What's the point of the Spinal Fire?

Or Kundalini…

How does this fire help Magick? How do you work with it?


This is an extremely loaded question. Basically, enlightenment, empowerment, and ascending is the point.


How does this fire help with Magick?

What does it actually do?

Like say, I’ve been working out for years and I ask someone “how do steroids help you get the physique that you want”…does it help you get over a hump? Really I am just wondering how it affects Magick…

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This how it affects magick. Makes it stronger


Essentially, the Kundalini is taking the sexual energy of the body and shoving it up the spine into the brain.

Done right, it will make you faster, stronger, and smarter on the physical plane.

Magick wise, you will have basically unlimited energy at your disposal. All your chakra points will be open, and you will be lit up like a Christmas tree on the astral plane. Spirits will flock to you, as will people, though they may not know why. Your perception and senses will be enhanced, and you will be alive and aware in a way few people will understand.


I’d say it makes it easier.


I kind of notice when the Qlipphothic demons activate kundalini, the affects are a little different than if you were to do it on your own. For example, when Belial activated my kundalini, I became a fucking asshole. Erm, more of an asshole.


All of the above

Dunno if Qlipphothic work results in a similar effect but within the Ahrimanian work of Black magick of Ahriman the total effect is the awakening and expression of the “frequencies” of kundalini energy. This is resulted from working with the individual Div/Demons of this work.

As you go through the work the “frequencies” of the kundalini power you are working with becomes rooted within each layer of self. Thus making your magick easier to preform and giving it more kick while expanding consciousness.

With each Div worked with, new power becomes awakened, rooted within self and can be explored. This is part of why this work can provide enough to explore for a lifetime.

Qlipphothic and sephiroth work either alone or together can also provide a practitioner with enough material to fill a lifetime if they wanna dig deep into it. Same could be said with tarot, the runes,planetary magick,elemental magick and any system that is rooted in the depths of potential.


The Kunda Force is necessary it is not only just sexual energy, but its our raw primal power, it empowers us, its a catalyst for ascent, your energy hits the roof, you even unlock genius, the list is really endless.


Well thank you. I seem to be stuck in my chest/throat area, and ever since the initial activation was over with, everything has gone pretty smooth and “up hill”. I really haven’t put in any extra work besides diet and exercise, pretty much just trusting that it will do what it has to do.

About a week ago I started to get a little more serious and start chanting some Kali Mantras, and here I am still laying in bed with the flu. This is the first time that I feel like I am not progressing since I knew what I was dealing with.

What someone said about becoming more of an asshole, yes it definitely seems to amplify what you already were. You just become a lot more comfortable with it.

I don’t really know anything about the chakras, but maybe this is a wake up call to take it more seriously and make this priority #1. Specifically the throat chakra.

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Is there anyway you could pm me, Im pretty sure I read you had a kundalini awakening on one of your posts and I have as well for over a year now. I would love to talk about left hand path, our own will and dreams vs merging with the all. I think you could have some answers for me and its no rush to answer me

Well said!

Love, it will not flow until you are 100% grounded. Without being grounded in who you are, the dragon eye (or third eye) will not open.

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Self awareness is a power in itself. On a side note I have been describing the effects of different things on me the same way my entire life XD WAVE THAT FLAG PROUD BROTHER :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I’ve found that yes, it makes it easier. But why?

Detaching from your ritual, as most here already know, is of great importance in magick. What Kundalini does is that it leaves you in an almost constant state of detachment, from everything. Combine this with the energy itself and you essentially become an “on the fly” magician, where simple thoughts or just putting “a little bit” of energy towards something and then going back to your state of detachment will bring manifestation.

This is the way I see it now.


If done correctly, Kundalini yoga is actually very powerful. Too many go to open the third eye, before they work on the other chakras. This is the mistake people make. They want to open the third eye before working on the other chakras and that’s when you become wonky!

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I’ve been feeling my kundlini lately. Like i will be In class and meditate and I won’t even be mediating that long. And I feel the good energy go up my body.

Is kunulini a sign of expanded consciousness’

No, the Kundalini is not a sign of expanded consciousness. It is simply the rising of the body’s energies.

However, if you complete the process, and bring the energy up the spine into the brain, then it will expand your consciousness, providing you do it correctly and don’t burn yourself.

Also @Zyegames Please introduce yourself. I see you joined back in October but have not done so yet. It is a rule here, so please click the link below and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick:


I made my introduction. Didn’t know where to put it so I just replied to a introduction.

Thank you. You put it in the right spot :+1: