What's the most retarded thing you've done in the occult


I was 25+ something and my younger brother was about 6 or 7 yrs old. And I used him as a seer, because kids at that age have active spiritual senses naturally. So I would perform a ritual and contact the spirit, and he would tell me what he can see and what they’re saying etc

Of course, that was dumb as hell. Because they started to contact him on their own…


Exactly! And that created chaos in the family because everyone was scared of what’s going on. But fortunately I acted fast, banished and closes his vision, all was fine. Used my best friend instead, he was my age but I noticed he was spiritually sensitive so what’s friends for?! But unfortunately the same thing happened again, they went after him, he panicked, his family panicked so I had to banish and seal his vision as well. :innocent:


I did notice that when I was younger I could see a lot of auras but I was always told to dismiss it. They kinda looked a lot like fireworks especially in a dark room


Yes that’s what parents usually say and the natural spiritual gifts we all born with, is gone by the time we reach adulthood because we’re not using them. Then they’re completely forgotten unless you start practicing magick or take a spiritual path, and you would need to awaken them again.


I would also see the blinds vibrating for some odd reason and at one time when we went through a blackout I saw some kind of shadow figure in the house behind the candles we were using for light and my parents told me “it’s just the shadows from the objects” but I was terrified of it.

And then there was the eventual indoctrination into the Christian faith by my extended family


Yeah it’s usually combined with a religious belief. The damage caused by ignorance and blind faith is beyond any other. Glad you overcome that and now walking your own path :+1:


Wouldn’t call it retarded but very naive ! I got in to Magick thinking I’ll just evoke Duke sallos once to get the guy I wanted and live happily ever after and never do Magick again :joy: 6 months later with ritual after ritual every situation of my life has changed but that one :joy::joy::joy:I sometimes think if it had happened the first time I would have never experienced the beauty of Magick this way in my life !


Are you a chaos magician by any chance??


I don’t think I’ve done anything that stupid. I’ve always had a philosophy to stick with clear intent and what I understand. Ofcourse there is still a bit of groping in the dark while you learn and go along

But recently I wanted to see if I could influence the wind!

Just as an experiment

So I went to the park and concentrated on the air and felt this energy come up from inside me and I stated outloud that I wanted a big strong wind

I was thinking more like a cool refreshing gust of air that I could feel immediately

Well not that much happened I shrugged and went home

The next day…

A giant rainstorm came out of nowhere. While the weather predicted rain it did NOT predict giant winds threatening to turn into a hurricane

Everyone was like “Where did all this wind come from???”

The grocery stores were packed as people scrambled to prepare for this unexpected storm

Even I was baffled until I remembered yesterday and was like Oh…probably shouldn’t do that again


I’ve got 2. The first was way dumber, but amazingly nothing horrible happened as a result. I shouldn’t have even gone with them, though.

  1. I was a teenager & went along with some friends & acquaintances to a cemetery I wasn’t familiar with. We snuck in during the middle of the night. To have a seance. ON TOP OF MAUSOLEUMS. While drinking & smoking weed & groping each other & being dumbass teenagers. :woman_facepalming:t3: I knew these people didn’t take spirits that seriously & had no respect & they were also quite drunk/stoned. In all honesty (& I’m ashamed of this), after trying to make contact for awhile & failing, I suggested setting up on top of this row of personal mausoleums. There was like a ramp of dirt/grass that led up to the roofs of them. The planchette started moving, then & my best friend ran off & started doing cartwheels through the cemetery & later said she was possessed, but I think she was faking it. We left soon after. Strangely, I barely felt any activity there. It was quite “dead,” lol. I’m still ashamed I disrespected the dead in that way, though. :frowning:

  2. The other really dumb thing I did with friends was trying to contact Kurt Cobain by Ouija board, days after he died. (We wanted to know if he really committed suicide or was murdered.) Now, that might not sound that stupid. But after getting some imposter spirits & not having luck contacting the real Kurt… I, um, heh, told the spirits whoever wanted to talk could “step right up.” :woman_facepalming:t3: Yeah… that went how you’d expect. ALSO super dumb, I knew about circles & protection & everything, but didn’t do any of that. No protections. Smdh.

Highlight 1: asking whatever spirit we were currently talking to to prove they were real. I had literally 100+ candles lit around the room (I remembered, cause I lit every single one I had & counted them). The windows were closed & there were no drafts whatsoever. A big gust of wind blew in an arc around us & blew out all the candles. Cue darkness, screaming, & running up the stairs in terror. :laughing:

Highlight 2: While doing a seance in my room (& supposedly speaking to Kurt, but I think it was another of the imposters), I happened to look up at this poster I had on my wall.

Krist’s eyes were completely facing the opposite direction & then SLOWLY turned back to how you see here. I screamed & pointed at the poster, fell off the bed, & was so fucking terrified I couldn’t speak for 5 minutes or so. I’ve never been scared speechless before or since. I didn’t even know that could happen. I was trying to tell my friends what happened, but I couldn’t make myself talk.

Highlight 3: One of the spirits we talked to that said he was Kurt said he did kill himself. I was a teen with depression & starting to get suicidal myself. One night I had a dream I was in a strange bathroom with the light off. I filled up the sink basin with water & was going to wash my face. Before I could, though, I saw Kurt behind me in the mirror. Before I could say or do anything, he thrust my head under the water & held me there, saying something like, “Is this what you want? Huh? Is this what you want?!” He was drowning me & I couldn’t stop it. I woke up gasping for breath & terrified, but it certainly made me have more respect & gratefulness for my life. Idk if that was really Kurt’s spirit in the dream or not. I’m leaning towards not, but I do think it was a spirit of someone. Probably someone who committed suicide & regretted it & didn’t want me to make the same mistake.

Highlight 4: Zozo showed up. Poltergeist activity. Lots of paranormal activity for all involved in that seance. I eventually had to banish/cleanse/bless my house to get it all to stop.


Calling lord lucifer and some other spirits by name without their titles.


During my first evocation of Baba Yaga I was arrogant and full of myslef…i paid for it :joy: Arrogance is the worst thing what you can do when you are evocating​:joy:


Hot boxing my room with incense to the point I couldn’t see or breathe, and making my neighbours think my house was on fire when I opened a window to let out the billowing smoke :joy:


Fought against entering the current for about 30+ years


Nothing is truly retarded except thinking that something is. However, baneful magic followed by compelling/manipulating seeming others is the path I would least recommend. The reason is that these approaches tend to get us steeped in the illusion of separation which is the chief cause of all our hassles. However, all experiences exist and it is up to the individual to decide the best approach.


This short story happened 3 years ago, when I was RHP. Years before stumbling upon MWF and the LHP.

Has anyone heard of angelic magick, specifically geared to working only with angels. Well, that was my main focus in the beginning. It was very neutral form most RHP workings, so felt it would be effective and useful.

Well, after working with it for a few months, the first months ever practicing magick in my life; I had an emotional episode. Just filled with anger and confusion. In a box filled with all my tools, looked at it, got overcome with rage and kicked it as hard as I could. Kicked it so hard that it put a hole in the box and actually broke a few crystals in half! A few months later while I was riding my bike very fast and stupidly on the high, I wasn’t paying attention, slightly moved the handle bars the wrong way and crashed. That resulted in my right knee being mangled by a storm drain. It took about an ounce of my knee and had to get 18 stitches. Had to sit on my ass for three months; not fun, but was grateful it wasn’t worse!

Moral of the story, don’t disrespect the powers to be; despite the wrappings others portray them in. They/it will make you learn the hard way. I laugh now with admiration for that experience for I will always remember not to allow those feelings to dictate my actions, to always be cautious and respectful.


My idioticness. Do spell and directly second guess for two weeks switching between “oh it worked and shit i made this mistake”.
Another is doing a rhp pentagram banishing cause i just saw ea vid showing it. After declaration of lhp. Thrm same night thinking i did it all perfectly i get my sketch of King Paimon sigil some candles a circle of candles :astonished: and called him and ignored any sign i got. Then anoth dumb thing was also with King Paimon a moni altar spot with petition and realising that I didn’t know him nor did I do it right i got annoyed that he ignored me and found out I was rude and obnoxious with him until I made nicer offerings with the attitude of gratitude and peace making rather than like mum & child :" ill buy you a chocolate if you do this"… with that kind of attitude. … um


Ooooh my goodness, same!!! lol It’s nice to know a lot of use learned in similar ways, thank you sharing this!


One day a much younger me pushed a massive amount of energy into some clouds. Six tornados touch down several hours later and decimated half the county.


One word: semen


@Sentinel come on telll