What you really need to know about Scrying (Beginner to Advanced)


Hey, yes I have tried scrying with a mirror. It’s one of my favorite forms of divination too.

Water scrying and mirror scrying are inherently similar in terms of the fact that you’re both scrying into similar mediums, smooth, clear and reflective.

They differ in terms of the mediums individual properties. For example through mirror scrying I can get into the mirror realm, and that’s a whole entire experience on its own. Mirrors are more stable than water in terms of the fact that it can always remain frozen and perfectly still so you can always rely on it to scry.

With water there should be a certain quality to it to use it for proper scrying.

Another difference is that water inherently holds the energy of its element. That’s why i’m old folktales you would just need to stare at a lake or pond under a full moon to see visions.

This is because water holds those energies and powers within it, whether or not you choose to imbue it with a certain type of energy is your prerogative.

Mirrors however while they do act as great portals have to be consecrated with a certain energy in order to fully activate it for good scrying.

A lot of magicians who are skilled in scrying often consecrate their mirrors, either to a certain path of energy or to a deity who has ties to mirrors and their expert use ( Hathor and Lilith being good examples here )


It’s all on an individual level I would say. Scrying just like anything in magic is a skill. To get better at something you continue to do it and work at it and find reinventive way to further your understanding and mastery of it.

Scrying is no different. Of course there are various other factors involved, how strong one’s intuition is, if they are inherently clairvoyant, how much experience they have scrying to discern certain symbolism vs literal meanings.

But that said scrying can give you a fully rounded view on a situation if you know what you’re doing than say a simple pendulum reading would.

Scrying can add a certain dimension and depth.

But of course as with all forms of divination they all come from the same place, they are all different ways for you to access information that you already inherently know but don’t realize and with practice you won’t need any physical mediums for divination.

You will BECOME the medium, the Oracle, Like the sibylls, the seidkonna’s of the Norsemen, Cassandra, the snake priestesses, The Oracle of Delphi, the priests of Cybele, you’ll become the channel


This is still a favorite of mine and is a sync because freya is calling me.


Thanks so much for taking the time to share your extensive knowledge.


Thank you for finding it useful!!