What's the difference between the "left"path and the "right" path?

I’m not sure what’s the difference between them or hell what they are. If you know please tell me.


One is right the other is left.


Is it figurative or what? And what makes the two paths

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Magic is magic, paths are useless as anything other than a descriptor to be used for other’s understanding.

Commonly, left represents the faster, more extreme route, incorporating practices like blasphemy of other’s and even their own religious objects, eating of unclean objects, sex, and all that

right represents the one following set taboo’s and restrictions to slowly make their way there.


Left Hand Path = Black magick
Right Hand Path = White magick

There’s also a middle path/grey path where one does both black and white magick.


RHP someone is telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. LHP you make that call yourself. That’s the ideals:

But Ideals and what people actually do don’t really line up. When it comes down to it there are plenty of people on LHP who will try to push someone to do something, curse someone they are not sure they want to curse or something like that, instead of backing off and letting them make their own decision with information given. And if people on the RHP actually followed the strict rules on their behavior that they supposedly feel they are obligated to then we wouldn’t have white lighters using Baneful Magick towards demonic occultists “for justified reasons” , or scandals in church organizations.

So when it comes to patterns of behavior I don’t see much of a difference everyone just wants to think they are special.


Technically that is LHP, it’s doing what you feel necessary using subjective morals.

Not using only balck Magick all the time, otherwise we wouldn’t call Angels to heal us.

RHP you’re not supposed to use anything Baneful.

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I know, I was just stating it simply.

From my underatanding the terms.come from the serpents of kundalini, Ida and Pingala but what this means in relation to magick varies depending on who you ask.

As to “white” and “black” magick the definitions i used in for along time had to to with relation to the trees of kaballah and where or if they were on the pillar of severity and mercy.


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Imo RHP still has alot of dogma however way you look at it. All love and light and butterflies.

LHP cuts through the garbage and forces you to reevaluate and rebuild yourself stripped clean of anything that holds you back. Some say it’s selfish. I’m more inclined to think of it as self preservation.


Very interesting so RHP is basically pure light magic
And LHP is basically dark magic?

LHP means you use both whenever you feel like it.


Ok so the left hand path is doing what ever you want with magic?


Depends on who you ask.
One of the more common differences i see brought up is the motive, drives and philosophy.

Also definitions of what is “white” and “black” vary. The terms are newer than the practice of magick from what I’ve found. Usually when referenced to religious texts more often then not.

Most of my old references were based off study of kaballah now i am learning a new reality map so learning new reference points.

If you look into older civilizations systems and text you find relation to creation/destruction or chaos/order in the macro scale rather than of “good” and “evil” as these terms are subjective from being to being.

For example what was “good” for the catholic faith during the crusades was “evil” for those they “cleansed and converted” and/or slaughtered and indoctrinated

As most people use the term yes.

Ok that makes sense

Rhp is a term lhp who arent theists use for theists. In truth there is no rhp.

No there is no rhp. Thats just a label lhp use for theists. Rhp dont recognize their self as rhp.

Why people have tried to do was separate magick from that which serves the self vs that which serves others. So in VERY modern times rhp became associated with helping others.


When I used magick to look back in time where the origin of the “lhp” came from I saw ancient Egypt. There used to be priets of Set who would challenge prophets and mystics. They often exposed conmen and frauds who took advantage of the people. So the priests of Set often traveled solo.


I remember someone else here saying something along those lines, pretty ironic considering magic tricks and such were also practiced and considered just as magical as anything else to the ancient egyptian magicians.

Regardless I’m pretty sure that it came from India, where the left hand path is tantra and other faster alternatives to the right hand path which follows strict rules and regulations, the first is considered less safe but faster, the second slower but safer, I suppose it depends on which was made first.