Whats next?!

Good day! Just want to share and any advice from you guys. Im working with my Godself for a long time. Since im not able to hear or see him, i just ask him. I ask him that can he initiate me that we become one on my body and teach me the ancient ways (magic) i ask him he can do it while im sleeping. Then after that night when im sleeping. I saw a Green snake. This snake attacked me and bite me in my neck. I was get shocked. Some says that my Godself is already initiate me that it was a transition phase But i really want to know if that guy says the truth. And i need an advice of what to do next.

Hope you guys can advice me thanks!

i remember reading that green snakes in dreams represents new life, or more so something positive. But, when i was reading your thread i kept thinking of the throat chakra. Maybe you are asked to work on that.

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Thankyou so much for your comment. Really appreciate it. Anything else?

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You might like to post a request in our volunteer thread for sensing godselves and the like:

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Thanks this is helpful as well. But upon checking its already closed

Well just my outside point of view, but are you familar with the idea of the draconian gods?

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Yes. May i know why did u ask brother?

It’s just my curiosity regarding the color green and the serpent witnessed within you.