What to do in this situation?


I am in situation where my body is completely tied up (specifically brain) by an evil vampire

And 24 hours that creature is bringing all the bad things happened to me in life & influencing me to do destruction.

I control my self and my treatment is in progress.

But it will take many months for results.

So my question is that when you are in extreme anger and you start to fight with family members, office co-workers without any reason then how to control on yourself.

Its very very painful and heading over to self harm and suicidal thoughts.

Changing focus helps me
Keeping myself busy also helped too much

But during that the creature feed and the same thought cycle start, pain and anger burns which results to extreme fire inside body & mood swing to negative.

That Psychic Energetic Link is very strong and old, life is seriously disturbed.

Any good & helpful suggestions are welcome…

You can do LBRP, create wards, use angelic protection like from michael when you sense an attack to avert it.

It also goes both ways. It’s attached to you but then you are attached to it… I attack vampires right back, take my energy back double and hurt them so they learn the hard way not to bother me again. The more you practice this the better you’ll get at it so every attack becomes a leg up for you to practice on.

This sounds more like an astral parasite. Take that fire and burn IT with it, watch it turn to ash. Do it again until it goes and finds easier prey or you kill it.

You’re human, and you are stronger, there’s no reason you have to put up with this. Humans are like spirits with onboard nuclear power stations: the leech is an insect that can’t do that that’s why it has to feed off you.

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I dont understand this, can you give more details…

Nothing is working, i tried all this many times before

How do you do that ? Especially when they manifest your energy by controlling brain and thought process.
Please guide me i will practice

Yes it is and its ancient too
very old in age but very powerful and experienced too
my tactics are not working

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. Comes from the Order of the Golden Dawn who have books on this. Search here for tutorials.

See the connection to you, that it’s using to suck your energy, like a cord or tube attached to you. Like it’s sucking your energy through a straw: first cut this. Then take the cut end that is attached to them, and use it against them to suck back all your energy, double. This is your intention, let the images come as they will. Your intention is what matters. See the outcome you want happening and trust that it is.

Do not doubt or fear, just naturally and easily allow what you want to happen in front of you.

This is just a step to take back your own energy and feel better right away. This will weaken it… then you get rid of it while it’s weaker… We have a few tutorials: you don’t nee all of the, I prefer to see them burn up with fire.

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