Whats the fastest way to unfuck yourself through magick?

Honestly, I’m willing to blow myself up at this point, nuclear style. Im stuck in some emotional blank, where i used to care deeply about things, not even lifting, ups my serotonin at this point to a genuine appreciation for things, theres like some sense of emptyness, i just don’t understand if i had the money i would pay almost any price, but thats sort of problematic at the time.
can anyone do a reading?, who’s toes did i step on to get this karma? any hint would be useful, im tired of asking regular people/none magick users and getting the same old tired advice.
i been to readings before but i know enough to feel im being conned, the same old love and light poppycock hootnani for a 5min cold reading, atleast this forum seems have

I don’t mean to be rude or impatient, it’s just that i been lost for quite a while. can anyone
recommend anywhere/anyone legit if i wanted something done? I would message here but i cant because not enough posts. etc

well thats it…:smiley::smiley:


this is going to sound lame, normie, bullshit, whatever deflection you’re gonna use but, you have to force yourself to like things again.
you won’t admit it because you don’t feel like it, but you enjoy being in this hole.
it’s comfortable, I’ve been there.
you get to a point and feel like if you’re anywhere else all you can do is fall.
well fuck that.
in anything.

yet another problem with absolutely zero magic required.
you’re welcome.


You could try this:

Use imagery of yourself as a flat grey NPC thing not having any depth then erase that and replace with something more alive, maybe.


I find that a victim mentality attracts a lot of shit that could make you a victim.


Other stuff:

If you take a cold shower once a day that should help, you’ll probably have to fight with yourself to step in, and then you’ll feel a physical rush afterwards. But more importantly, you’ll learn something about yourself if you do this - and you’ll also learn something if you rationalise delaying or avoiding it. :wink:

Back on a more magickal theme, try asking this Angel for assistance, in recovering your lost zest for life:

You could also try hardcore invoking Belial, inviting him to partial possession (ffs set a time limit, like the next Full Moon, though) and asking him to fire lust within you, for life and whatever else you wish to be inspired by.



already being done, i guess i got sidetracked?


such as?


I could work with either. Cold showers are fine, but i have to be careful with my immunity lately.

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That’s from desire to live and be healthy, which is a positive drive. :slight_smile:

I’m willing to blow myself up at this point, nuclear style.

Would be a nice thing to do honestly.

Best of luck getting back on a balance. I was struggling last year too. You really just have to keep working on positive affirmations to start to change your perceptions

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Afformations are good as well - explanation here. :+1:

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I don’t know more about you than what you posted in this thread, so I don’t know if you fancy working with angels.
But Archangel Zachariel would be a good match. He’s an angel of transmutation, solving troubles, getting things done and finding new ways.
I had a very difficult time at the beginning of 2019, after I lost a very dear friend of mine.
I was simply lost and didn’t feel joy anymore.
Zachariel helped me to find myself again.


Something that has helped me with this is to work magick to discover new pleasurable opportunities and activities. I’ve found that physical activities in particular are really good at pulling me out of slumps. You mention that you normally lift, so maybe you could try another, more social form of exercise for a bit, such as a sport or martial art or dancing.

Even if it’s not physically active, having hobbies that you actively engage in on a regular basis really helps. I’m a bit of a competitive person, so I enjoy things like games where I can win and also improve over time. I enjoy art a good deal too, so if I don’t feel like trying hard at a game I can play some music or do some writing.

I get it though that even with active hobbies, things can still become bleak. At a certain point, no amount of external circumstances can fix what is fundamentally an internal problem. Here is where the demons have been life-changing for me. They have helped me see all the toxic patterns of thought and emotion that were forced upon me by my previous life circumstances (which they also helped me destroy and transform into something so much better).

It won’t be an overnight fix, but the demons are able to help you get out of your own bullshit and learn to enjoy the many pleasures that life has to offer.

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Such as things happening to you, my dude.

There’s “why is this happening to me”?

Then there’s “what am I learning from this?”


Therapy helped me a ton, if you have good insurance to make it affordable, I would recommend it. I also do affirmations and write down my intentions, journaling helps clear my head, and then (this isn’t that spiritual but) masturbating always boosts my mood but that’s just my experience, I know others have negative views or guilt attached to it.


What can I say except you’re welcome!!! YOU’RE WELCOME!

Ugh! Yep. And now I’m dancing to Moana songs. This is your fault @Painon

@Zorath the advice here is amazing. Get out of this headspace. Force yourself. It’s the only way to dig out of it. I do this same thing sometimes, but staying in that space will do nothing for you. I am rooting for you.


what’s your goal? make a list. ground yourself. your energy is out of wack which cause unsureness and cluelessness. Go to nature, it’s free therapy. Reclaim your energy. connect with heaven and earth in the trees environment. breath the fresh energy from plants.

I wouldn’t mind doing a reading for you.

You have low dopamine and seretonin levels , try fasting a lot and cutting sugar and caffeine out of your diet , less screen time , meditate an hour in the morning on healing your neurotransmitters , socialize and talk to someone to verbally get those feelings out there , try L-tyrosine 5 HTP and tryptophan, how are your testerone levels ? They correlate with neurotransmitters as well,

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Hi, I feel that now that you are comfortable in life which is one of the most important things in life, your soul is telling you to follow your true purpose.

This is a completely unbiased reading done by someone who is EXTREMELY LHP and very much NOT “Love, light, nameste” type of guy… But when the cards and runes say the same thing maybe you should listen to them?

Past = KNIGHT OF SWORDS: A fast talking person, lifestyle changes.
Present = QUEEN OF WANDS (INVERTED): A dull person, apathy, anger, coldness, aggression.
Future = EIGHT OF WANDS (INVERTED): Frustrations, problems ahead, delays, travel troubles.

Interpretation: You are tired of fast talkers telling you the same thing but if the reading is done right it will always come out the same. Because the end result is always the same you have become angry and aggressive in your attitude towards life which will only exclude you for the people and places that you wish to be around in life even more then before you got angry about it. As for the future? if you can not accept that in order to change reality you MUST start internally then all the frustrations and problems you face ahead in life are going to be consequences of choices you made out of anger and desperation.

Mannaz (“man”): Augmentation, support.
Laguz: Formlessness, Chaos, the Unknown.

Interpretation: You have not found a good close support group therefore chaos is running rampant in your life.

RUNES THAT ARE ON THE KNIFES EDGE (could go either way):
Ansuz (“An Aesir God”): Prosperity, vitality.
Tiwaz (“The God Tiwaz”): Victory.
Hagalaz: Destruction, chaos.

Interpretation: If you do not claim victory over yourself you will not see prosperity or vitality and thus only chaos and destruction await you if you fail.

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