What my angelic decks has for you! (Practice readings)

I am finally having the courage to offer this! It is for my practice so take what you get with a bucket of salt…
I’ll do the readings on my own time so expect to wait for a while!
I am planning on keeping this thread open so its ok if you want another reading after a while with these decks!

Pick the decks you want from these (as much as you want) or will be picked for you!

1- Angel tarot cards
2- Messages from your angels oracle cards
3- The romantic angels oracle cards
4- Guardian angel tarot cards
5- Archangel Michael oracle cards
6- Archangel Gabriel oracle cards
7- Archangel Raphael oracle cards
8- Blue angel oracle cards
9- Archangel Metatron self mastery oracle cards

Tell me if its relevant and if you have any tips or explanations for me in the comments!


I’ll go for Guardian Angel Tarot Cards :slight_smile:

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#3 please and thanks-take your time…

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  • 5
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5 please

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5 Michael and 7 Raphael please. :sparkles:

Thank you!


Can you do 2 4 and 6?

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i ll take guardian angel card :grinning:

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*9 and *5

Thank you

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May I have a Blue angel Oracle (1) card please)

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Can I have the #9 and #3 please ?


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I’d like the Romantic tarot deck please and thank you for the offer

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Ooh, which ever deck you feel inspired to use.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Can I get a pull from Arhangel Raphael and Michael tarot deck please? :green_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart:

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I would like to see what Michael and Metatron have to say for me.

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A news about financial venture is coming your way!



Children plays and important part in your love life. You will have to make an extra effort to get what you want.

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With the children thing, is this specifically saying something regarding me HAVING children?

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And thank you for this! I appreciate you! I can look the card up regarding my last message…

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:thinking: it says you or your partner either want them or have them! Or someone being childish