methods are taught to me by my demon Teacher. I can totally work with all of what you said. It all fits with my methods and some of what you said at the top I have already done (with variations). :clap:


Well glad they helped out and it is always possible that in your own experimenting and mucking around you might create something that won’t fall into any of those definitions and in that case just feel free to make up your own or re-purpose the closest matching thing.

I feel like this area of magick is really my forte. It took me a long time to do all the research I needed to create my first creature. A lot of my method came to me intuitively because I normally can’t follow anyone’s directions. My magicks dont work the way theirs do but I can REALLY relate to yours.

I like to just loosely call it creation magick when it comes to making things. I kind of find it shows up either from lots of study and practice or just by natural instinct and flow. I am guessing for you it flows naturally as well. Probably have some skill in some related areas of magick and direct manipulation of energy. Just seems some people have a natural calling and talent like that.

Glad it all fits together nicely and adding variation and personal touches I find is very important. I would recommend looking into eastern alchemy and energy arts and hermetics and taking some inspiration and ideas from that to incorporate in. It seems to work rather well for me and there are lots of free information depending on what field of it you specifically want to look at first.


I think it flows naturally because of my natural inclination to study people and situations. I hyper analyse everything to find solutions, psychoanalyse people, obsess over strategy and detail… When I recently discovered thoughtforms they opened up a whole world for creating perfect solutions to problems. My first one is still my pride and joy. It is a perfectly enclosed vampiric ecosystem of mental and personal torture and it has grown into a disgusting, highly successful, Thing. It is unattached to me, like how you might create a creature with death energy (but mine was made with some other more dubious energy - imo…I am a fan of psychological warfare and making people destroy themselves).

Can you tell me if I could use death energy to poison someone’s mental state? Or does it more just affect their physical body and life?

Also, the shades - do they seem to come from a place of neutrality, while you also work from a place of neutrality? Like they are not angry little shadow creatures and you are not their rageful puppetmaster, correct? It sounds like you work from a place of neutrality (which is also how I like to work) or at least it doesn’t seem like you have to use your emotions in the same way as a curse would require. Sorry if this doesn’t make sense. This is the first time I have tried to verbalise any of this.


Lol. I too enjoy the finer more sophisticated arts of war.

Well. All energy has a dual aspect to it of the energetic/forceful side and then the mental form of it so there is a mental aspect of death energy. You simply have to focus on the death and decay of the mind and mental sphere over that of the body or even the simple realization of the terrible emotions associated with death should allow you to bridge the gap and attack the mental aspect of a person though it will still likely have physical effects especially as an ill mind can easily degrade the body as well.

This can get a tad complicated in some circumstances but to put it simply most shades are just a reflection of the person they were in life and can have many aspects and emotions and traits just like the living person so you usually get the aspect you are wanting to have. Sometimes if you are not in control of your emotions and aware or in a negatively charged area it will reflect on the shade or something else will slip in instead but if you maintain your shields and demand it to identify itself and its reason for being there they usually comply or leave and give you back the shade you wanted. That said remember that shades even being reflections of the living tend to grow feral after a time if they are particularly old or had emotional or violent circumstances to their life or death. They are still there but the information is scrambled so it might take a few workings to put them back in order piecing the aspects of themselves together into an ordered semblance and the base nature of those beings from the realms of death is to consume the living by virtue of the energy they are composed of so always having some extra protection is good.

You generally want to approach them from a position of power and command and compel them into good behavior if they are not polite. Now I am not talking old grimoire rod of fire,
torment type compel. Think more the stern command and power of a general ordering his troops to attention and respect mixed with the divine power of your true self to enforce this through magick should it be needed. Usually just imposing your will to make them take on a more reasonable persona is enough. Say you summon someones shade that near the ends of their lives was a violent schizophrenic. If they act like a violent schizophrenic force them into a state that reflects a time when they were not being a violent schizophrenic. Just keep in mind that being made of death energy they are poisonous if you are not shielded and a good banishing and cleaning is needed afterwards to clean up lingering traces.

It is best to always keep control of your emotions and channel them. I view them very much as another type of energy that you have to let flow and direct properly and not give in to when utilizing them. Use them as a driving force to give you the strength and determination to add to the control and mechanics of whatever you are working on. If you are summoning a shade in rage use your anger and really get focused on opening the path for the shade and pulling it through but don’t cast your anger onto the shade. Similar for most other things. You keep a part of your mind separate and logical above your emotional mind as it were that way you can direct it properly. It is something that comes with practice but magically speaking it is the energy work variant of acting normal or with more focus when you would rather be jumping up and down in excitement or hitting the annoying person you have to help in the face. You feel the emotions and channel them constructively in a controlled manner.


A million thanks to you. You have given me many keys and new things to practice in my daily training :pray:


Well a bit of an update and filler for now but very useful and essential for continuing.

This time we shall be dealing with Artifacts. A single object of intense power that grants you certain powers or dominions when wielded. I find the three major artifacts that are most useful for necromancy are the Focal Stone, the Blade, and the Skull.
Today we will cover the Focal Stone.
Necromantic Sorcery talks of relics and for all intents and purposes that is what these are but more directly made with less ritual facets and more energy manipulation. Of course you are free to adapt the technique to a ritual however you wish.

The Necromantic Focal Stone is the singular most important artifact I find in dealing with necromancy beyond the basics. I am finding different types of focal stones to in fact be the central artifact in any field of magick you decide to make one for.

These serve multiple purposes.
The first is a growing pool of power and authority over a force or current which gives you a deep well of a certain energy to draw from and the authority to safely deal with and navigate the forces in question.

Second is it is for all purposes of creating an atmosphere and space an altar you can fit in your pocket. What it lacks in space to set objects it makes up for in the power it can carry when properly charged and maintained.

Third and quite a bit useful it can serve as a singular home for many servitors, elementals, and other beings of the same current. These can reside directly within the stone or be energetically linked from separate homes to be easily called forth through the stone and return to their housing from there. So instead of carrying many talismans for servitors that you may need you can link them and easily call them for convenience.

Now there are a few requirements for making one of these in terms of the material used.
The most important aspect is the stone itself must be connected to the domain you wish to use it in. Most preferably this will be a natural calling of the stones own field which differs from others of its kind in affinity. For necromancy and other darker currents I find Obsidian is the most likely candidate. It is important the piece of obsidian in particular calls out for such work.
It should be not too small or too large. I would say anywhere from a stone that can be mounted on a ring to at most fist sized.
The shape is preferable to be important to the work or a sphere but can be left in its raw form and polished just as easily.
The final condition goes without saying that it should be free of any major flaws that harm its structural integrity. Flaws in color or luster can be forgiven but large cracks or weak points are best avoided if they present a risk of the stone breaking.

My focal stone is mounted in a ring.

It cannot be seen in the picture but the shape is actually an inverted pyramid. If it is in jewelry you can make the setting and band of certain metals or not that is your choice.

Now my ring also doubles as the home for my death elemental which I have designated the stone’s Guardian.

Now to make a focal stone the basic technique once you have found a suitable stone is fairly simple.
You have to forge a bond with the stone. Explore it mentally and astrally with your senses. Become one with it. Meditation and bonding with it over a period of time is suitable. Wear it in your workings and store excess energy within it from the domain it belongs too, in this case death and darkness.
In addition feed it your own energy. Feel yourself becoming one with the stone and sever it from the rest of reality mentally and rebuild its connection with primal light and darkness conjured from within. Let these elements interact and harmonize with the stone mentally, spiritually, and physically at an atomic level. You can do this by directing a stream of bright flaming energy from your primary hand and a stream of black watery energy from your other hand and seeing them fuse together and the vibrations harmonizing as one.
Continue this along with feeding it the excess energy from your spells and workings and meditations of death and darkness (or whatever domain you want if you choose a focal stone outside of necromancy).
In time it you will notice that it has changed. It will be like when you look at an object or person that has changed subtly physically and otherwise but you cannot place that change. It will seem far more than just a physical object as if its very matter has been transmuted to a higher state.
When this happens continue as before and focus on its powers and properties as giving dominion over death and darkness and all that dwell within and giving you perfect protection and mastery of those forces. Include it in all meditations and spells of those fields and continue to feed it. At this point you may start shaping the new expanses you will find in the stone mentally and astrally though likely all you will have to do is clarify in your perception what has already formed as it will be fitting to you personally from the bond. You can use this space within to store beings, spells, and other creations.

Focal stones start out weak but rapidly grow in power as you care for them and bond and with the proper bond and transmutations of its essence and purpose it will become an artifact of great power in your work. You can follow the basic technique substituting the forces and powers you are relating it too in order to create other types of stones such as ones for an element or other force very easily. It is your own personal artifact of dominion and your own personal gate and key to the domain.

Tomorrow I will go over a few unique techniques that require the Focal Stone.


Can’t wait to read more. What is your opinion on substituting a talisman of a beloved deity? @anon47923162


Well. You can do that but I would think it would be less effective unless it included a crystal of some kind and this has to do with the energetic and vibrational properties crystals and stones tend to have. It will still be quite effective but I feel like it would be less capable of holding energy. Now if you have a talisman that is set with a stone or wish to dedicate the stone itself as such that is perfectly fine.

The thing to keep in mind is that it will also forge a very strong link with that deity and have many of their properties as well. So keep that in mind if you possibly end up dealing with entities that are against that deity. It would be best to form a strong relationship and bond with that deity and gain their permission before using their talisman in such a way as well so you can be sure of their aid.


Ah i see thank you.


As i read more and more a dog outside growls louder… I stop reading, the dog stops growling. What is the best way to shepard or compartmentalize this energy?

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Shields. The most basic would be a blazing light type energy you tell to keep malign influences at bay and expand it around yourself or the room you want to protect. Banishing rituals like tracing pentagrams in the four prime directions with this energy and projecting it out to cleanse the area work as well.
You can work on developing your own type of colored energy with special meaning to you such as the crimson energy I prefer to use but if you have not gotten a preference yet the blazing light tends to do a good job.