What's normal? (Creating Wards Walk-Through Tutorial)

Yeh thats what i’m asking, what are they?
I’ve read after creating them and if they are strong enough, if someone sends a curse or something simular it sends it back to its caster. Idk is it reversing spell? Is that how it works?

Oh that’s more of shielding it’s a reflective shield, in most cases reflective shields just reflect an attack or curse away from you, but to send it back to the individual the reflective shield is slightly altered to take the energy signature of the attack and send it back to the sender.


Intresting :thinking: , is there a tutorial on how one can make them? Or any books?


Holy shit, thank you! X0

Gods my kingdom sucks then. I didn’t check up on mine for like 3 weeks. Gonna have to set a reminder. Feel like a dick now

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